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Communists, Francis & ‘You Guys’

Communists Cheer Francis I


Here is some news on how the communists support the demolition work Francis is doing in the Church.

No wonder freemasons and communists are praising him. Catholics should be sad.

Below is what the communists are saying.


“Welcome Pope Francis, campaigner against corporate greed!"

"The campaign against corporate criminals and their gluttonous greed just gained a new speaker with a very loud voice: Pope Francis, who has provided a moral bully pulpit to rally the world’s workers in the ongoing crusade against corporate greed.

“The presumed spiritual guide for one-seventh of the people on the planet has a certain legitimacy when he speaks, after all. If Francis’ words can marshal more people into the streets to stand up for themselves and against the capitalist chiefs who rob us of our money, dignity, self-respect, right to organize and right to keep the fruits - all the fruits - of our labor, all the better. He might even prick the conscience of a capitalist or two. Who knows?...

“A recent interview with Pope Francis … has excited Catholic and other progressives and ruffled the feathers of some Catholic conservatives - with good reason…. His remarks point to a new atmosphere and attitude in the leadership of the Church - and make an implicit rebuke of some U.S. bishops who have allied themselves with the political right.”

Original by Paul Kengor here.


Two Parallel Auto-Demolitions



As I see it, what Francis is proposing to do to the Catholic Church is to transform it into something unrecognizable as Catholic in the same way that Obama is transforming American into something unrecognizable as American. At the root of both transformations is sympathy for Communism which both men have in common!

REAL Catholics in more than name only, and REAL Americans in more than name only, must RESIST these Godless transformations TO THEIR FACE, transformations which flout the invariant moral teaching of the Church's Magisterium on Faith and Morals, as well as the Constitution, which is the fulfillment of The Declaration of Independence, which put a priority on obedience to the "laws of nature, and of nature's God" for America's survival.

Too much is at stake not to do so, i.e., our eternity!

     Gary L. Morella

Popes, Saints & Nicotine


Someone among your readers recently complained of Bl. Pope John XXIII smoking cigarettes, saying this is not compatible with both the papacy and Catholic sanctity.

Not so.

If you go to this site you will see stories of many popes, such as Bl. Pius IX, St. Pius X, and other saints, including St. Pio, St. Bernadette, and St. Teresa of Avila who used tobacco in various forms: snuff, pipes, cigars and cigarettes.

BTW, I have no dog in this hunt, as I don't use tobacco at all.

But, as I've said before, a lot of people confuse gentility with sanctity.


Catholic Economic System

Hello there,

I was reading through some of your articles on Distributism. Can you help point me in the right direction as to what is the proper economic theory that is based (or closest based) upon the teachings of the Church.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

     With warm regards,


TIA responds,

Hello P.M.,

We recommend you to read the series on Liberalism, Socialism & Feudalism.

It addresses the wrong sides of both Socialism and Capitalism and suggests that Catholics analyze the main principles of Feudalism in order to see which ones should be applied in today’s society to have a true Catholic social-political-economic system compatible with the Catholic Faith.


     TIA correspondence desk


Role of Symbols

Dear TIA,

I have come to deeply appreciate these articles by Dr. Plinio on ambiences and customs. In particular this one on the Role of the Symbols, Pomp & Richness in Life.

Thank you for sharing them with us!

     E.S., Ph.D.

Desk from a Bygone Era

Dear TIA,

Sometime ago you posted a link to a video on an extraordinary sophisticated desk. I found another that even being less intricate is still quite interesting. It is Abraham Roentgen's Writing Desk.

Enjoy it.


‘You Guys’

Dear TIA,

Another thing about modern language that gets my goad is this one. "Hey guys," or "you guys," or just "guys".

The last time I looked in my mirror I was a female. Should I not have differentiated treatment? What happened to addressing people properly? Why not return to the refinement of speech of better times. Let's address a group of mixed genders like this. "Good morning boys and girls," or “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to have your attention." Isn't that more accurate as well as more pleasant to the ear?

Why do we allow the Talmudic-influenced TV to dictate our speech and manners? It’s time to get rid of that influence in our lives and return to decency.

     In Maria,




In reference to the article about calling Protestants Christian. Would it not be acceptable to call one who believes in Jesus Christ as their Savior a Christian? How can I then call a Catholic a Christian who does not do the same? It is Christ who saves not the Church, wouldn't you agree? At any rate, it is interesting in light of the inquisition.

By the way the misuse of the Scriptures are also interesting. It is clear by the context, especially in the Greek, that Paul is speaking of cults and unbelievers who reject the Savior and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Catholic Church. There have been times in which even the Catholic Church has come dangerously close to being heretical.


Protestants Are Not Christians

Hello Ms. Horvat,

I just want to say: “Bravo!” regarding your article about Protestants not being Christians.

This is probably one of the most powerful things I have read on-line in a long time, someone defending the real Catholic Church, and not succumbing to the post Vatican II errors.

It is about time real Catholics like yourself are finally calling a spade, a spade, and not worrying about being politically correct, or trying not to offend someone.

Just recently, I joined Catholic Answers Forum, and before I could post a second thread, I was kicked off and subsequently banned. Why? Because I said that there was No salvation outside the Catholic Church, and that if anyone believed that there is, he is just fooling himself. So much for telling the truth!

At any rate, keep writing these powerful articles and please keep defending our beloved Church. It is about time that more Catholics wake up and fight for her.

     God bless, Ave Maria.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 10, 2013

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