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Homo pieta praised by Vatican

Vatican newspaper praises the Homo Pietà

On the cover of the December 2021 issue of Donne, Chiesa, Mondo [Women, Church, World], the monthly feminist supplement of the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano, the so-called Homo Pietà was reproduced, above.

This marble sculpture by Jacopo Cardillo was made in the Church of Sant'Aspreno ai Crociferi in Naples, which was closed by the Covid lockdown and offered as a workshop to the artist by the local religious authority. The photos in the first two rows below were taken in that church. Until February 28, 2022, the sculpture is displayed in Rome in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Montesanto on the initiative of its rector, Msgr. Walter Insero.

The artist described his work as "a moment of recollection and sorrow that has identified mankind for centuries," however, the Vatican paper interpreted it as an expression of paternity: "A father who picks up the dead body of his son from the ground." It is an official endorsement of this blasphemous parody of the Pietà.

Actually, we believe that the sculpture can justifiably be called a homosexual work and that it well deserves the name Homo Pietà it has received in the social media.

What are these characteristics? First, we see the exposition of two naked male bodies, which, besides being immoral and almost obscene, reflect the homosexual obsession to show nude male bodies. Incidentally, the artist himself clearly follows this practice of self-exhibition, as we can see, third row below, in a photo he mockingly titled "Pudor" (Latin: sense of modesty, shame).

Second, homosexuals like to reproduce paintings of pagan mythology in which Apollo comes to succur his dying male lover Hyacinth, fourth, fifth and sixth rows below. This myth has still other more inconvenient reproductions that come closer to the homo Pietà, which we save our readers from seeing.

Third, it seems common on homosexual websites for the artists to present either self-exhibitions of their bodies, as Cardillo did, above, or naked male bodies in immoral or obscene embraces, as in the last row, source here. Again, it is quite similar to the sculpture by Cardillo.

Given these characteristics, we do not believe that the interpretation of L'Osservatore Romano is accurate. It seems much more likely that the parody of the Pietà is actually an exaltation of homosexuality. So, we have another blasphemous case of the promotion of homosexuality by the Vatican newspaper and by the rector of the Basilica of Santa Maria di Montesanto.

Homo pieta reproduced by L'Osservatore Romano 1 Homo pieta reproduced by L'Osservatore Romano 2
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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 5, 2021

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