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Vatican II, Homosexuality & Pedophilia

Atila Sinke Guimarães

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Format: Paperback, 315 pp.
Publication Date: 2004
Price: $18
How is it possible that the Vatican remains silent regarding homosexuality and pedophilia in the Catholic clergy? In the United States it is common to link the impunity of these priests to the cover-up of the Bishops. But why were such Bishops in turn not punished or at least strongly censured? Why are many homosexual and pedophile priests being chosen to be become Bishops? Certainly, with such attitudes the Vatican promotes these vices. What is the explanation?

In this book Guimarães offers two reasons:

First, Vatican Council II introduced a new morals in the Catholic Church. This new morality is meant to adapt itself to modern psychological theories that presume sexual desires should not be repressed.

Second, homosexuality and pedophilia infiltrated such high positions in the Catholic Hierarchy that for the present-day Vatican to punish the guilty parties would be tantamount to gravely damaging itself.

These are causes many Catholic suspect, but only few have the courage to express. This book constitutes a noble denunciation made for the love of the Catholic Church, and turned toward Our Lord asking Him to heal her.

The work is also a valuable resource tool, presenting Catholic teaching on homosexuality with quotes from Scriptures, Popes, Saints and Canon Law.

Special Edition to the Collection Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani?

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What readers are saying

Refuting Sophisms

Table of Contents

What Readers Are Saying:
  • "I read with fascination and sadness Tradition In Action's' scholarly review of the sex abuse scandal within the Church. We cannot talk too much or get angry too often that such conduct would occur within our faith community. Thank you for thinking of me."   -  ex-Governor Frank Keating, past chairman of the National Review Board
  • "As with all your books the statement on the back cover is ever so true 'What many Catholic suspect … only a few have the courage to express.' You are, indeed, outstanding among those few “noble denunciators.”  -  Fr. Gomer De Pauw (Click here to read whole letter)

  • Your book is something that should be in not only every bishop's hands but every conservative Catholic, and in the press rooms of every major newspaper so that they would ferret out further the cover-up that is going on in legislating via their manipulating Canon Law within the Vatican to accommodate the vile practice of this sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance ...
    Your quotes of the saints and earlier Popes are priceless … Again, a masterful work, Atila, and I'm not even half way through yet. Congratulations.  -  Michael Cain, Editor, Daily Catholic

  • "Bravo! Once again, you have fired a magnificent cannonball against Vatican II. It is excellent and should strike the conscience of any Bishop with the courage to read it. I will be ordering several copies to pass on."

  • "Tremendous work by ASG!"

  • "A very valuable reference work for Catholics explaining how their Church was destroyed from within since the Council. What a contrast between what the early Church saw as the abomination of sodomy and what the modern Church does today."

  • "This book is dynamite!"

  • "I am very impressed to see the details of the condemnation of sodomy from Scripture and the Tradition of the Magisterium."

  • "I encourage everyone to read this shocking, but true and documented account of the whole sordid sad affair and its root."

Tradition in Action

Table of Contents

I - Position of Sacred Scriptures and Catholic Tradition regarding homosexuality
1. Excerpts from Sacred Scriptures
2. Tradition of the ecclesiastical Magisterium
     A. Popes and Councils
     B. Saints and Apologists
3. Tradition of civil legislation
II - A new tolerant conciliar morals
1. Conciliar principles of adaptation and tolerance
2. Post-conciliar Vatican documents on homosexuality
         Presupposition of the analysis
     A. Declaration on questions about sexual ethics
         Confusion creates tolerance
     B. Letter to the Bishops on the pastoral care for homosexual persons
     C. Regarding legislative proposals on discrimination of homosexuals
     D. The persistent Vatican tolerant approach
     E. Summarizing
3. Vatican position regarding pedophile priests
     A. The Dallas meeting and documents
     B. Vatican refuses approval of the documents
     C. The Washington documents
         a. Definition of sexual abuse
         b. The judgment and its reliability
         c. Changing the statute of limitations
     D. A final assessment
III - Homosexuality and the Catholic Church in the US
   1. Extent of the phenomenon and principal movements
   2. Support of the Hierarchy for homosexuality
   3. The Chicago symposium
   4. Homosexual “religious orders”
   5. Homosexual priests and Bishops
   6. The “McNeill affair”
   7. The “Weakland affair”
   8. Percentage of homosexual priests
   9. Homosexuality: the new face of the priesthood
  10. The homosexual mafia in the seminaries and the support it receives from the Bishops
  11. Should homosexuals be ordained?
IV - Ecclesiastical homosexuality in other countries

            Accusations against Paul VI

V - The scandal of priestly pedophilia in the US
  1. Definition and terminology
  2. Beginning of the crisis in the U.S. – Overview
  3. The clergy pedophilia scandal explodes
      The year 2002
      The year 2003
  4. Figures for pedophile priests in America
  5. Financial costs of the crisis
VI - Clerical pedophilia in other countries


Refuting sophisms


Tradition in Action

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