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Ecological Cathedral in Valencia 1

‘Cathedral of Nature’ inaugurated in Valencia

On January 20, 2016, the Archbishop of Valencia, Spain, Cardinal Antonio Canizares, above center, blessed a 25 acre plot on the outskirts of city of Vallada. The ceremony consisted in blessing a wall with a ceramic plate paying homage to Pope Francis’ Encyclical 'Laudato Si' on ecology, as we can see above.

The Cardinal also inaugurated a tile mural on a cement wall inscribed with the words “Interreligious Cathedral in Nature,” below first row. On the wall, at left, we can see a circle with symbols representing the main religions without giving primacy to any of them.

Canizares presided over a ecumenical prayer for the “care of our common home.” He said: “It is a great joy for us to be together around the Father, who gave us this common home, which is nature." The Prelate also asked God “to give us the unity that comes from love, charity and mercy.” He, then, expressed his desire that “together with the God's preferred people – the most needy – and the different confessions, the Holy Spirit may rekindle our faith so that we can be reconciled with the world and our common home, which is nature.”

The project includes the building of an ecumenical temple, a synagogue, a mosque and a ágora in that area.

Not satisfied with supporting Communism everywhere, now the Conciliar Church is leading the way to the Fourth Revolution, which includes the cult of nature, tribalism and a new society composed of Pentecostal self-managed small cells directed by a priest-guru.

Ecological Cathedral in Valencia 2

Photos from Periodista Digital first seen in Catapulta

Posted March 6, 2016

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Our Lady of La Salette,
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