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Hussite priestess at the synod -1

Hussite priestess invited to the synod

The Youth Synod, which is ending today, counted among the heretics invited as observers a female priestess of the so-called Czechoslovak Hussite Church, Martina Kopecká, 32. She was present as representative of the World Council of Churches – WCC – a KGB-controlled ecumenical organization, as we verified recently. Kopecká was not only present but was also invited to speak at the synod.

In June 2018 she had been a guest at a special luncheon Pope Francis hosted at the Vatican for some WCC members, third row below.

In an interview to America Magazine, she declared: "For me, ordination [of women] is not a question of gender but human dignity and equal possibilities… We believe in Christ and can find a way – as Pope Francis says – to work and pray together."

By inviting a young priestess to participate and speak at the synod, the Vatican is sending a message from this Youth Synod to the next Synod on Amazonia, which will deal with new forms of priesthood: Married priests and female priests.

We see that Francis' Vatican does not lose one opportunity to foster Progressivism and the destruction of the Church.

Hussite priestess at the synod -2 Hussite priestess at the synod -3
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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 28, 2018

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church.