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catholic A Deeper Look at the Palm Tree
It signifies the righteous man, the Church Triumphant & the Crusader

catholic The Symbolism of the Thesbite Woman
Elias transfered the blessing Israel rejected to the Gentiles

catholic The Number 40 Denotes Punishment & Suffering
Why the Church chose 40 days for the Holy Season of Lent

catholic A Crib Fit for the King of Kings
Preparing meek and pure hearts for Christ, symbolized by the crib

catholicThe Symbolism of the Easter Rabbit
Since medieval times, they were associated with the Resurrection

catholic The Gourd: A Sign of Christ's Resurrection & Man's Penance
The gourd tree is associated with Jonah, a prefigure of Christ

catholic The Precious Medieval Symbolism of the Mass
Each part has an elevated meaning

catholic The Bursting Pomegranate: Symbol of the Resurrection
A deep-red fruit rich in meaning in the Old and New Laws

catholic Winter & Summer Solstices at the Missions
A brilliant beam of light illuminates the Tabernacle

catholic Analyzing Van Eyck's Mystic Lamb
Symbolizing the Eucharistic Christ and the Communion of Saints

catholic Our Lady’s Bug: A Symbol of Protection
The medieval legend of the origin of the ladybug

catholicArma Christi, The 'Weapons of Christ'
The instruments of His Betrayal, Crucifixion & Burial

catholicThe Symbolism of the Passion Flower
An exuberant flower with many symbols of Christ's Passion

catholic The Rich Symbolism of the Dove
Symbol of the Holy Ghost, faithful Catholic & the Holy Eucharist

catholic The Butterfly, Symbol of the Soul
Medieval man saw it as a sign of the Resurrection & eternal life

catholic The Strawberry: A Symbol of Perfection & Righteousness
A fruit of the Earthly Paradise

catholicThe Lily: Symbol of the Annunciation & the Resurrection
An Easter flower with a long history of Catholic symbolism

catholicThe Lily & Sword in the Last Judgment
Our Lord as the perfect Judge dispensing justice & mercy

catholicThe Owl, Symbol of the Freemasons
Since Antiquity, a sign of the underworld & occult knowledge

catholicAdam, Eve & the Paradise Tree
The medieval roots of the Christmas tree

catholic The Crane: Between Swamps and Celestial Vastness
Authority in its step, grandeur in its flight

catholic Local Saints Come First
Every cathedral or church honored its special patrons

catholic What the Emblems of the Apostles Represent
How the medieval people recognized the statues of the Apostles

catholic The Dragon of Idolatry
Did St. George really fight a dragon & save a princess?

catholic Every Guild Had Its Patron Saint
Each profession found a saint to protect its work

catholic Knowing the Saints by their Emblems
The medievals found a way to easily identify their saints

catholic The Legend of the Sand Dollar
A shell rich in Catholic symbolism

catholicThe Significance of the Papal Red & White
What Pope Francis's refusal of the red cope means

catholicWhat Does the Peacock Represent?
A symbol of Christ's immortality and the all-seeing eye of God

catholicThe Symbolism of the Stag
In Catholic art and in the Wilton Diptych

catholicBe Wise as Serpents and Simple as Doves
The animal world has lessons for man

catholicMedieval Cathedral Symbol of Heaven
The symbols in the cathedral are meant to increase our hope

catholicHow Medieval Man Saw the Liturgy of the Mass
Every detail was filled with rich meaning and symbolism

catholicEverything in Nature Speaks of God and His Moral Law
The lessons man can find in the serpent, the falcon and the vulture

catholic‘Reading’ Medieval Architecture
A love of God and dedication that speak to us through the centuries

catholicAntidote for Evil: Snowflakes and Angels
A way to face today's onslaughts of immorality

catholicThe Bee, A Symbol of the Church
Many aspects of its life offer us beautiful analogies to admire

catholicThe White and Yellow of the Papal Flag
A gesture of loyalty to Pope Pius VII when Napoleon occupied Rome

catholicThe Cathedral: Symbol of Paradise
What each part of the church represents

catholicRed, White and Blue
How these colors came to represent the French crown and nation

catholicThe Middle Ages, a Forest Filled with Symbols
The universe as an immense book written by God and charged with meaning

catholicRequiescant in Pace ...
Colors and symbols of medieval mourning and burial rituals

catholicThe Twelve Days of Christmas Carol
What each gift of this carol represents

catholicSatanism in the Man's Domain
Objects that introduce Satanism and the macabre into normal life

catholicThe Subtle Invasion of Satanism
Catalogues increasingly offer household items that represent devils

catholic St. Peter and the Vatican Exhibit: Continuity and Shocking Change
A comparison between the traditional and post-conciliar symbols of the Papacy

catholicThe Luminous Angelic Protection
The role of the Angels in ruling the universe and protecting man in History

catholicThe Symbolism of Spring
A symbol of the Resurrection of Our Lord and God's richness

catholicSnowflakes Reflect the Diversity of God
No one snowflake is like another: the innocence of snow

catholicThe Ermine and the Symbolism of Purity in the Christmas Scene
Why the Child Jesus and the Kings are represented wearing ermine mantles

catholicGargoyles: Symbol of the Existence of Original Sin
In the medieval cathedrals the gargoyles were an invitation to be vigilant

catholicVice and Virtue Symbolized in the Animal Kingdom
What a medieval bestiary teaches us about symbology

catholicTemperance: The Lesson of the Waves
What comparison can we make between the ocean and human psychology?

catholicVotive Candles, Fire and the Love of God
Eletric candles profoundly harm Catholic devotions

catholicThe Four Beasts of the Gospel
The symbolism of the mission of each Evangelist

catholicThe Seven Last Words
Explanation by Mary of Agreda and application to our days

catholicThe Symbol of the Chalice in the Garden of Olives
The three chalices Our Lord drank in His agony

catholicThe Symbol of the Crown in the Reign of Mary
The triumph of Our Lady should be declared by an Ecumenical Council

catholicThe Symbol of the Sword in Today’s Defense of the Church
Tolerance is the key note of the New Religion

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