Progressivism in the Church

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Church Revolution in Pictures

Photo of the Week

Pope Francis smiling as he accepts a statue of Buddha from a group of Buddhist monks

Francis accepts Buddha statue

Since the beginning of his pontificate, Pope Francis has urged Catholics to seek an “authentic syncretism” with other religions, pushing conciliar ecumenism to its very limit. The picture above exemplifies this false doctrine on an unprecedented level.

In it you see a Buddhist monk offering a statue of Buddha to Francis, who accepts it with a joyful face showing no concern whatsoever. The picture was taken during an ecumenical event in the Vatican, which took place from June 23-27, 2015. Attending the meeting were 46 Buddhists and Catholics from America, who gave gifts to Francis that included Buddhist statues and even a Buddhist “blessing.”

This photo was taken from one of the recent videos on the Pope’s own YouTube channel, called “The Pope Video.” The video not only uses the scandalous picture above, but also includes another shameful image that positions symbols of Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity as if they were all equal, below.

These gestures reveal relativism masked under the words “dialogue,” “collaboration,” “mutual understanding,” “fraternity” and “peace.” This Vatican “culture of dialogue” seeks to put all religions on the same level, equating truth with error and Christ with Belial, according to the words of Pope Pius IX.

Further, once these idolaters and the Pope present themselves publicly as equals and interchange “blessings” (here, here, here, here and here) this fact has a practical consequence: The real blessing of God – Who abhors all idolaters as worshippers of the Devil (cf. Ps. 95:5) – is absent at these ceremonies.

The ultimate false conclusion is that every religion preaches truth, and truth is no longer an absolute. Catholics are led to think it is relative, something that is decided freely by each man according to his personal whims. This conciliar ecumenism is thus a progressivist plot to destroy the Church’s militancy, with the aim of disarming it and reducing it to nothing, making it vulnerable to the influence of other religions and destroying her Catholicity, her very identity as the One True Church of God.

Can we be surprised then, when many say that the Church is in eclipse? In these times of darkness, we must do as St. Vincent de Lerins urged: to “cling to antiquity” in order to preserve the Faith, and to not fall prey to any “deceit of novelty.”

Religious persons holding symbols of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism
Photos from the Vatican video


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 12, 2017

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church.