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NEWS: February 7, 2024
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
WARS & RUMORS OF WARS – The dispute between Texas and the White House over illegal immigrants on the Southern Border calls our attention to a broader panorama. Indeed, when we have a figure oscillating between 6 and 8 million immigrants – according to different sources – who have crossed our borders illegally since Biden took power, we are no longer talking about illegal immigration; we are taking about a de facto invasion.

This impression is confirmed when we consider that most of the immigrants are young men of fighting age. We would say that an army is being smuggled into the United States under the pretense that they are immigrants looking for a better life.

Another BLM insurrection on its way

When we consider that most of these immigrants are being shipped to “sanctuary cities” and that the majority of these cities are on the West Coast – in Washington, Oregon and California, the same states and cities where the civil authorities supported the Black Lives Matter’s insurrection – we have a clear indication of what is being prepared.

In my opinion, the BLM insurrection was a test balloon floated to see how Americans would react to the urban guerilla scenario that shook our cities. The test results were these:
  • The revolution was made by a very small number of black people strongly supported by woke university students, academia, communists and leftist authorities;

  • Media coverage exponentially amplified the activity of those persons to give the impression they were an uncontainable multitude;

  • The demonization of the Police and law enforcement – the National Guard, Army, Border Patrol – aimed at making those law enforcers feel guilty for repressing crimes committed by black persons;

  • The court actions and media hullabaloo against the few home and business owners who tried to defend their properties – with firearms if necessary – was meant to intimidate others and stop them from following their example;

  • Seeing this orchestrated violence, the majority of the American population became insecure as they realized that the entire system they had so staunchly believed would protect them from this type of subversion was oscillating on its base. They were not afraid, but did not know where to turn for orientation.

  • In brief, Americans sipped from the goblet of chaos. The political system, the police force, the public leadership all collapsed under their feet.
France muslim riots

Above, France was set ablaze at a moment’s notice,
below, BLM manifestations rapidly turned into riots

BLM riot Oregon
These test results were carefully filed away, and now something much bigger seems to be underway with the millions of immigrants being shipped to those very areas where BLM was “successful.”

If those small contingents had to be propped up to impress the public, what could the mind who directed that BLM insurrection do now with these new virile revolutionary forces? We are facing an urban guerilla war that could shake the U.S. for months, and perhaps even jeopardize the state’s existence, precipitating it into a chaotic tribalism similar to what is happening in Haiti.

Europe and especially France are presently facing a similar situation. With millions of Muslim immigrants inside its borders, Europe is a potential prey to widespread urban insurrection, which has already brought France to her knees twice in 2006 and in 2023. It was the same recipe for revolution used by the BLM directors in the U.S., but spiced with a more religious hot sauce.

So, if the Grand Maestro who controls world affairs decides to set fire simultaneously to Europe and the U.S., he could do it with a single wave of his baton. It would be an Apocalyptic insurrectional movement more harmful to the civil population than a war between states or nations.

This is one of the windows being opened by the massive invasion of our country on the Southern Border.

A civil war at hand?

Another window being opened for chaos is a civil war between the States, one bloc being pro-Federal Government and the other fiercely opposed.

The 6 million “immigrants” allowed into the United States and the consequent spiral of criminality and drug trafficking have induced Texas to reinforce its borders in frontal opposition to the Biden policy. When opposition to the immigration policy was officially declared in Texas, 25 States backed Texas, a support that represents half of the United States.

Migrant flood

Mostly young men fit to fight are coming in droves over America’s Southern border

Migrants young
The Texas National Guard has about 19,000 troops; the Texan police number 80,000 sworn law enforcement officers. These numbers speak for themselves. If Biden were to federalize the National Guard in Texas and if that corps as a whole complied with the order – which is not an easy hypothesis to admit – Governor Greg Abbot still could count upon the much better prepared Texan police to protect its borders and to face any kind of threat.

As I write these lines the Texas government remains firm, calm and consistent in its position: It will oppose the Federal Government and the Supreme Court and defend its borders. On the other hand, the Biden Administration is inconsistent in its stance.

When it became clear that it was promoting this massive illegal immigration, its first reaction was to find a scapegoat - in this case, none other than the head of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorcas. Then, it tried to deviate public attention to other topics – the American retaliatory strikes against terrorist bases in Syria and Iraq, efforts to stop the Israeli massacre in the Gaza Strip, etc.

Will we see a civil war in the U.S.? We know that Abbot is spokesman for Texas and will probably stand behind his decisions; however, we also all know that Biden is not a spokesman for anyone; he does not know what he will do from one day to the next; he receives his marching orders as he goes. So, we have to wait to see what the ventriloquist who speaks through Biden will decide. He may decide to ignite a civil war to destroy the U.S. on the fast track lane.

If the internal situation is full of uncertainties and raising general apprehension, the international panorama is no less worrisome.

Fuses for a WWIII

Ukraine-Russia War - Every time that I read about the Ukraine-Russia War, the Spanish Civil War of 1936 comes to my mind. In Spain the two main components of the ideological-political spectrum of the time – Nazism and Communism – were being tested on Spanish soil to prepare for World War II. Now, Capitalism and Communism are being tested in the Ukraine. Both are misrepresented by their leaders onstage: Zelensky – a clown posing as a Western hero – against Putin – a tyrant posing as a new model of morality and a messianic prophet who will bring back the glories of Holy Russia.

Destroyed Russian tank

The proxy war in Ukraine has revealed
the weakness of Russia’s vaunted military strength

Even though Russia boasts to be a super-power, after two years of war it has not been able to defeat Ukraine. Its mediocre military performance and its continuous crimes against humanity – attacks on the civilian population and religious-social targets – reveal that it had to resort to a “dirty war” in order to not be ousted. NATO and the U.S. are supporting Ukraine, which makes this a “proxy war” and a test balloon for WWIII.

Aleksandr Dugin, often referred to as “Putin’s brain” and the inspirer of the messianic restoration of the Holy Russia, advocates the use of atomic weapons in case Russia cannot win in Ukraine. Dmitry Medvedev, ex-president of Russia and today its nuclear spokesman, has repeatedly threatened to use those weapons against the West, which he identifies with Satan.

So, from one moment to the next we can have the atomic conflagration that ignites WWIII. Everything depends upon the decision of the Maestro.

Israel-Palestine War - In the Middle East the barbarian terrorist attacks of October 7, 2023 by Hamas that resulted in 1,200 casualties among the Jews offered Israel the excuse to retaliate and initiate a massacre of the Palestinians, which today has already caused more than 27,000 deaths, two-thirds being civilians. The disproportion between the crime of Hamas and the retaliation of Israel – added to the countless war crimes committed by the latter – has caused the International Court of Hague to label it genocide.

Netanayhu with rabbi Schneerson

Rabbi Menachem Schneerson tells Netanyahu that he was chosen to prepare the way for the messiah

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has no plans to stop the war and is not open to negotiations. Some say that he is playing the role of the prophet who is preparing the way for the Jewish messiah, whose revelation to the world is imminent.

The U.S. and U.K. are backing Israel; the Arab countries – especially Iran and Turkey – are backing Palestine. The conflict is escalating, with Yemen bombarding ships on the Red Sea that approach the Bab-el-Mandeb Straight, which separates the Horn of Africa and the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula.

The Middle East scenario is filled with fuses that can deflagrate WWIII. Again, everything depends on the decision of the Maestro.

Other wars

While these are the two hottest ongoing wars, there are still others that should be watched on the international panorama:

There is the constant tension between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the region of Nagorno-Karabakh, traditionally occupied by Armenians but taken over by Azerbaijan in 2023.

Kosovo and Serbia are engaged in a multi-decade conflict over the possession of Kosovo, which declared its independence from Serbia in 2008. The majority of the population in Kosovo is Albanian and recently many cities elected Albanian mayors, who were not accepted by the ethnic Serbians. To support those claims, Serbia is threatening to restart a military invasion.

Then there is Iran and Pakistan, two powder kegs that are exchanging missile strikes. Recently Iran crossed the Pakistan borders to bomb what it alleged to be anti-Iranian terrorists based in Pakistan. The next day, Pakistan crossed the Iranian borders and bombed what it alleged to be anti-Pakistan terrorists based in Iran. The situation is still hot as diplomats try to quench the fires.

Conflict watch 2024

The world is rapidly descending into chaos

In Africa and Asia many other wars are unfolding.

All these ongoing wars accompanied by the rise of “prophets” – Dugin and Putin in Russia, Netanyahu in Israel – bring to mind the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ when the Apostles asked Him what signs would precede His second coming.

“For many will come in my name saying, I am Christ: and they will seduce many. And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that ye be not troubled. For these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be pestilences, and famines, and earthquakes in places.” (Mt 24: 5-7)

Thus, we should prepare with calmness and confidence for the Great Chastisement that will come, probably preceded by WWIII. In that Gospel passage Our Lord warns us again about the false Christs and false prophets (Mt 24:5, 11) He also speaks of a mysterious “abomination of desolation” in the Holy Place (Mt 24:15), which seems to refer to the progressivist conciliar Popes in the Holy See.

All the puzzle pieces are coming together…


Blason de Charlemagne
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