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NEWS: March 26, 2020
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
THE CATTLE STAMPEDE - A TIA reader asked for my take on the Coronavirus outbreak and its consequences. Since this month of March has, indeed, been dominated by the concern/fear/panic/hysteria over the contagious and lethal characters of the Covid-19, it seems to me that I should address the topic in this monthly column.

A good way to express my thoughts clearly is to divide the topic into parts. I believe that it can be analyzed from three different perspectives: 1. Biological; 2. Psychological and 3. Ideological. Let me enter my analysis.

1. Biological perspective – This virus was developed in the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2019: hence the 19 in the acronym Covid-19 (Corona Virus Disease in 2019). According to the media, this was the starting point of the pandemic.

Either by accident or on purpose the virus contaminated many persons in the Chinese city of Wuhan and, from there, spread over other areas of China. Given the high emigration from China to Italy, Italy also became contaminated. From these two focal points – China and Italy – the virus spread over Europe and the rest of the world.

The panic by Goya

The Panic by Goya

The statistics regarding the total causalities from January until now as of yesterday were 18,919, but this ensemble is open to discussion. In Italy, for example, there are 6,820 reported deaths as of yesterday – I am using the data offered by the L’Osservatore Romano (March 26, 2020, p. 1) The same source reports in the United States 550 deaths and 46,000 contaminations (March 25, 2020, p. 2).

Four days ago, however, the news surfaced that only 12% of the cases reported in Italy are sound, because Italy is including in these numbers not only those who died from the Coronavirus, but also those who died from other causes but were contaminated with the virus. Now, this information completely changes the objectivity of the data, since the primary cause of death of an elderly person who contracted the Covid-19 can be pneumonia or the flu; in this case Covid-19 would not be the cause of his death. So, if we project this percentage of 12% to the global number of deaths, the reported number of 18,919 becomes 2,270. This fraudulent inflation of the victims reveals a clear intention to scare the population.

Also, although the alleged number of deaths is being announced with great fanfare by the media based on data offered by the World Health Organization – WHO – and John Hopkins University, the results are certainly not high enough to cause panic in any reasonable person.

Indeed, if we compare the numbers of Covid-19 deaths and contaminations with those of other common causes of death, we have objective data to guide our reaction. Let me set out some current causes of death in the United States and in the world.

Causes of death:

Death by Gustave Dore

The fourth horseman of the Apocalypse: Death by Gustave Doré

Seasonal flu : 2019-2020 Winter – In the U.S. – deaths: 41,000; contaminations: 45 million; in the world: deaths: 468,500;

Pneumonia: 2017 – In the U.S. – deaths: 14,600; in the world, deaths: 2.56 million;

Cancer: 2017 – In the US – deaths: 606,520 or 1,660 each day in 2020; in the world – deaths: 9.6 million or 20,000 each day;

AIDS: 2018 – In the U.S. – deaths: 16,350; in the world – deaths: 770,000; contaminations: 1.7 million; since its beginning AIDS has killed 32 million and contaminated 75 million;

Car accident: In the U.S. – deaths: 40,000 a year; in the world – deaths: 1.3 million per year or 3,287 per day; injured or disabled: 30 million;

Criminality: In the U.S. – Deaths by homicides: 19,500 per year; by suicides: 47,000 per year. In the world – Deaths by homicides: 400,000 per year; violent criminal deaths: 1.6 million.

We see that when Coronavirus casualties are compared with the causes of death listed above, the former is much more modest and certainly not as alarming as the media and the governments are declaring. Indeed, although we regret that so many persons die from flu, cancer, accidents, etc., we never enter into panic or hysteria over them. Also there is no reason for governments to intervene in the private lives of their citizens based on the danger of these causes of death.

Now, the general panic that is being raised over Covid-19 is giving a pretext to governments around the world to stop the normal routine of work, worship and leisure of almost everyone around the world based on this alleged pandemic.

This inordinate disproportion between cause and effect leads to the question: Cui bono? Who profits from it?
  • The first one to profit from this crisis seems to be the Chinese government, since last week the Coronavirus was declared to be under control in the province of Hubei, whose capital is Wuhan, by means of a vaccine. Reportedly the success of this vaccine is so complete that the Chinese people practically stop dying from Covid-19, and that province will return to full normality on April 8. (Cf. L’Osservatore Romano, March 23-24, 2020, p. 1)

    Millions of these vaccines have been already sent to Italy and probably many other countries will soon be clamoring for them. So, China developed the virus and now controls the virus. This success places China in the spotlight as a great benefactor of mankind.

    But a suspicion remains: What exactly does this vaccine contain?

  • Bill Gates

    Bill Gates was the discoverer of the Coronavirus and the sponsor of the Wuhan lab

  • Lurking behind the Coronavirus eruption is the American businessman Bill Gates, who in recent years reportedly discovered the virus and also financed the establishment of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. So, Gates is behind many things in this outbreak: He discovered the virus; he paid for the Chinese to establish their laboratory where they developed the virus. No one knows whether or not he is behind its dissemination; most probably he is also behind the vaccine developed in China to control the virus.

    In this case, Gates would be also the great financial beneficiary as governments will directly or indirectly pay him to find and deliver the cure for this alarming illness. If one can actually connect these dots, the whole Coronavirus outbreak could be a boomerang thrown by Gates into the world that returns to his hands with heaps of profit after the “disease cycle” ends.

  • There are still others who have benefited from this outbreak, but to analyze them, I need the data from the other perspectives.
2. Psychological perspective – There are military scholars who defend the thesis that conventional wars are obsolete, including the atomic war. The domination of nations now and in the future is decided by those who know how to efficiently use Psychological Warfare, or Psy War. I consider that the Covid-19 outbreak has been a successful world-wide Psy War maneuver.

Those who control the Revolution decided to test public opinion to see if they could, by means of a single maneuver, tame the entire world and make it obey their diktats. Also, they are testing to see how long the world can be mesmerized by irrational fake news and panic. These tests are made to prepare the public for another bolder step of the Revolution.

It would be as if some experts were to provoke a cattle stampede and film it to study the different reactions of the animals in slow motion in order to better understand for some ulterior purpose this irrational bovine phenomenon.

I followed press reports of the steps of the Coronavirus outbreak in China and Italy. After these two countries, the next one to enter the panic/hysteria was Spain. I noted that U.S. public opinion was observing the crisis with a concerned poker face; then, at a certain moment something happened and the same general panic entered here.

Psychological warfare
What was this something? It was a CNN interview with Anthony Fauci, a virologist doctor who has been Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Dieses (NIAID) since 1984. In that interview he shocked the country by saying that millions could die from the Coronavirus; that all would be shut up in their houses and should stockpile medications, essential food and water. He also encouraged everyone to overreact (see 11:28 mark and 12:10 mark here).

This is what caused the cattle stampede: People flooded the grocery stores in panic. The media helped to fan the emotions to the point of hysteria. Next, the stock market fell more than 30% from its previous performance.

If Psy War attacks could be punished by military officials, I would suggest that they court martial Dr. Anthony Fauci as the traitor who launched the country into this state of hysteria. He should have to answer for the enormous psychological and financial damage he has caused and is causing.

Was Fauci just obeying the masters of the Revolution, like the authorities of all the other countries who have jumped into the Coronavirus panic? I believe so. Was Trump stepping outside the box when he came out yesterday with his plan to help the American economy and break the general hypnosis? I believe so. This is why I fear he may be given a JFK ending.

What is also remarkable in this psychological test is that the U.S., a country who prides itself first on being “the land of the free,” was so quick to sacrifice its liberty and “voluntarily” submit to house arrest out of fear of the Covid-19.

We have all lost the right to come and go normally, which characterizes times of peace. We are entering a virtual regime of “martial law,” which characterizes times of war. This is the greatest right we have lost, almost without even noticing it…

3. Ideological perspective – I will mention only two blatant contradictions:

    English Bishops close their churches

    The Bishops were ordered to close their churches

  • The Pope closes the churches: In the short period of one month, we have seen Pope Francis and the Catholic Bishops around the world commanding the closing of the churches and the suppression of all religious ceremonies, including those of the coming Holy Week, to avoid the “dangers” of the Coronavirus. Gatherings of Catholics cannot have more than 10 persons to comply with the demands of the authorities…

    I have good reasons to believe that the ideal of Progressivism and of the Conciliar Popes is to reduce the Church to small groups; that is, to do away with the large parish institutions and move toward home Masses in small groups or communities. In one of my previous articles I quoted texts of Fr. Joseph Ratzinger and Fr. Yves Congar affirming exactly this.

    So, now we have a Pope who finds the perfect pretext to jump over several steps of the process and put an end to ceremonies and gatherings in parish churches and cathedrals. Will this be a permanent situation? I don’t think so. But the ideal has been presented; the banner was raised on top of the mountain.

  • The civil authorities break the economies of their countries: The political leaders elected as representatives of the people, are using the pretext of the Covid-19 to oppress their populations.

    Homeless in downtown Los Angeles

    As he took office, Gavin Newsom filled Los Angeles with the homeless, epicenter of diseases; now he wants luxury hotels to host them to avoid the virus...

    We also have seen some of these socialist governors and presidents take advantage of the virtual martial law imposed on the civil population to advance their leftist agendas. I have in mind new local Caligulas like Gavin Newsom, governor of California, who is threatening the civil population with fines, arrests and prison if they don’t comply with his draconian diktats.

    One such decree is to order hotels to be transformed into hospitals to host the “Coronavirus victims.” Actually, what Mr. Newsom reportedly plans to do is to put mobs of the homeless into these hotels under the pretext that they are infected by the virus.
Here is my answer to the TIA reader who requested my opinion on this crisis.


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