NEWS:  March 28, 2005

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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães

MORE EARTHQUAKES AND TSUNAMIS  -  Regarding the tsunami of last December 26, I was obviously very sorry for the deaths of more than 300,000 persons, and I prayed to God for their souls. In parallel to this charitable sympathy for my neighbors, I will analyze the topic from a particular point of view. I see in this tragedy the finger of God, as predicted by Our Lady at Fatima should the world not listen to her warnings.

It is curious that each of the three last great apparitions of Our Lady and their corresponding messages had a part that was secret. I am referring to La Salette (1846), Lourdes (1858), and Fatima (1917). To date, as far as I know, the secret of Lourdes was buried. Our Lady of La Salette gave two secrets, one to Maximin, another to Melanie. Melanie’s secret was printed in 1879 at Lecce, Italy, with the approval of the local Bishop. It described the apostasy and corruption that was already present in the Church and would greatly increase.

Shortly after the apparitions, the texts of the secrets of both Maximin and Melanie were sent to Pope Pius IX, who saw no reason to prohibit them. When St. Pius X raised the question that the time of the Antichrist had perhaps arrived (E supremi apostolatus, n. 5), he was probably referring to the part of the message of La Salette that linked the arrival of the Antichrist to the corruption of doctrine that St. Pius X would call Modernism and so heroically combat. It seems most probable to me that the Pontiff Saint did not see any problem in spreading the message of the secrets of La Salette.

However, soon after the time of St. Pius X, the Vatican would present very weak and disputable arguments forbidding the La Salette secrets to be read or discussed under the penalty of excommunication. How can one explain such a prohibition against the express will of Our Lady who wanted its dissemination? Was the Vatican already infiltrated by the same current of ecclesiastical corruption that Our Lady came to denounce, and for this reason, it “condemned” her message? Who knows?

The third part of the message of Fatima, the so-called third secret, was allegedly revealed in 2000 by Cardinals Sodano, Ratzinger, and then Archbishop Bertone, today also a Cardinal. What they gave us was a confused text that does not correspond to the previous parts of the message. It is said that Pius XII fainted when he read the secret of Fatima. There would be absolutely no reason to imagine someone fainting upon reading the text delivered by the three Cardinals. What makes sense is that Pius XII read a different version of the secret, the authentic version.

What might have been revealed in that other version? Cardinals Oddi and Ciappi, who read the secret many years before 2000, said that it referred to an enormous crisis in the Church. “A great apostasy that would begin at the top” (1), is what Ciappi said. Oddi asserted that the secret regards “a revolution in the Catholic Church.” His next words were, “From the Council [Vatican II], so many innovations were born that they seem a true revolution in the Church” (2).
1. Apud Paul Kramer, The Devil’s Final Battle (Terryville, CT: The Missionar Ass., 2002), p. i
2. Silvio Oddi, Il tenero mastino de Dio (Rome: Progetti Museali Editore, 1995), p. 217
I believe that the secret referred to by Cardinals Ciappi and Oddi is the real secret that the progressivists Cardinals Sodano, Ratzinger, and Bertoni wanted to conceal when they published a broken text leading nowhere. Why would they do that? To prevent Vatican Council II from being seen as the “great apostasy that begins at the top” and the “revolution in the Catholic Church.” The death of Sister Lucy would seem to finalize the matter and prohibit any further clarification. Therefore, “officially” the secret of Fatima is meant to be a closed topic.

It is interesting to note that a similar attempt to muzzle the warnings of Our Lady was taken by the Vatican regarding the three secrets Our Lady asked to be revealed in order to warn Catholics about the apostasy in the Catholic Church.

It is my opinion that the conditions Our Lady asked for in Fatima were not met, and therefore, she is no longer able to hold back the hand of God from punishing the world. So, the chastisement will begin or has already begun.

The world is still blind regarding the significance of AIDS. It is not difficult to think we are facing a divine chastisement against the vice of homosexuality and general immorality when one considers that more than 20 million people have died of AIDS since 1981, and around 38 million are infected (for details, click here and here). The average number of person who die from AIDS per year has been around 900,000 for 23 years in a row. Despite this, the Vatican and media insistently claim that AIDS is not a punishment of God…

Another manifestation of the wrath of God is the disaster that hit the world the day after Christmas. In a time frame varying from 8 minutes to 7.5 hours (from when it first hit Indonesia until it reached Africa), more than 300,000 people died in the tsunami of December 26 (National Geographic, April 2005).

Now important scientific data are emerging showing that the last tsunami was only the tip of the iceberg. There is a whole tidal wave of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and landslides on the way. It makes one wonder if this will not be the fulfillment of the warning of Our Lady at Fatima: “Various nations will be annihilated.”

I leave the inference of what will happen to my reader. Let me simply relate recent scientific data I read on the coming catastrophes.

Scientist Kerry Sieh, professor of Geology at Caltech (California Institute of Technology), accurately predicted the last tsunami that hit Sumatra and much of the Bay of Bengala on December 26. He was so convinced that a 9.0 earthquake would occur there at around that time that he used his own research funds to print pamphlets and posters and distribute them on the islands describing the imminent threat. In July 2004, he visited the area to warn urban planners and others. When he returned to the area after the tragedy, one of those persons he had warned, Cristina Fowler, who runs a surf charter and hotel in Sumatra, told him: “You warned us. I didn’t listen to you. I am just lucky I didn’t die.” She asked for another poster he had made warning about the next disaster to put in her hotel.

For the scientist is predicting another even worse earthquake. During his last trip, he wrote in the January 10 entry of his journal from the Pagai Islands:
“I looked around at the dozen or so men, women and children around me and started to tear up. Are they going to be the next victims, when the great Mentawai earthquake happens?”
In the early ‘90s he affirmed with certainty,
“I have no doubt that within the next century we will have million-person losses” caused by natural disasters. There will be hundred of thousands more deaths in the next 10 to 15 years because of earthquakes alone.” (Pasadena Star News, March 7, 2005).
Tsunami meter points

A warning system, established by Pacific Basin countries in the mid-20th century, now includes deep-ocean tsunameters. Circled areas of danger enlarged below - National Geographic, April, 2005

Following this same line are some texts from the article “Tsunamis – Where Next?” in National Geographic (April 2005):
  • "With tectonic plates groaning against each other or pulling apart on every ocean floor, the risks of large submarine quakes and resulting tsunamis have galvanized scientists and planners to prepare for the next onslaught."

  • "Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula and the coastline along the border of Peru and Chile are among the most ‘tsunamigenic’ in the world."

  • "The submarine Loihi Volcano southeast of the Big Island of Hawaii and the Izu volcanic arc off the east coast of Japan are being closely watched."

  • "Continental shelves where sediments collect and unstable flanks of volcanoes are landslide prone. Scientists are keeping an eye on the west coast of the U.S. off Santa Barbara, California, and the east coast off southern Virginia and North Carolina."
For more information, please check the graphics.

He who lives will see what will actually happen. I only hope that when these catastrophes occur, he will take the warnings of Our Lady at Fatima seriously and do what he should to save his soul.

Tsunami map National Geographic

Danger areas around the world. The yellow cones indicate population density within 1.2 miles of coastline in areas less than 33 feet in elevation - National Geographic, April, 2005


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