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Bishop Richard Umbers and Fr. Robert Galea sisinging pop music on stage at Australia Youth Day 2017

The rocking Australian Prelates

There were reportedly 20,000 youth gathered in Sydney for the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF), held December 7-9, 2017. Unfortunately, one could hardly call it Catholic, as it promoted all the anti-Catholic tendencies possible, including singing and dancing to secular pop music and even Protestant songs.

Prelates joined in the general rock-frenzy festival: above you see Bishop Richard Umbers and Fr. Robert Galea dancing onstage in a “surfing” dance move.

By actively taking part in these festivals, Prelates teach three progressivist errors:

1. They teach that life is about joy and partying. Such joy is not a Catholic joy, but one that separates the suffering proper to the Crucifixion from the joy proper to the Resurrection. This false position is inspired by the Protestant denial of the suffering of Our Lord. The result is a rejection of seriousness, penance and the practice of virtue in favor of enjoyment, laughter and “having a good time.” The real idea underlying this joy is a presumption that we all go to Heaven and that Hell no longer exists because we are all saved. Ultimately it is the denial of original sin.

2. Since the focus is on joy, conversion is no longer needed, only Protestant-type “encounters” suffice. Archbishop Anthony Fisher of Sydney, who presided over ACYF, counseled the youth: “In the days ahead, you will encounter joy, that personal certainty that we are infinitely loved. On making that joy your own, you will experience a change within that we call conversion.”

Therefore, conversion is no longer amending one’s life, doing penance and seeking the grace through the Sacraments and wisdom of the Church. According to Arch. Fisher, it is simply living a joyful life and “making that joy your own.” Youth can find that joy in a short “encounter” with Christ that resolves any possible problem. There is no longer a need to convert or amend one’s lives. Simply go to a “Catholic” festival every so often to be saved.

3. Another lesson Prelates taught at ACYF is that youth should lead the Church. This is a practical denial of the teaching mission of the Church, which is that she should instruct the ignorant and not the other way around. Instead of asking youth to conform to sound doctrine and good customs, the Prelates adopt the modern slang and sensual dance of today’s youth.

With all of this talk of joy one is reminded that in French the euphemism for “prostitute” is fille de joie, “girl of joy.” These Youth Days could be defined as a prostitution of Catholic seriousness: wordly enjoyment at the expense of all things Catholic.

Photos of youth and prelates dancing and singing at Australia Youth Day 2017
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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 17, 2017

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church.