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NEWS: May 29, 2020
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
A PROGRESSIVIST ‘SANITARY CHURCH’ - As the economies of the U.S. and Europe reopen, the Covid-19 crisis ebbs and fear diminishes, we see that there are two schools of medicine with opposed interpretations on what happened and how to avoid other such incidences.

One is the Wuhan School, which, to avoid the spread of the virus, uses despotic-communist methods: locking down the economy; closing all institutions that are not strictly indispensable; obliging citizens to stay at home regardless of their vulnerability; maintaining social-distancing; using masks, and looking for a vaccine as the sole cure for Covid-19. To impose these draconian measures, this school spreads panic in the public, bullies objectors and tries to destroy any resistance.

California doctors

California Doctors proved the Wuhan approach to be wrong & were banned from YouTube - watch here

Another is the School of Common Sense, which reflects the experience of traditional medicine and believes that the spread of the virus is not as dramatic as the other school affirms. It advocates that the way to conquer the virus is through herd immunity, that is, by letting the virus spread and the people develop antibodies to it. Therefore, no religious, administrative, military, educational or economic institutions should be closed. Since this School wants to prevent unnecessary casualties, it recommends that the most vulnerable populations self-quarantine for a period of 20 days, until they also acquire antibodies.

Unfortunately, the West, with some laudable exceptions, followed the Wuhan School. Now that the cycle of the disease is coming to a natural end, we can analyze why our governments decided to unnecessarily paralyze the entire West for almost three months.

The coronavirus triad

Three words give us the answer in crescendo: fear, panic, hysteria.

Fear, panic and hysteria are elements that can generate enormous effects when they overtake a group or an entire population. When Napoleon, in exile on St. Helena Island, was chatting about the Battle of Waterloo where he had been defeated by a coalition of armies, someone asked him who was the most dangerous general he had faced there. He answered without hesitation: “The General Panic.”

His ready response referred to the fact that when Napoleon and his French troops had surrounded Waterloo Hill where Wellington and his English army were posted, the sudden attack on the French rear by the Duke of Brunswick leading the Prussian army caused the French soldiers to panic and abandon the field.

I believe that this phenomenon of collective panic is what explains the behavior of the West during this man-made pandemic. How did this happen?

Italians covid

Italians are inclined to panic when facing danger

Among all the peoples, the Italian people are perhaps the most inclined to panic when facing danger. This article is not the place to explain why. It also happens that for years Italy has received an enormous number of Chinese investments and immigrants, as proved here.

Now then, the first Western country to be infected by the Chinese virus was Italy. The country entered into fear/panic, ran to their homes, and almost instinctively followed the same path that the communist governors of Wuhan had dictated to their inhabitants. So, fear added to the Chinese precedent led Italy to react irrationally and adopt the Wuhan policy.

This decision set the stage and became the pattern. After Italy, Catholic Spain would also panic, following the same course.

From there, other countries – including the U.S. – complied with the Wuhan School agenda based on the pro-China fake/fraudulent science of Fauci, Brix, WHO, CDC, Johns Hopkins etc. sponsored by the large “philanthropic” contributions of Bill Gates

It is ironic that the anti-communist West, using communist methods, is at the brink of destroying Capitalism to prevent a virus that originated from and was spread by communist China.

This is how the West is committing hara-kiri.

A ‘sanitary Church’ sprouts

Francis in panic

A theatrical Francis pretends to be in panic in order to close churches & forbid the Sacraments

But it happens that Italy is not only the center of an important civil State. It is also the center of the Catholic Church. I believe that any analyst who did not consider the role of Pope Francis and the Italian Episcopate in deflagrating panic in Italy would be gravely negligent.

Indeed, as soon as the Italian authorities decided to close the country, Francis announced a similar decision for the Catholic Church. For the first time in History, the Church voluntarily closed all her churches, and suspended all Masses and Sacraments for Catholics. Two pretexts were alleged: the danger of the virus and the Church’s obligation to comply with the decision of the civil authorities. I will analyze each pretext separately.

1. The danger of contamination

The History of the Church is filled with examples of plagues in which Catholics Prelates and clergy were the first to expose themselves to contagion in order to assist those whose lives were in danger and needed the Sacraments. A paradigmatic case is that of St. Charles Borromeo, Archbishop of Milan, who in the 16th century exposed his life daily for two years by visiting those afflicted with a plague, including persons with leprosy. Neither he nor the priests and monks who helped him in that sublime task were contaminated. However, many of those who fled to secure places died as a consequence of the plague...

St Charles Borromeo during the plague

St. Charles Borromeo visiting the victim of the plague - he neither suspend Masses nor Sacraments

St. Charles Borromeo did not suspend Masses. Instead, he multiplied them and when the churches were too full, he said outdoor Masses. In those neighborhoods especially assailed by the plague and without churches, he erected columns where the public would gather to attend the Masses said there.

Another inspiring example of courage against contagion is that of Fr. Damian of Molokai who in the 19th century cared for and lived with a large leper colony for 11 years.

But, for the Conciliar Church those rules of charity for the sick and providing for the salvation of their souls do not apply. The Pope, along with his progressivist Prelates and clergy, fled en masse and left every Catholic in Italy to fend for himself both physically and spiritually, providing no personal spiritual care whatsoever or any physical succor for the sick. The churches were closed and the Sacraments forbidden. The few priests who did not comply were rigorously punished.

All Catholics were dispensed from their Sunday obligation. The faithful were told to assist at Masses via TV and Internet, contradicting specific previous rules against this practice.

Even Confession and Extreme Unction were denied to those who needed them. Under strong pressure, Francis issued via the Apostolic Penitentiary two confused Decrees about contrition and general absolution, giving the impression that each Catholic could confess his sins directly to God instead of the auricular Confession and encouraging Bishops and priests to give general absolutions.

This position of the Conciliar Church of itself speaks of its loss of Faith and apostasy. It also speaks loudly of the cowardice of its clergymen who ran like rats to hide in their holes.

Notwithstanding this moral failure and spiritual betrayal, the action of the progressivist Hierarchy contributed powerfully to the general panic. Italy found in the example of the Pope and Episcopate a model to imitate, and also ran in panic to their houses. That is to say, in the face of the virus outbreak, the Pope and Prelates influenced the laity to adopt the measures of the Wuhan School and not of the School of Common Sense.

We should not ignore that Spain – the second country to enter into panic in this outbreak – was also strongly influenced by its Catholic Clergy to adopt the same path.

So, in the implementation of the solutions of the Wuhan School to combat the virus, the role of the Progressivist Church has been remarkable.

In parallel, let me stress that the Vatican has been for years an ardent admirer of the Chinese immigration to Italy, of China Communist government and of its handling of the Covid outbreak.

2. The obligation to comply with the civil authorities

Since the Church left the Catacombs (315), she has fought relentlessly against the interference of the temporal authorities in her life. The episode of Canossa (1077), where Emperor Henry IV did penance before Pope Gregory VII to reverse his excommunication, marked her victory over the Empire and her total independence from the temporal authority as well as her superiority over it. This independence was reaffirmed brilliantly by Boniface VIII in his Bull Unam Sanctam (1302).

St Gregory VII with Henry IV

The Emperor appears before St. Gregory VII as a penitent & asks the Pope to lift his excommunication

The Enlightenment and the French Revolution tried to make the Church again dependent on the State. But the Catholic Church did not give way. Pius IX was quite categorical when, in the Syllabus (1864), he excommunicated those who defend the following propositions:
  • The civil government, even when in the hands of an infidel sovereign, has a right to an indirect negative power over religious affairs. (n. 41)

  • In the case of conflicting laws enacted by the two powers, the civil law prevails. (n. 42)

  • The civil authority may interfere in matters relating to religion, morality and spiritual government … (n. 44)
In short, the Catholic Church as the sole True Church founded by Our Lord and preaching the one True Faith deserves to be treated by the State as such. She has the right of Truth. She cannot be placed on an equal level with other religions that preach false faiths.

However, in 1965 Paul VI visited the UN and in his speech he highly praised this temporal organization that pretends to replace the Empires of the past. He also bent to the principles of the Enlightenment and defended fraternity, equality and liberty, and more specifically religious liberty. He said: “What you are proclaiming here are the basic rights and duties of man, his dignity, his liberty and above all his religious liberty. We feel that you are spokesmen for what is loftiest in human wisdom – we might almost say its sacred character.” (check here)

Paul VI visit to the UN - Medal and stamps

Medal & stamps commemorating Paul VI's visit to the UN on October 4, 1965

It was a de facto denial of almost 1,500 years of consistent teaching and practice of the Church.

From that sad precedent a new approach to the Modern State emerged. Instead of demanding special treatment from the State, as she had always done before, the Conciliar Church accepted being treated on an equal footing with the false religions under the umbrella of religious liberty.

But, never before the Covid-19 outbreak has the Conciliar Church been so subservient to the State. In face of Covid-19, it renounced every right and allowed the Civil State to interfere and dictate everything in its life: if, when and how the churches can open and the Sacraments be administered.

Therefore, the allegation that the Church had to obey the authorities is a denial of the prior millenary policy of the Catholic Church and is a shameful extreme of even the new progressivist policy inaugurated by Paul VI.

For these reasons, the religious authorities should never have conceded to this interference.

More than any other episode since Vatican II has the Conciliar Church shown her colors to the public as much as with this Covid outbreak. Apostasy from the Faith, disinterest in the spiritual and physical sufferings of the flock, and acting like a virtual agent of the communist agenda.

Behold the Progressivist Sanitary Church!


Blason de Charlemagne
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