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NEWS: May 4, 2022
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
FACING A RUSSIAN ATOMIC ATTACK - With the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Red Army and the economic sanctions the West has imposed on Russian authorities and businesses, we are reading about the looming threat of a Russian nuclear attack against the West (1) as not only possible, but probable.

I am referring to the following facts: Now then, parallel to these threats, the Russian communists are committing war crimes in Ukraine, which include: These are some of the war crimes that should be punished by those charged with enforcing International Law and the treatises made among civilized nations. In the absence of an authority to impose these punishments, either a group of nations or any nation that still has honor should punish the criminal.

Another danger that is not theoretical is that Russia already has virtual control over Belarus and Kazakhstan and may extend its attack against Moldova to annex Transnistria, which is a predominantly communist separatist sliver of land wedged between the Nistru River and the Ukraine border. The Baltic Republics of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia as well as Finland, which border Russia on the West, are also under direct risk of an attack.

The first conclusion is that we are witnessing the reconstruction of the Soviet Union, which has been executed by the strategy of keeping the US and NATO at a distance by the fear of a nuclear attack, using different pretexts.

Facing the possibility of a nuclear war, the United States appears to believe that Putin is just bluffing to intimidate the West and thus it is not taking the nuclear risk seriously. I believe that this is an unwise decision that is not far from being treasonous.

Indeed, the American military might was constructed to face a possible conflict with Russia and China. Now that the conflict approaches, we see the Head of State and the military authorities playing the optimistic role. In this precarious situation there is no room for "optimism." The country must be prepared for the worst. Optimism in these circumstances is synonymous with treason.

Pope and the bomb

Pope Francis takes an humanitarian approach to the war instead of applying Catholic Doctrine

The U.S. and the NATO have the obligation to demonstrate their strength if they do not want to capitulate and deliver the free world to Communism.

In the West, the fear of a nuclear war – albeit natural – has been greatly exaggerated and transformed into a panic, generated by communist propaganda outside and its invaluable allies inside: These allies include the Media, Academia, Leftist Politicians, the authorities of the Catholic Church as well as – what a paradox! – the Right Wing and Conservatives who are pro-Putin and against the U.S....

This panic is irrational and only favors Communism.

Catholic doctrine on nuclear war is very clear as defined by Pope Pius XII. Indeed, he affirmed in 1956:

"It is certain that even in the present day circumstances war cannot be considered illicit for a nation to efficiently defend itself and achieve victory when it is attacked unjustly and all the efforts to avoid it have proved futile." (2)

This doctrine provides us security that the principles of Natural Law which have always governed the just war apply coherently to a nuclear war.

If the West does not show valor, it will end by being conquered by Communism. Their agents – whether they go by the name of Putin or Xi Jinping – will never stop until they reach their final goal: the entire domination of the world.

The orchestrated hysteria spread by Pope Francis and his subordinates as well as the praise of Putin as a "conservative Christian" disseminated by the Fifth Column, which has infiltrated the Right Wing of the West, are nothing but tools used by Communism to prepare for its conquest.

In the face of the risk of a nuclear hecatomb, I stand behind the words of Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, who wrote this regarding such a threat:

El Cid

Facing the nuclear hecatomb we must take a position of Faith & Honor

"If we wish to avoid wars and hecatombs, let us combat them in their causes. The corruption of ideas and customs, the official impiety of the secular States, the growing opposition between positive law and the Law of God: This is what exposes us to the wrath of God and the chastisement of the Creator, and leads us to war more than anything else.

"If, to avoid war, the Western nations were to commit a sin even greater than their current ones by consenting to live under the communist yoke in conditions condemned by Catholic Morals, they would challenge the very Ire of God and call down upon themselves the effects of His Wrath. …

"Were we to sacrifice them [family and property] to avoid a catastrophe, would we not be losing, for the sake of life, the very reason for living? Why live in a world transformed into an immense slave quarters? …

"A supreme and heroic act of fidelity in this hour could cover before God a multitude of sins, inclining Him to turn away from us the cataclysm that approaches. …

"Facing the insidious plans of International Communism, may Our Lady of Fatima obtain for all of us, who have the duty to fight, the courage to exclaim 'non possumus' [we cannot] (Acts 4:20)." (3)

  1. I advise my reader to keep in mind that there are two kinds of nuclear weapons that may be used: the tactical nuclear weapons, also called nuclear warheads (smaller short-range missiles carrying one kiloton or less), and the strategic nuclear weapons (long-range missiles carrying up to 100 kilotons that can strike up to 2.500 kilometers). The tactical nuclear weapons can be fired by tanks, simple submarines or common missile batteries. The strategic nuclear weapons call for special submarines or large missile launchers. (BBC report)
    Both NATO and Russia have more or less the same amount of nuclear warheads, numbering around 6,000.
  2. Pius XII, Christmas Allocution of 1956, L'Osservatore Romano, December 24-25, 1956. Under the threat of atomic, chemical and bacteriological war destruction, the principle of the legitimate defense of a State was also recognized by Pius XII in his Allocution of April 18, 1954, L'Osservatore Romano, April 19-20, 1954.
  3. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, A Liberdade da Igreja no Estado Comunista, São Paulo, Vera Cruz, 1967, p. 31; The Church and the Communist State: The Impossible Coexistence. 1963, chap. X.


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