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Pope kisses foot of transsexual 01

Pope kisses foot of transsexual

On Maundy Thursday, April 2, 2015, Pope Francis celebrated Mass at Rebibbia Prison in Rome. There he washed the feet of 12 prisoners, six men and six women; among the latter was a he-she transsexual with the name of "Isabel."

In the photo above you see Francis kissing the foot of "Isabel." In the first three rows below, he is washing his-her foot. The face of the transsexual appears in the fourth row, as he-she sits in the front pew at the Mass wearing a lilac blouse.

Should anyone doubt the Pope actually kissed the foot of "Isabel," he need only check the photos for proof. Of the 12 inmates whose feet the Pope washed, the only one who was wearing a shoe with the style of the one that appears in the partial photos of the washing (the first photo above and the second and third rows below) was "Isabel," as shown by the arrow in the fifth row.

In the sixth row you see "Isabel" at the far left and Francis at right in the same shot; in the seventh row is a more general view where the two also appear before the altar in the same photo.

In the eighth to the tenth rows, you can view the transsexual receiving the Holy Eucharist. No demands whatsoever regarding repentance for their criminal lives seem to have been imposed on those who received Communion. As shown in the video of the whole ceremony, practically everyone in the church went to receive Communion.

This act of washing and kissing the foot of a transsexual, more than a simple approval of transsexuals, is a full consecration of them. After completely changing the position of the Catholic Church on homosexuality, now Francis goes a step further and does the same for transsexuals. Anyone can change sexes and justify it with this act of Francis. This is the work of an Antichrist.

After the event, "Isabel" gave an interview to a television station in which he-she offered details of how Francis kissed his-her foot and what the Pope said to him-her. In the last row, "Isabel" is mimicking the gaze of Francis as he-she repeats the words he directed to him-her.

A video of this interview (2m 21s) is available here - check below in blue our complete translation from Italian to English of his-her words.

The full footage of the ceremony (1h 22m 22s) is available here.

Translation of the TV interview with "Isabel"

My name is Isabel Lisboa. I was present at the service of the Pope who came to wash our feet – No? For me this was very emotional. I am Catholic and I am in Italy. Catholic – No? I am a transsexual – No? I have my faith. I believe so much in Jesus. No?

I could never leave [the prison] to go to the Vatican to attend – Do you understand? – Sunday Mass or Passover – Do you understand? And for me it was a desire that God – God has very great power  ... Here you have a parable: When Mahomet does not come to the mountain, the mountain comes to Mahomet.

When he washed my feet he spoke, as he looked into my eyes, and he said: "May God bless you. May Jesus bless you," he said. He looked into my eyes and I said: “Peace, I wish peace; much peace – Do you understand? Pray for a lot of peace in the world.” He still looked at me.

My faith, if I can say so, grew (sighs). What I know is that it is a most beautiful thing …

And he [wrote]: “We must become courageous Christians.” I admire Pope Francis very much – Do you understand? –

Question: [slang, not clear]

Answer: [slang, not clear]

He is love, he is love, he transmits peace … love in his eyes, in his sermonss – No? – also in his ways of doing things. … He is, he has been … for me he is the Pope, let us say, of the people, of the marginalized people – Do you understand?

Pope kisses foot of transsexual 02Pope kisses foot of transsexual 03Pope kisses foot of transsexual 04
Photos from videos, first seen in Call Me Jorge


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Posted April 12, 2015

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