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Francis visit to Cuba 01 

Francis in Cuba to support the Communist Regime

In a climate of good fellowship of the same brotherhood, Pope Francis met communist dictator Raul Castro yesterday, September 19, 2015, as he arrived in Cuba.

Exchanging a profusion of warm handshakes and smiles with the Cuban tyrant, Francis acted as if the criminal Raul and his brother, the invalid Fidel, were normal heads of State worthy of trust.

With these gestures alone, he slapped the face of all the anti-communists who fight or fought against the Cuban regime, were imprisoned or killed, or were forced to flee the country because of their opposition.

Adding words to gestures, in his arrival speech Pope Bergoglio not only praised the present-day Cuba government, but also asked Raul to "transmit my sentiments of special consideration and respect to your brother Fidel." (in the video below at 37:26)

The warm handshakes can be seen below, first and second rows, after landing at the airport; third row, after Raul's welcoming speech; fourth row, after his papal speech; and fifth row, at Cardinal Ortega's residence. The smiles and display of mutual satisfaction to be together can be witnessed in the sixth and seven rows, at the airport.

The full footage of the arrival in Cuba at the airport can be watched here

Francis visit to Cuba 02Francis visit to Cuba 03

Photos from the video by CTV from the Vatican


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 20, 2015

Our Lady of La Salette,
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