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Cardinal Godfried Daneels with Freemason 01

Card. Daneels agrees with Belgian Freemasonry

Yes, His Eminence Cardinal Godfried Daneels remembered perfectly the first time he gave a talk in the Belgian Masonic Lodge dressed in white according to its ritual. This and other statements were made in a cordial debate between the then Primate of Belgian and the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Belgium, Henri Bartholomeeusen. The debate took place in the conference room of Brussels' Book's Fair in 2008 under the suggestive title From Anathema to Dialogue.

Daneels and Bratholomeeusen agreed on the topic that temporal society should not be influenced by religion. The Prelate also manifested his full understanding of the need for secrecy at Masonic meetings.

After the debate, Daneels went to visit the bookstand of the Grand Orient of Belgium at the Book Fair. It was another good occasion to exchange the Masonic handshake with the Grand Master, above, and to buy some books. Among them the Cardinal purchased How to Become a Freemason in the Grand Orient of Belgian. The Grand Master presented him with the book The Treasures of the Temple.

Below, a photocopy of the Belgian Masonic Blog reporting the event. The original can be checked here.

Cardinal Godfried Daneels with Freemason 02
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Posted June 23, 2013

Our Lady of La Salette,
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