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Raul Castro received by Pope Francis at Vatican - 1

Francis upholds Raul Castro, tyrant of Cuba

As part of his pro-communist agenda, Pope Francis received the dictator of Cuba, Raul Castro on May 10, 2015. Francis granted Castro a private audience of more than one hour. The Pope used all his influence to confer prestige to the communist tyrant - embraces, taps on the back, handshakes, smiles, above and two first rows below. He also gave the Communist the unprecedented honor of accompanying him to his car at the end of the audience, as shown in third row below.

Castro went to the Vatican to thank the Pope for his decisive work in the lifting of the American embargo against the red prison-Island. Francis gave him a copy of his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii gaudium, appropriately bound in red, first row below.

Francis and conciliar Popes have all uniformly come to the aid of communists when they are in difficulties and systematically fostered their agenda, fourth to sixth rows.

In the case of Cuba an aggravating factor is present: Raul Castro is a known assassin. In the seventh row, we see him covering the eyes of a prisoner being tied to a tree minutes before he was shot by him and his companions, as was the custom in the summary executions in Sierra Maestra, eighth row. The ninth row shows a photo of Raul embracing Che Guevarra so that the reader can recognize the same face of the murderer who appears in the seventh row.

When we read the messages of Fatima in which Our Lady predicts that "Russia will spread its errors through the world," very few imagined that this nefarious task would be made with the decisive collaboration of the last six Popes. Would this not be a part of the unrevealed secret?

"Raul Castro received by Pope Francis at Vatican - 4Raul Castro received by Pope Francis at Vatican - 2 Raul Castro received by Pope Francis at Vatican - 3

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 17, 2015

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Our Lady of La Salette,
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