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World Youth Day 2013 - Rio 01

Bikinis, the new WYD style for girls - I

In a blatant challenge to Catholic morality, the WYD-2013, now ending in Rio, set a landmark low in customs: Girls from all over the world were allowed to wear bikinis. This means to expose their bodies in order to be seen and desired by the opposite sex as far as conceivable. One step further either on the top or bottom garment would mean explicit nudism.

The WYDs thus reach the final limit toward which they were heading; the only thing left is promoting overt nudism and encouraging participants to take part in orgies.

One wonders if this step was not intended by the religious authorities when they chose Copacabana, perhaps the most immoral beach in the world, to host the WYD 2013. So, to fit in with the bold fame of the beach, thousands of girls sneaked a bikini in their bags, just in case... Once they were on that beach and the sun showed up, the case obviously materialized, and they appeared in bikinis.

Above, an arriving delegation of youth casually greets three girls from another group who have already settled in. Below first row, a close up of the beach, when the sun shone after some days of rain; second row, a delegation of French girls could not resist a sea bath in preparation for the Way of the Cross, Friday evening.

Third row, girls from north of Brazil show dolls representing their friends who could not make it. Fourth row, two pilgrims take photos of a voodoo-monkey-like depiction of Francis, which became the symbol of WYD-2013.

Fifth row, in the climate of moral tolerance of the encounter, young sisters feels free to give full hugs to young men they reencounter after their long trip. Last row, an approving Francis makes sure that no dress code be demanded...

World Youth Day 2013 - Rio 02World Youth Day 2013 - Rio 03

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 27, 2013

Our Lady of La Salette,
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