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Beach baptism

Beach baptism on a Dutch island

Today Fr. Karsten Weidisch is the pastor of St. Joseph's Church in Münster, Germany. In the past, however, he was a priest working in Emmerich on the Rhine River, 2 miles from the Netherlands just within the German borders. One of his Emmerick ex-parishioners, Jutta Tenbruck, who works on the Dutch island of Ameland, met Fr. Weidisch, there on his Summer vacation. She asked him to baptize her grandson Ilyas. (Read more here)

The priest accepted and proposed that the baptism take place the next day, July 16, 2021, at the beach, see photo above; Weidisch is the first at right.

In Ameland there is a Roman Catholic church, St. Clemens Church, which could have been used had Fr. Weidisch so requested. But he did not. He chose to administer the Sacrament on the beach...

He also did not want to perform the act with any solemnity: He appeared in a pair of casual sport shorts, a red hoodie, a stole and wearing a four-row lucky bracelet. He did not require any position of respect from those present, especially the boy. Instead, all were sitting on the sand as if nothing solemn were happening. The only visible cross is the one on the Swedish flag set in the center of a simple bouquet of yellow, white and pink flowers. A stainless steel bowl replaced the Baptismal Fount.

This is the casual / miserablist way the Progressivist Church effects its Sacraments...

Below first row, Fr. Weidisch, giving an interview to the homosexual website Lulu and stating his disagreement with the Vatican's condemnation of homo marriages. Second row, he – who likes to change his hair / face style very often; see last two rows – saying a youth Mass in Munster wearing rainbow vestments and tennis shoes.

Fr. Karsten Weidisch
Photos from Gloria TV & the Internet

Posted August 22, 2021

Our Lady of La Salette,
 restore the Holy Church.