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NEWS: September 30, 2020
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
A PRO-CHINA POPE ATTACKS CAPITALISM - This month had a curious chronology of events that is quite expressive:
  • September 14 - The Reuters news agency issued a report that Pope Francis had given green light to the signature of a two-year extension of the Vatican-China Accord establishing the terms of relations between Chinese Catholics and the Communist Government. According to the report, China still had not signed the extension.

  • Michael Pompeo

    US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo issued serious criticisms of the Vatican accord with China

  • September 18 - Secretary of State Michael Pompeo in an editorial in First Things online magazine made a criticism of the Vatican, warning it not to renew the accord with Communist China. He argued that the Conciliar Popes have long been preaching human rights, and especially religious liberty. In view of this stance, the present day Vatican should be consistent and apply those principles to defend Catholics in China, who are being increasingly persecuted, imprisoned and tortured by the government under the accord. If the Vatican signs the accord, it will be supporting China, which will embolden its actions, and favoring Communism.

  • September 22 - Vatican officials criticized Pompeo and defended the Vatican-China Accord.

  • September 22 - Donald Trump addressed the General Assembly of the UN and asked it to hold China as responsible for deceitfully spreading the covid-19 virus throughout the world and contributing greatly to the global pollution. He also accused the World Health Organization – a UN organ – of being controlled by China.

  • September 25 - Pope Francis addressed the UN General Assembly indirectly attacking Trump and the US. He presented the Western economic system, Capitalism, as self-destructive because it promotes self-sufficiency, nationalism, protectionism and individualism. He made a plea for a new economical system. He also found indirect ways to praise WHO and China - when he applauded the UN several times and when he eulogized the Beijing World Conference on Woman.

  • September 27 - Pope Francis refused to give a personal audience to Michael Pompeo, who is visiting Italy;

  • September 29 - Vatican Secretary of State, Card. Pietro Parolin told L'Osservatore Romano (O.R., September 30, 2020, p. 1) that the Vatican intends to propose an extension of the Accord to the Chinese authorities. These statements made it clear that the accord has not yet been signed. The Holy See is determined to re-enter the Accord, but the Chinese government have not yet agreed.
This chronology illustrates the increasing polarization surfacing in the international scenario between Communism and Anti-Communism. In these mutual attacks we see the U.S. government defending the right position and – unfortunately, but not surprisingly – we have Pope Francis standing behind the communist Chinese position.

Pope Francis addressed the United Nations

Pope Francis addressing the UN General Assembly virtually on September 25, 2020

A fact that should also be taken into consideration is that, as far as I could verify, the United Nations did not ask the Pope to speak. In this case he would have jumped into the fray of his own will because he wanted the weight of his prestige and authority to enter the debate. What was his purpose? Since three days earlier Trump had attacked China, it looks very much like the Pontiff entered the arena in order to rebuke Trump, to defend China – as well as WHO – and to influence the coming presidential elections.

I read Francis' speech to the United Nations, which was published in whole in the daily Italian edition of L'Osservatore Romano (September 27, 2020, pp.1, 8).

The main point of the speech, as I mentioned above, was to attack Capitalism, the Western society it generated and its lifestyle.

Specifically the attacks are the following:
  • The pandemic is an opportunity "to convert, to transform, to re-think our lifestyle and our economic and social systems."

  • The wrong choice "leads to self-sufficiency, nationalism, protectionism, individualism and isolationism, excluding the poor, the more vulnerable, and those dwelling on the peripheries of life. … This must not prevail."

  • "To ensure dignified employment, there must be a change in the dominating economic paradigm, which seeks only to expand the profits of enterprises."

  • "All this calls for a change of road, and to achieve this we have already the resources and the cultural and technological means as well as the social awareness. However, this change needs a stronger ethical context able to overcome the widespread and unconsciously rooted culture of waste. "

  • Pope holds hammer and sickle

    Francis attacks Capitalism to benefit Communism; above, smiling he receives a hammer & sickle crucifix

  • "At the origin of such culture of waste there is a gross lack of respect for human dignity, an ideological promotion with reductive notions of the person, a denial of the universality of its fundamental rights and a craving for absolute power and control that dominate today's modern society."

  • "This includes reconsidering the role of economic and financial institutions … which must respond to the rapid increase of inequalities between the super-rich and the permanently poor."

  • "This is a propitious time to renew the architecture of international finance."

  • "We are witnessing an erosion of the multilateralism, which is all the more serious in light of the of the growth of new forms of military technology, such as the lethal autonomous weapons system (LAWS), which is altering the nature of war in a irreversible way."

  • "We must dismantle the perverse logic that attributes personal and social security to the possession of weapons."

  • "'Nuclear deterrence' foments a spirit of fear based on the threat of mutual annihilation, which ends by poisoning relationships among peoples and obstructing dialogue."
It is difficult to find a more specific, radical and all-encompassing program aimed at destroying our Western economic system, our defense and our way of life.

Pope Bergoglio wants them to be replaced by another system. The terms he uses to characterize this new system are vague. It should:
  • "Reinforce multilateralism" and be an "expression of a renewed sense of global co-responsibility."

  • "Not exclude the poor, the most vulnerable and those dwelling on the peripheries of life."

  • "Be more fraternal and compassionate."

  • "Promote subsidiarity, sustain local economic development, invest in instruction and infra-structures to benefit local communities. This will lay the foundation not only for economic success but also for the renewal of the larger community."

  • "Have a global approach to combat poverty and exclusion."

  • "Mitigate the negative effect of the climate change."
It is difficult to find a more imprecise and generic way to delineate a future economic system to replace Capitalism.

So, we see that the papal intervention at the United Nations was very precise in its opposition to our Western economic system and very vague in portraying what should replace it.

However, when we consider that the two main systems ruling our present-day world are Capitalism and Communism, we see that if Capitalism were to die, Communism would triumph. Therefore, we see that Pope Francis is not dreaming of a romantic and utopian new system to replace Capitalism. He is actually struggling to kill Capitalism to implant Communism in the world.

The covid-19 outbreak has been a pretext for this attempt; China has been  Communism's main agent and Pope Francis has revealed himself to be China's principal ally.


Blason de Charlemagne
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