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NEWS: February 28, 2024
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
THE CONCILIAR CHURCH MARRIES FREEMASONRY – On February 16, 2024, Arch. Mario Delpini of Milan hosted a “historic closed-door” seminar at which Catholic Prelates and scholars met with three Grand Masters of the Italian Freemasonry. Catholic Church and Masonry was the title of the event. Card. Francesco Coccopalmerio, president emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, and Bishop Francesco Stagliano, president of the Pontifical Academy of Theology, also delivered speeches.

I will summarize the message of each of the Prelates, which has become known to the public even though the meeting was not open to the press – because some of the 100 guests who attended afterwards reported on the speeches.

Stagliano: A new ‘theology of wisdom’

Arch. Delpini opened the meeting by expressing his joy to participate in that “encounter between persons” and the need to continue and intensify those encounters.

Bishop Francesco Stagliano

Bishop Stagliano chatting with grand master Bisi at the meeting Catholic Church & Masonry

Bishop Stagliano’s speech was the feature presentation, which “tore apart” the doctrinal position of the Catholic Church – the expression is from the Italian newspaper La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana – and essentially met the demands of the Masonic leaders.

“Doctrine does not exclude belonging to the Church,” the president of the Pontifical Academy of Theology pronounced. Continuing, Stagliano stressed that “this [belonging to the Church] is above all life, an affirmation that we can agree upon.” He continued: “The Christian event interests me, not the doctrine.”

And how should one define the Christian event? He answered: It is “the manifestation in Jesus Christ of God who is love, only and always love.” Stagliano added: “Therefore, if the world is corrupted by original sin, His mercy precedes original sin and rains on the just and the unjust,” that is, on all men.

Thus, it is clear that an ad hoc theology had been prepared to overcome the irreconcilability of the Church with the Masonry. Stagliano criticized the doctrinal confrontation caused by the 2021 document of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which reaffirmed the prohibition for Catholics to belong to a Masonic lodge. From now on, things shift and the picture changes: “We want a theology of wisdom,” the one Pope Francis asked the Pontifical Academy of Theology directed by Stagliano to develop.

What would be this new “theology of wisdom”? He explained: “A theology capable of applying critical thinking to everything, in a way that even applies to the critical instances of universal reason [Freemasonry]. For we live in a world where if we do not dialogue, we risk placing ourselves absolutely outside of the world. Wise means that theology knows how to unite science and the wisdom of life.”

Translating, we see that this obscure parlance is to justify Catholic collaboration with the Masons in works for the common good.

Placed in perspective, Bishop Stagliano’s speech represents a new step in the conciliar apostasy. Indeed, thus far the steps taken of denying the Catholic Faith include:

Archbishop Mario Delpini

Top, Arch. Delpini opening the seminar in Milan, bottom, grand master Romoli delivering his speech at the side of grand master Bisi

  • The hierarchy of truths” – According to this theory, progressivist Catholics should hide points of the Catholic Faith that are not accepted by heretics because they would not be fundamental to the Faith. Progressivism established this suspicious theory to favor ecumenism with Protestants and Schismatics. Accordingly, Catholics should avoid mentioning Transubstantiation and Eucharistic dogmas, Marian dogmas, Papal Infallibility, the Primacy of Peter etc. They should mention only the truths about Christ accepted by those heretics. This means that a good part of our Catholic Faith has been abandoned for the sake of uniting with so-called Christians.

  • Our common God” – Similarly, when dealing with Jews and Muslims, according to the teaching of Vatican II, Catholics should avoid mentioning the name of Christ and instead emphasize the role of God. This means that the very Founder of the Catholic Church, Our Lord Jesus Christ, along with all the articles of the Faith related to Him, should be abandoned for the sake of union with those monotheist false religions.

  • “Our common moral principles” – In order to meet with Buddhists, Hindus, Confucianists, Masons, etc., progressivist Catholics should avoid speaking about God and should emphasize only general moral principles based on Natural Law, such as life should be protected, do good and avoid evil, parents should care for their children, the rich should help the poor etc. This means that the entire Catholic Faith should be abandoned to emphasize only some acceptable consequences of the Faith, such as Morals and general principles of Natural Law.
These three degrees of apostasy have been officially promoted by the Dicastery for Promoting Christian Unity, the Dicastery for Interreligious Dialogue, and the Pontifical Council for Dialogue with Non-Believers. The first organ was created by John XXIII (1960), and the last two by Paul VI (1964 and 1965).

Grand masters of Italian Masonry

The three Masons present at the event, from the left: Stefano Bisi, Luciano Romoli & Fabio Venzi

If we lament the apostasy that these successive denials of the Faith represent, we are obliged to recognize that the point of reference in the attack by these organs was Catholic doctrine.

Now then, Bishop Stagliano revealed in his speech at the Catholic Church and Masonry seminar that Francis had recommended him to make a complete ablation of Catholic doctrine and replace it with mercy and love.

This abandonment crosses the boundaries set until now. While the previous plan for dialogue was a denial of the Faith, this new approach represents the disappearance of the Faith: It is transformed into vapor and vanishes in the air.

This, then, was the central point of the star presentation by Stagliano.

Coccopalmerio: A ‘permanent table’ for this dialogue

Card. Coccopalmerio expressed his desire that dialogue and collaboration between the Church and Masonry should go forward, and that “these meetings should not stop.” He suggested establishing “a permanent table” for this dialogue.

Delpini, Coccopalmerio and Stagliano

The three Prelates present at the meeting: from left, Delpini, Coccopalmerio & Stagliano

According to Coccopalmerio, reports La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, dialogue implies that the Catholic Church must change; she must recognize that she erred in her judgment on Masonry and, therefore, she should do away with the stigma that prevents so many Catholic Masons from receiving Communion.

While Stagliano makes the Faith disappear, Coccopalmerio demands an act of public rejection of the Church’s past condemnations of Masonry and the admission of Masons to Communion.

In their speeches, the three Italian Grand Masters played their role in the game by expressing their desire to be in dialogue with the Church.

In conclusion, by taking one of the last steps of Progressivism, Pope Francis, by way of the facts, abolished the Catholic Faith. Giving to Bishop Stagliano this goal as the mission of the new Pontifical Academy of Theology, he practically declared the Catholic Faith extinct.

Indeed, Bishop Francesco Stagliano was only the herald who announced this new religion of mercy.

We are witnessing the stable marriage of the worst of Progressivism with the worst of the Revolution: The marriage of the conciliar church with Freemasonry. The final step should be the glorification – by the hands of a Pope – of the inspirer of Freemasonry: Satan.


Blason de Charlemagne
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