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Lesbians at Corboda Cathedral Atrgentina 01

Child of lesbians baptized at Cordoba Cathedral

Yesterday, April 5, 2014, the baptism of a girl, daughter of a lesbian couple, above, took place in the Cathedral of Cordoba, Argentina. The celebrant was Fr. Carlos Varas, who had the full authorization of the Archbishop of Cordoba, Msgr. Carlos Jose Nanez.

"We had an audience with Archbishop Nanez and he told us that there would be no problem for the baby to be baptized in the Cathedral," affirmed one of the lesbians.

Church sources admitted to the press that "if Jorge Bergoglio were not Pope, it would have been more complicated" for this baptism to be authorized. Indeed, in 2012, the then Archbishop of Buenos Aires - today Pope Francis - called priests who do not administer baptism to any baby "hypocrites." He was referring principally to the children of single mothers, but today that rule is also applied to children adopted by lesbian and homosexual couples. Besides, it is unlikely that Nanez would have made such a decision without an approval by the Vatican.

The lesbians asked Argentina President Cristina Kirchner to be the godmother of the baby. She accepted and sent  proxies representing her.

Below first row at right, the lesbian couple, in the center, two police commanders representing the President, at left, Fr. Varas. Second row, the couple with the godfather and godmother hold a picture of Cristina Kirchner inside the Cathedral; third row, the lesbians pose with their mothers and the baby.

Fourth row, Archbishop Nanez displays a photo of Francis on his cellphone. Fifth row, the Archbishop of Cordoba being received at the Vatican by Francis with warm smiles and a strong Masonic handshake.

For the news report in English, ABLX, Boston, April 6, 2014, click here; in Spanish, El Clarin, Buenos Aires, March 28, 2014, here; Radio Cristiandad, Buenos Aires, March27, 2014, here.

Lesbians at Corboda Cathedral Atrgentina 02Lesbians at Corboda Cathedral Atrgentina 03

Photos from the L'Osservatore Romano, Getty, AFP & Internet


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 6, 2014

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