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Close-ups of the Charismatic Movement

John Vennari

The Charismatic Movement Exposed

Charismatic Movement
The Charismatic Movement is being presented as a "new Springtime" that brings conversions and priestly vocations to the Catholic Church.

Many Catholics are taking part in Charismatic meetings. However, we need to ask: Is this movement really Catholic? Or is it something strange infiltrating into the Holy Church?

John Vennari gives us an answer to these questions.

He attended several important Charismatic encounters, and now offers reports to the public of what he witnessed. They are vibrant written close-ups of what he saw. In a jovial, intelligent, and appealing style, the book is at the same time a very serious document.

Read it, and judge the Charismatic Movement for yourself.

Format: Paperback, 175 pp.
Pub Date: April 2002

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What People Are Saying:

"This book brings first hand reporting, a Catholic perspective, and a sense of humor to bear on the charismatic movement. Particularly instructive is the author's tracing of the movement back to the progressive Fathers of the Second Vatican Council, and forward to the influential Catholics who today support the charismatic movement."
— Mark Fellows Author of A Second Coming

"In an eminently readable fashion, John Vennari has documented the most bizarre and dangerous phenomenon that has penetrated the post-Vatican II Church. The charismatic movement has injected into the Mystical Body of Christ a virulent strain of Protestantism that threatens the very structure of Catholicism. Vennari combines eyewitness reporting with in-depth research, and the result is a crucial contribution to the history of this lamentable epoch."
— Edwin Faust, Catholic writer

"John Vennari has done the Church an extraordinary service with this important and absorbing study of the Charismatic movement, a phenomenon as bizarre and absurd as it is influential."
— Thomas Woods, Ph.D. Ass. Editor, Latin Mass Magazine

"I have read the book and it is better than advertised. The chapter titles are not only filled with wit but they perfectly summarize each topic. John Vennari presents us with a virtual microscope through which to penetrate the quirky virus of charismania. In fact, I literally could not put the book down. 'Close-ups' is a short primer on how not to get drawn into the charismatic trap - and an engaging series of catechism lessons as a bonus!"
— Pauly Fongemie CatholicTradition webpage

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