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Divine Mercy Devotion - V
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Pope Francis and Divine Mercy
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Another Reason to Avoid Divine Mercy Devotion

Dear TIA,

Thank you for your review of the Divine Mercy devotion. I have always had suspicions about it, but our local conservative priest promotes it strongly, and I felt he couldn't be wrong. (He says the Tridentine Mass).

Recently I read another article telling how this Pope Francis is promoting the devotion also - now anything he promotes I am suspicious about. The message certainly fits with his constant theme of Mercy, Mercy, Mercy. Forget Divine Justice, forget Catholic doctrine and teaching. Just mercy for everyone - homosexuals, transsexuals, everyone is forgiven and okay now.

Why even bother to be good and follow the commandments when everyone is forgiven and goes to Heaven, no matter what? As Mr. Guimaraes noted in one of his articles (here and here), why would I even want to be in Heaven with all the thieves and miscreants?

Anyway, about the Divine Mercy devotion, here are some more facts:

1. When Francis issued his papal bull decreeing his holy year, he chose to do so on April 11, 2015, the vigil of the feast of Divine Mercy. In the bull, Francis wrote, "I think especially of the great apostle of mercy, St. Faustina Kowalska. May she, who was called to enter the depths of divine mercy, intercede for us and obtain for us the grace of living and walking always according to the mercy of God and with an unwavering trust in his love."

2. When Francis returned from the WYD in Brazil (a big beach party with incredible immoral dress and behavior) he cited John Paul II, saying that his predecessor has "intuited" the need for Divine Mercy in our time when he started promoting the devotion of Faustina. The youth need to hear about the Commandments, especially the 6th commandment. Instead, they are doesed with mercy pills.

3. AT the next WYD in Poland (this year), Francis has named John Paul II and Faustina the co-patrons of the event, referring to them both as "apostles of divine mercy."

4. While Francis seldom promotes any devotions, surely not the 9 First Fridays or 5 First Saturdays asked for by Our Lady of Fatima, he assured the priests of Rome in the Vatican's Paul VI audience hall in March of 2014 that one of the "great intuitions and gifts" that was "left to the People of God" was that of Divine Mercy.

If there is one devotion Francis promotes, it is that of divine mercy. Enough to make any Catholic suspicious. Your articles were very helpful and today I am saying my Rosary, as Our Lady told us to do at Fatima each time she appeared to the children.

She warned us that she could not hold back the hand of Divine Justice if man did not convert. Man has not converted, and the Church is leading man into the modern world and its errors, instead of guarding the faithful and warning them that what is needed now is penance and repentance. Instead, all we hear is mercy, mercy, mercy.

     Thanks for your great website.


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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 12, 2016
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