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Francis receives Buddhists at Vatican 1

Francis meditates with Buddhists

On May 25, 2024, Francis received 100 Buddhist monks from the Wat Phora Cetuphon temple, Bangkok, Thailand, at Clementine Hall in the Vatican

He addressed some words to the monks, referring to a meeting held in Thailand last November:

"During that meeting you ... said that 'no one can be saved isolated, given that we all are inter-connected and inter-dependent.' In light of this truth, I exhort you to collaborate with everyone: civil society, members of other religions, governments, international organizations, academic and scientific communities, and anyone interested in promoting a friendship that supports peace and fraternity and builds a more inclusive world."

Besides other progressivist errors present in this statement, we observe that the idea that none can be saved isolated, is against the teaching of the Catholic Church and denies her bimillennial tradition of hermit life.

Bergoglio expressed his joy for the fact that those 100 monks would pray for peace at the Santa Maria of Trastevere Basilica, which he offered them as a place of 'prayer.'

He ended the meeting with a time of meditation, above, in which he chose to participate with those pagans.

This episode is at variance with all that that the Magisterium teaches us about Buddhism and other false religions...

Francis receives Buddhists at Vatican 2
Photos from the Vatican Press Service

Posted June 2, 2024


Blason de Charlemagne
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