NEWS:  March 8, 2017
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
‘THE CLERGY HAS BECOME A CESSPOOL OF IMPURITY’  -  The case of Nicola Corradi, an Italian priest of the Company of Mary, is paradigmatic of the ongoing cover up of pedophile priests by Religious Superiors, Bishops and the Pope. Last November Corradi was arrested in Mendoza, Argentina; his case is still under the scrutiny of the civil authorities. This arrest brought to light a large network of criminal activity. Let me summarize the news reports and put them in perspective.

The Company of Mary is dedicated to care for and educate deaf-mute children in a system of boarding schools, a noble work of charity. This religious congregation, which has priests and sisters, was founded in 1841 by Fr. Antonio Próvolo in Verona, Italy. After his death, the Verona motherhouse named its boarding schools after him: the Antonio Próvolo Institute. This congregation also has houses in Argentina in the cities of Mendoza, Province of Mendoza, and La Plata, Province of Buenos Aires.

In Verona 130 priests involved

Proving that the corruption of the best is the worst (corruptio optimi, pessima), a net of pedophile priests was found in the Próvolo Institute. Indeed, in 2009 a group of 64 ex-students of Próvolo joined together to reveal to the public that its priests had abused them sexually.

The victims appealed to Rome because, for three years, they had tried in vain to convince the Bishop of Verona to do something. Fourteen of these victims wrote sworn statements and videotaped their testimonies, providing details of the abuses they suffered. They named 27 priests and religious brothers. Fr. Nicola Corradi was in that list.

Nicola Correti 1

Fr. Nicola Corrati in the '80s with one of his victims in La Plata, Argentina

In 2010, the Vatican ordered the Diocese of Verona to investigate the case, which ended with the punishment of four priests, not Corradi, and an apology of the Diocese dated November 24, 2012. (CBS News, December 28, 2016) About the number of priests involved, other sources, like the Italian Verona Sera and the Argentine Infobae, affirm there were 130 priests and religious involved (Verona Sera, December 10, 2016, Infobae, November 30, 2016)

Five years later, on October 20, 2014, those same victims sent a letter to Pope Francis reminding him that 14 of the accused priests were alive and still in places of active ministry in the Institute. The letter communicated the precise locations where the priests were working in the Institute – four of them in Argentina; one of these was Corradi. No response; no action. (CBS News, December 28, 2016)

In late November 2016, a party was held in Mendoza’s Court House and some of the handicapped children were present. Local Senator Daniela Garcia was approached by a deaf-mute girl who asked to communicate with her through an interpreter. She revealed that in the local Institute she had seen different kinds of sexual abuses taking place, although she was not one of the victims. She convinced a boy who had been sodomized to come forth, which he did.

Based on these two denunciations, Senator Garcia asked the local authorities to take due measures. Procurator Fabricio Sidoti ordered the immediate imprisonment of Fr. Nicola Corradi (82) and Fr. Horacio Corpacho (55) under the accusation of corruption of minors and sexual abuse.

The result was that more than 60 victims were identified in Argentina with 22 counts of sexual abuse against Corradi and Corpacho between 2007 and 2009, when Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

This case brought to the spotlight the numerous previous cases in the Verona Archdiocese. Journalists speculate that from the ‘60s on about 230 cases of sexual abuse occurred in Verona’s Próvolo Institute, involving around 130 priests and religious brothers. (Infoabae, December 5, 2016, Verona Sera, December 10, 2016, L’Arena, December 10, 2016, Retelabuso, December 12, 2016)

Soon after, victims of Corradi in the city of La Plata started to appear and investigations were ordered by the local authorities. (Corriere del Veneto, January 3, 2017)

What are the common allegations of the victims in both Argentina and in Italy? They all assert that they were forced to masturbate the priests, have oral sex with them and be sodomized (the boys) and raped (the girls).

The report of a Corradi's victim

For the reader to realize the horror of this filth, I reproduce the words of one of the Italian victims of Corradi.

Gianni Bisolli-1

Above, Gianni Bisolli when he was at the Provolo Institute; below, pointing to his abuser, Nicola Corradi

Gianni Bisolli 2
In December 2016, the Argentine press contacted Gianni Bisolli (today 68). He agreed to report his story when he was a student in the Próvolo Institute in Verona. Later, Bisolli was able to communicate by voice without an interpreter. I translate parts of what he said in Italian and was posted with Spanish subtitles. “I had arrived at the Institute just after I reached age 9. Three months later the abuses started. … I saw Corradi between 1959 and 1962. He was still a seminarian, not a priest. The bathroom of the school was at the end of the hallway. When Nicola used to see us go to the bathroom, he would come to take us. He used to masturbate us and oblige us to do the same to him. I was paralyzed and blushed.

“At times he would wake us up at night. He used to come pick us up in the dormitory, bring us to the top floor of the Institute’s building. I remember Corradi in the darkness of the night, he and other young seminarians made us put our hands against the wall with our legs opened wide and then they pulled down the pants of our pajamas. They did everything to us.

“The older priests used to call me ‘the beautiful boy.’ They would bring me to the third floor and make me have sex with them. They would come and say that Nicola had told them that I was beautiful. It was irritating. After two years Nicola Corradi was ordained a priest and went away.” (Clarin, December 4, 2016)

In a written document in 2009, Bisolli stressed that “three months after I entered the Institute until I was 15 years-old, I was the object of sexual solicitations, I was sodomized and obliged to practice oral sex and masturbations by the following priests and religious men.” He listed 16 persons. Bisolli’s testimony also involved Giuseppe Carraro, Bishop of Verona from 1958 and 1977. “I missed my exams the last year because they took me to the quarters of the Bishop, who loved pre-adolescents. This happened five times. He touched me, took off my pants and made me seat at his lap and “ride the little horse” [move back and forth as if I were riding a horse]. Afterwards, they falsified my records to invalidate my accusations.” Bishop Carraro died in 1980. In 2015 he was declared blessed by the Pope Francis… (Clarin, December 4, 2016)

Fr. Nicola Corradi stayed in Verona until 1984, when he was transferred because of the abuses he continued to practice on the children of the Próvolo Institute. (Retelabuso, December 12, 2016)

The 'ignorance' of Archbishop Franzini

In Argentina, there are also many priests involved in the scandals of Próvolo Institute. When the Archbishop of Mendoza, Carlos Maria Franzini, was contacted, he alleged total ignorance of what was occurring at the Próvolo Institute, under the pretext that the Congregation of Mary had its own superiors and was outside the archdiocesan jurisdiction. (Mendoza Post, November 28, 2016, L’Arena, December 10, 2016, Retelabuso, December, 12, 2016). Later, he promised strict vigilance over all the orders in his Archdiocese.

It would be very difficult for the Archbishop of Mendoza to ignore the presence of Corradi and others, because in 2015 an Argentine sexual abuse victim Julieta Añazco gave a talk in Washington at a conference promoted by Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) and pointed out the presence of some priests in Argentina in the cities of La Plata and Mendoza. In the address, she had this to say about Corradi:

Nicola Corrati 2

Nicola Corrati being arrested in Mendoza,
November 2016

“Nicola Bruno Corradi. Accused of abusing youth in the Próvolo Institute for deaf-mute children and youth in Verona, Italy, between the years 1955 to 1984. Denunciations of violations, forced masturbations by priests and sodomy relations in the dormitories were presented to the ecclesiastical authorities. The priests involved were about 130. Some of them were transferred to Argentina, particularly to La Plata and Mendoza. Corradi, 80 today, went to the latter city and committed abuses of power against teachers and students. Extra-officially it is known that sexual abuses against some students were committed. When the parents complained, their silence was ‘bought’ with cash.” (Mendoza Post, November 28, 2016)

How could the Archbishop of Mendoza ignore a denouncement that had loud international repercussions?

Card. Bergolgio should have known...

Italian attorney Sergio Cabaliere, who represents some of the Verona victims, says that it is impossible for Pope Francis not to know about both the Verona and the Argentina cases of pedophile priests. For, when the victims asked the Vatican to punish 14 of the still living pedophile priests, Cabaliere – through Argentine attorney Carlos Lombardi – had contacted the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires to inform it that four of those priests, including Nicola Carradi, were in Argentina in La Plata, close to Buenos Aires.

Cabaliere states: “It is impossible that he was unaware of what happened in his Archdiocese since the denunciations were known all over the world, even though people did not know the priests were hidden in Argentina.”

He adds another reason: “As Sovereign Pontiff he could not ignore that in 2011 a Vatican Commission had investigated 27 religious, which is an enormous number.” (Los Andes, Infobae, December 4, 2016)

Sergio Cavalieri

Attorney Sergio Cavalieri who defends the victims of sexual abuse by priests from Verona

In the United States, Anne B. Doyle, director of an organization to watch ecclesiastical sexual abuses, commented: “Words fail. It is appalling and heartbreaking that Corradi was not stopped by Pope Francis or by other Church authorities. Corradi’s presence at the school in Mendoza was no secret.

“Thanks to the Church’s inaction, Corradi appears to have been able to replicate exactly the grotesque situation he enjoyed in Verona - a ring of child molesters in charge of utterly defenseless children who could neither hear nor speak. If the allegations are true, the Pope must accept responsibility for the unimaginable suffering of these new victims.” (Crux, December 2, 2016)

This overview of the multiple accusations against Nicola Corradi is useful to reveal the state of complete moral putrefaction that exists in the Catholic Clergy and Hierarchy.

The entire class is rotten

To the horror of having an adult man abusing a defenseless child it must be added the monstrosity of abusing a deaf-mute child. That is, this poor creature cannot tell anyone of the abuse he suffered due to his incapacity to communicate. It also must be considered that it is not rare for a deaf-mute to have his mind also confused.

To abuse a child in these conditions and to betray in such a way the trust the parents deposit in the Próvolo Institute is a monstrous crime that claims God for vengeance. The only conclusion possible is to say with Our Lady of La Salette: “The Clergy has become a cesspool of impurity.”

I emphatically compliment the Italian and Argentine lawyers who brought these accusations forth. Symmetrically, I express my horror for these criminal priests and my indignation against the religious authorities who knew about the crimes and covered for them. I wish we were in the Middle Ages and a due punishment could be inflicted to these criminals.

Regarding Pope Francis, it is difficult to imagine he did not know of these crimes. If he did, how can he talk about helping the poor when, under his nose, he allows these horrors to take place? What kind of hypocrisy is necessary for a man to do this and, then, pretend that he is applying zero tolerance against pedophile priests?



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