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NEWS: December 30, 2020
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
DESTROYING THE MILITANCY OF THE CHURCH - Unfortunately, I am late in posting my final observations on Fratelli tutti (FT) - previous parts here, here and here. I planned to finish its analysis early this month. I could not. I will do it now.

The attack Pope Francis made against the Militant Character of the Catholic Church is the presupposition of his entire Encyclical. I will demonstrate it in parts:

1 - St. Francis & the Sultan

In FT's introduction, Francis misinterprets the episode of St. Francis of Assisi with the Sultan in Egypt. We know that St. Francis went to challenge the Sultan with the hope to convert him to the True Faith. Pope Bergoglio, however, pretends that the Saint had "a heart which knew no boundaries, able to transcend differences due to … religion." (§ 3) Then, he states that St. Francis recommended to the Franciscans that, when they were among Saracens or other unfaithful, they should "be subject to them." (§ 3) According to Bergoglio's fake history, St. Francis "did not wage an ideological war aimed at imposing doctrine." (§ 4)

So, already in its first lines FT denies the Militancy of the Church.

2 - An extension of the Abu Dhabi document

Abu Dhabi

Francis wants his Encyclical to be a development of the Abu Dhabi document

Still in its introduction, FT affirms that it was conceived as an extension of the Abu Dhabi document. Francis writes: "In this case (FT), I felt particularly stimulated by the Grand Imam Ahmad Al-Tayyreb, whom I met in Abu Dhabi where we declared God has created all human beings … to live together as brothers and sisters … This was no mere diplomatic act, but rather a reflection born of dialogue and common commitment. This present Encyclical (FT) accepts and develops some of the grand themes raised in that Document, which we both signed." (§ 5)

So, Pope Francis abdicates from his role of Master of the Catholic Faith and its dogmas and of his supernatural mission of Vicar of Christ to assume the democratic role of being the representative of 2.3 billion men, accidentally Catholics, who speaks in one voice with another representative of 1.8 billion men, accidentally Muslim. It is in the name of quantity, not of the truth, that Pope Bergoglio in FT speaks to the world.

In this position – that pervades the entire Encyclical – there is a dismissal of the Catholic Faith and, obviously, a scandalous denial of the Militant Character of the Catholic Church.

3 - Militantly favoring an anti-Christian utopia

Italian Masonry praises Fratelli tutti 1

Italy's Grand Orient magazine published an article praising Fratelli tutti in its October 2020 issue

Italian Masonry praises Fratelli tutti 2
As an individual that retains in his hands this democratic power, Bergoglio intends to make a universal fraternity: "It is my great desire that … we can contribute to the rebirth of a universal aspiration to fraternity. Fraternity between all men and women … We dream of a single human family, as fellow travelers sharing the same human flesh, as children of the same earth which is our common home, each of us bringing the richness of his or her own faith and convictions, each one with his or her own voice, brothers and sisters all." (§ 8)

This aspiration of Francis has nothing to do with the Reign of Christ, since it places the Catholic Faith on the same level of the false religions and natural convictions. It is rather the dream of a Universal Republic or a One World Order subserviently assisted by a Pan-Religion in which all religious convictions have to melt and merge together. It is, therefore, the dream of the Deists of the Enlightenment adopted by many Secret Societies, which aim to build a New Temple under the inspiration of the Grand Architect of the Universe.

In other words, it is the reenactment of the plan of the Babel Tower, a plan to implant a universal human society independent of God. It is for the realization of this dream and to enforce this plan that we see Pope Francis writing FT.

It is from this perspective that he goes on to attack and condemn the existence in the West of those values of the natural order that still prevent such an anti-Catholic utopia from being accomplished.

Thus, what he is promoting is not just the denial of Catholic Militancy. In FT we see the man who should be the head of the fight against the Forces of Darkness become the head of the effort made by these Secret Societies to completely erase Catholic Civilization and try to implant the Reign of the Devil upon its ruins.

This is why we have seen Freemasonry warmly praising Fratelli tutti.

4. Going further than Enlightenment thinkers

In paragraphs 103-105 we see Francis assuming his role of world leader of the Revolution and redressing the motto liberty-equality-fraternity. He explains that individualism, contrary to what the thinkers of the French Revolution thought, actually violates this motto.

He teaches his Masonic followers: "Individualism does not make us more free, more equal, more fraternal. The mere sum of individual interests is not capable of generating a better world for mankind. … Rather, radical individualism is the most difficult virus to exterminate." (§ 105)

Again, we have a Pope teaching the enemies of the Church how to better destroy the natural order.

5. Denial of Catholic doctrine on war & the death penalty

In chapter 7 of FT, Francis invests against past Catholic doctrine on war and the death penalty. (§§ 255-262; 263-269)

Basically his erroneous and intellectually primitive argument is: Although in the past one could admit a just war, since the discovery of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, it no longer possible for a just war to exist in any circumstance.

Echoing the voice of Catholic doctrine, Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira in his famous work, The Church and the Communist State: The Impossible Coexistence, demonstrates that no matter how horrible an atomic hecatomb may be, apostasy from the integrity of the Catholic Faith is much worse.

Regarding the death penalty Bergoglio tries to sneak in two sophisms:
  • He quotes John Paul II who said the death penalty is no longer a moral or penal solution (§ 263). However to quote JPII in these conditions is a petition of principle, which is tantamount to saying: "The death penalty is bad because my friend said it is bad." In other words, it is the intellectual vice or trap by which the conclusion of a reasoning is confused with its presupposition.

  • He affirms that the use of death penalty is illegitimate because it makes the regimes that apply it dictatorships, since they use it as a means to suppress political dissidence and persecute religious minorities. (§ 268). Francis is wrong because the abuse of a legal measure does not prevent its fair use. Abusum no tollit usum.
The death penalty was administered throughout history as a way to preserve the moral health and common good of society. Francis is absolutely wrong in his radically pacifist approach.

6. Denial of Catholic doctrine on the use of violence

Bergoglio ends FT with two radical statements, which I will transcribe and comment on:
  • Quoting words from a controversial film about himself, Francis states: "God does not see with the eyes, God sees with the heart. And the love of God is the same for each person, regardless of religion. Even if he is atheistic, God’s love is the same." (§ 281)

    This statement, in my opinion, is absolutely opposed to the teaching of the Catholic Church. It denies the objectivity of the Catholic Faith, denies its oneness and many dogmas of our Holy Religion, such as the extra Ecclesia nulla salus. For these reasons it should be considered heretical.

  • Crusades

    A radical pacifism that denies the fair use of violence in the New Testament and in the Old - above, the Crusades, below, the taking of Jericho

    Taking of Jericho
    In his last Appeal, FT quotes the Abu Dhabi document to condemn the glorious Crusades: "We firmly declare that religions must never incite war, sentiments of hatred, hostility and extremism, nor must they incite violence or the shedding of blood. These tragic calamities are the fruit of deviations from religious teachings. They result from the political manipulation of religions and from interpretations made by religious groups who - in the course of history – have abused the influence of religious sentiment in the hearts of men and women. … Indeed, God the Almighty has no need to be defended by anyone and does not want his name to be used to terrorize people." (§ 285)
Again, Francis' radical pacifism goes against practically 2,000 years of Catholic doctrine and tradition in the New Testament as well as 4,000 years of history in the Old Testament.

These are my final observations on the brutal attacks Fratelli tutti makes on the Church Militant.


Blason de Charlemagne
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