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Cafeteria Pope 1

The Cafeteria Pope

In his march toward destroying all the symbols of hierarchy that the Papacy represents, Bergoglio appeared impromptu in the cafeteria for Vatican's workers to eat lunch with them.

A traditional Pope would attend the inauguration of a refectory for his workers in order to bless it and manifest his interest in them. A General would eat in the officer's quarters, but at a nearby table he would have a daily sampling of the food his soldiers were eating in their refectory to ensure its good quality.

Pope Bergoglio did what neither a traditional Pope nor a General would do. He did not want to bless the workers from a position of superiority or to ensure the quality of their food. He wanted to show that he is an equal to his workers. What he did is an effort to abolish the hierarchy.

Communists say that there is no hierarchy; the most they only admit is a difference of function in labor. Progressivists say – Francis included – that hierarchy can only be explained as a service. Essentially, in this regard, there is no difference between communists and progressivists.

In the cafeteria, Bergoglio, who was accompanied by only one security guard, did not want anyone to serve him. He joined the lunch queue, took his own tray and served himself from the buffet, choosing a small fish fillet with a side dish, some pasta, a roll and water in a plastic bottle. Then, he seated himself among the workers as one of them and engaged in small talk – his elbows on the table, of course, to be completely vulgar and, in passing, to help to destroy the code of good manners.

Cafeteria Pope 2Cafeteria Pope 3
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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 12, 2016

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