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Fr. Fabio de Melo 01

The liberties of a singer priest in Brazil

The man you see above right, with his cheek almost touching the forehead of a woman-singer, is Fr. Fabio de Melo, who is himself a singer. He is a priest initially part of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, now integrated into the Brazilian charismatic movement called New Song or Canção Nova.

In this video, the two sing alternately of their mutual love, telling each other how the one helped the other to find his/her way in life.

The soloists hold hands on stage, below first row, to give the impression that the lyrics were true. In the second row, De Melo takes the hand of Adriana Arydes and holds it to his heart to emphasize his supposed love. At the end of the song, both embrace, fourth row, to the great emotion of a tearful audience, composed mostly of women.

In the two last rows you see De Melo in his priestly vestments delivering a saccharine sermon on love at a charismatic stadium Mass.

Do you believe that the religious authorities have placed any restrictions on this holding-embracing style of Fr. De Melo? They not only permit it, but they fully approve it - to the point of inviting De Melo as well as Arydes to perform at the WYD-2013 on this coming July 27, the vigil of Pope Francis' Mass in Rio.

Fr. Fabio de Melo 02Fr. Fabio de Melo 03
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Posted July 7, 2013

Our Lady of La Salette,
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