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Private Property,
a Fundamental Human Right

At a time when the writings of the conciliar Popes are sabotaging the right of private property and giving priority to socialist options, it is important that Catholics have at hand pontifical documents stressing precisely the opposite. With this goal in sight, we offer our readers some considerations of Pius XII on the right of property.

Pius XII

If it is true that the Church has always acknowledged the natural right of property and the right of hereditary transmission of a man’s belongings, it is no less true that this private property is, in a special way, the natural fruit of work, the product of an intense human activity that, thanks to an energetic will, he acquired in order to protect and develop, through his own efforts, his own life and that of his family. He does this with the aim of creating for himself and his dependants a domain of just liberty, not only in economic matter, but also in political, cultural and religious matters. …

But, above all, the Church strives to make private property become - according to the plans of Divine Wisdom and nature - an element of the social order, a necessary presupposition for human initiatives and a stimulus for work. All this must be turned toward the advantage of the temporal and transcendent goals of life, and, therefore, toward improving the liberty and dignity of man created in the likeness of God, Who, from the beginning, determined that man should use the material creation for his own advantage.

The worker should be offered the possibility to acquire goods as personal property. What better stimulus can you give to him than to encourage him to work hard, to save money and to be sober in order to do so, especially when so many men and peoples, having lost everything, have no other resource today than their capacity to work?


Blason de Charlemagne
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(Radio message of September 1, 1944
From the Italian original in the Vatican website)

Posted October 31, 2009

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