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The Prince Dethroned:
What Could Have Happened But Didn’t

Fr. Stephen Somerville
Book review of The Prince Dethroned by A. J. West
Part I of the trilogy, Wolves Among the Ruins,  Publish America, 2005, 192 pp.
The Prince dethroned book cover

The wolf comes to catch and scatter the sheep. So speaks Jesus to describe the false teachers that may invade His Church. A spectacular new book has just been published (June 2005) to describe the heroic and holy Shepherd Pope, who takes over the papacy after John Paul II. The book by A.J. West is Wolves Among the Ruins. It is fiction and speculation. But it is also a parable of what the Cardinals could have made happen, and failed to do so since the 1960s when the wolves of Modernism, that is, the false teachers, began to make a ravaged and deadly ruin of the once-glorious Bride of Christ, the Holy Catholic Church.

Could we fail to notice this diabolical collapse in the Church? The dwindling birth rate, the broken families, the corrupted children, the dried-up vocations, the dying religious communities and parishes, the scandal-ridden dioceses and seminaries, the liturgical spectrum from sacrilegious to insipid before diminishing congregations! Such has become our Church.

At the very start, author A. J. West wrenches us out of our complacency. He describes in adequate and horrific detail the simultaneous ritual murder of ten Catholic priests across the USA by fearfully efficient death squads. The ten are homosexuals who have all abused altar boys, and all have documented criminal records hushed-up by the police. The vigilantes are zealous Catholics who remain anonymous and undetected.

Sudden switch to the papal conclave after the recent death of John Paul II. The Cardinals are frustrated after 30 days of voting. They cannot agree on a candidate for Pope. They seem to know that they are all made of the wrong stuff. Then a Spanish Cardinal speaks up. He tells of a Bishop in his land of Spain who is deeply loved and respected by his people, whose little diocese is scandal-free and a model of good religion. His theological mind is lucid and true and deep, and he happens to be a direct descendent of King Ferdinand and his saintly Queen Isabella. Much discussion and prayer ensue.

Next day, a French Cardinal nominates this Bishop, Rodrigo de Vasquez, to be the next Pope, and urges his brother Cardinals to second the motion. To a man, they do so in an unprecedented eruption of holy unanimity. A Vatican jet flies to fetch Bishop Vasquez. He accepts, comes quickly, white smoke rises, and dressed in new white, he addresses two million Romans and pilgrims with noble, holy, and inspiring words. The people respond with reverence, then instinctive and thunderous applause and cheers.
So begins this fascinating story. (At the moment, we only have part one of a trilogy). Francis I (his chosen name) plunges into his duties. There are significant prayer breaks, also moments of divine message. He forms a top-notch inner circle of trusted confidants and collaborators. The principal ones include Jack, from the USA, a highly reputed investigator from the FBI and expert in surveillance, friend of the new Pope from old times. Then there is Paolo, head of Vatican Security, a man of unquestioned integrity. Thirdly comes Father Juan, the well-trusted, personal past secretary of the Bishop who is now Pope.

Pope Francis dismisses a distinguished Vatican Monsignor, who is conspicuously conservative and pious. Thus he signals obliquely to the Vatican power coterie of radical and liberal Cardinals and others that he, though conservative, is also balanced and sympathetic to them. But he remains silent and out of sight, building and preparing for his coronation day and its opening salvo against corruption.

The book traces a manifold plot that is brilliant, bold, and stunning. The reader must be allowed to discover it chapter by exciting chapter. Let us for the moment indicate the central grand scheme. It is to dismiss 300 of the most corrupt Bishops in major sees around the world and replace them, before they are aware of it, with worthy, able priests, who will be secretly ordained Bishop and installed before anyone else knows what is happening. Action comes fast and furious. Francis I is a fine tactician with superb assistants. He is making Church history that has never been made before.

Various “enemy” Cardinals appear, who, under telling pseudonyms, suggest actual prelates of our day. For example, Remington Weakmynd, Alfred Simony, and James Woolsey. The author has the Pope openly blame the bad Bishops for the corrupted state of the Church. But he also declares that Popes John, Paul, and John Paul were guilty of grave inaction when they could have corrected various abuses and failed to do so, causing millions of souls to be endangered.

The spectacular finale in Book One of Wolves is the solemn, public exorcism of the Vatican by Pope Francis and 15 priests, with a simultaneous ceremony in Castel Sant’Angelo, the huge Vatican “dungeon” where 25 accused USA bishops have been detained by the Pope. We are reminded by the author that, what few knew in 1963, the papacy of Paul VI was inaugurated in Rome and the USA with synchronized Satanist rituals to consecrate the Church and Vatican to the demon Lucifer. The devils now fight back horrendously to retain their realm, but Jesus leads His new Pope to victory in 2005. This event gives the title to part one of this trilogy: The Prince (Satan) Dethroned.

We await with excitement Books II and III. Meanwhile, all men of good will should read Book I and receive a great surge of trust and hope for the future of the Catholic Church. Author West will surely be attacked and ridiculed for this powerful and telling assault on false teachers, apostates, Freemason infiltrators, and one-world-religion cultists. Do not be or remain one of the deceived multitude predicted by St. Paul (2 Thes 2:11): “For this cause God sends them a strong delusion that they may believe falsehood.”


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted on October 13, 2005

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