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Part II

Noah - The Rest of the Story

Noah reviewed by Judith Mead & Marian Horvat
Since we don’t advise our readers to waste their time on this hodge-podge of Theosophical messages, occult initiations and ecological agendas, we will set out the rest of the film story for those who are interested.

noah film

A tortured hero who tries to follow a silent, cruel "creator"

As you will see, only the bare outline of the true Genesis story appears in Noah – the names of the three sons, the pairs of animals entering the ark, the Flood that lasted 40 days and wiped out all of mankind. Everything else is myth. There is no mention of the personal God or Yahweh of the Old Testament. Instead it speaks of a “creator“ who only communicates with man through drug-inspired hallucinations.

After Lamech is murdered by the villain Tubal-Cain, we are fast-forwarded to an adult Noah, living hippy-style apart from corrupted society with his wife Naamah and three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth. In a dream, Noah believes that the ”creator” is telling him a flood is coming to punish mankind.

So, he goes with his family to visit his grandfather Methuselah for guidance. Along the way they find a village where all the inhabitants have been slain except for one wounded girl, Ila, whom Noah takes into his own family.

The journey almost ends, save for the help of the Watchers, those fallen angels who have become monsters encased in mud and rock. These fallen angels have turned against the men they once tried to help by giving them technology and knowledge, but they decide to aid Noah in whom they still see a “glimmer of the light of Adam.”

After setting up camp, Noah and his eldest son climb a mountain to see Methuselah, presented as a shaman living in a cave. He serves Noah a tea in which he places a hallucinatory drug. This is how Noah communicates with the “creator.” Noah dreams he is in an ocean where the animals rise to the surface upon which an ark floats. He, however, remains below, drowning.

Later, he interprets this to mean he must build an ark to save the innocent animals that will repopulate a new earth, but that man must die out. Therefore, he, his wife, his three wifeless sons and the barren Ila will be the last persons on earth, the caretakers of the beasts. The annihilation of the human race is man’s punishment for making war, eating flesh and destroying the environment…

Methuselah, Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins plays an occult Methuselah who embraces the first waters of the flood

Methuselah gives Noah a seed from Eden to plant, which magically turns into a forest overnight to provide the wood for the ark, and the monster-Watchers set about constructing it.

But, all is not well on the home front. The second son, Ham, seethes to bear weapons and have a wife. Noah’s wife rebels and wants her sons to “have love” and families. So, she journeys alone to see the occult Methuselah, who gives a magical “blessing” to the womb of Noah’s adopted daughter Ila that makes her fertile. Ila immediately runs off to find Shem and become impregnated in a censurable love scene.

The animals enter the ark, the rain starts and an unruly meat-eating horde led by Tubal-Cain arrive to demand a place on the ark. A battle ensues: the giant Watchers against the barbarians. As each Watcher is “destroyed” by the sci-fi weapons of Tubal-Cain, it becomes a light and returns to the heavens. Thus the fallen angels are “redeemed” – escaping matter and returning to their original luminous state.

Methuselah also finds “redemption” – his face exultant, he eats the berry he has long searched for and finally found – and walks toward his own death by embracing the first engulfing wave of the flood. Thus, he also is freed from flesh and returns to the light.

On the ark, there is more trouble. The wounded Tubal-Cain, a stowaway on the ark, works his influence on the rebellious Ham, who helps to hide him. Noah learns about Ila’s pregnancy and announces he will murder the baby if it is a girl to end any possibility of the human race continuing.

ritual noah

A pagan ritual with the serpent skin concludes the film

The suspense builds. Tubal-Cain and Ham plot to kill Noah. Sham plans to escape with the pregnant Ila on a small boat, but he is thwarted by Noah. So, now Sham takes up a knife to kill Noah as well. But Tubal-Cain gets there first. He almost kills Noah, but a guilt-ridden Ham steps in and stabs Tubal-Cain. “Now you’re a man,” the dying King tells Ham and gives him the symbolic Serpent skin to continue his line.

During this drama, Ila delivers twin girls. Noah prepares to plunge a knife into the heart of one, but suddenly, overwhelmed by emotion, he stops. He cannot do it: He fails the “creator” because in his heart love is stronger than justice.

As the family settles on the new land, Noah isolates himself, mourning his lack of fidelity to the cold and silent “creator.” Drinking himself into a stupor, he is found naked by his sons. Here again the biblical scene is distorted. Instead of joining his brothers to cover and help his father, Ham decides to leave the family and returns the Serpent skin to Noah.

Ila reconciles Noah to the family, explaining to him that perhaps the “creator” wanted him to follow his conscience and make his own choice instead of blindly obeying commands. So, Noah returns to the family, performs a pagan ritual with the Serpent skin, blesses his family, and the rainbow appears.

Clearly, this is a film not worth seeing. It spreads the reverse of what the Church teaches about the fall of the angels, original sin, redemption and salvation.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 14, 2014
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