Tradition In Action

Catholics must understand, accept and love all of Catholic doctrine to be worthy of the name and be prepared for God's judgment. Liberal and progressivist Catholics, however, select only the principles that suit them. They set aside and silence anything that opposes their respective philosophies.

On this page TIA offers some deliberately Forgotten Truths as a contribution for the good Catholics to understand and love the ensemble of Catholic doctrine and as a stimulus to stay on the right path. It is also an invitation to those with liberal and progressivist tendencies to return to it.
Pictured below is a forgotten facet of Our Lord: The militant Christ going to battle, carring a sword in His mouth, according to the Apocalipse:

"And I saw Heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and He that sat upon it was called Faithful and True ... And the armies that are in Heaven followed Him on white horses ... And out of His mouth proceedeth a sharp two-edged sword; that with it He may strike the nations" (Apoc. 19:11-15).

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Forgotten Truths

catholic No Catholic Is Exempt from this Military Service
Each one is bound to confront, denounce & resist the enemies of God

catholic The Catholic Must Stand Alone to Uphold the Truth
St. Basil: Make no compromises to bring heretics into communion

catholic Curse of the Monks of St. Martial
A historical example of a strong Catholic curse against enemies

catholic Good Curses & Bad Curses
Pope St. Gregory the Great on legitimate cursing

catholic Who Are the Infidels & the Heretics?
Dom Prosper Guéranger defines each one

catholic St. Bernard: To Jesus through Mary
The "royal way" to Our Lord is through His Most Holy Mother

catholic ‘It is Sin that Makes Nations Miserable’'
St. Alphonsus de Liguori: Do not ignore God's warning of Chastisement

catholic 'God Is Merciful for a Season & Then Chastises'
St. Alphonsus de Liguori: Do not presume on God's mercy

catholic Pius IX Condemns the Modern Italian State
He excommunicates those who usurped the Papal States

catholic Our Lady Is the Universal Mediatrix
St. Bernard reaffirms this anti-ecumencical truth

catholic 'To Return the Nuns to the World Is to Deliver Them to the Devil'
Pius VI & Adrian VI condemn the Conciliar Popes

catholic The Vicar of Christ Cannot Collaborate with the Modern World
Pius IX: The Pope cannot extend his hand to its errors

catholic Catholics Should & Must Venerate the Relics of Saints
The Council of Trent and Roman Catechism affirm this truth

catholic Praying the Hail Mary, A Sign of Predestination
St. Louis de Montfort: the importance of this devotion to Our Lady

catholic St. John Chrysostom on Purgatory
Prayers & alms should be offered for the deceased

catholic ‘The Laws of Marriage Cannot be Subject to Any Human Decree’
Pope Pius XI affirms the divine nature of marriage

catholic St. Augustine: 'Beware of the One Who Flatters You'
'The one who rebukes me respects me; the flatterer takes me in'

catholic ‘God Will Raise up the Greatest Saints in the Latter Times’ - 1
St. Louis de Montfort: This will happen through devotion to Our Lady

catholic Our Lady's Part in the Latter Times - 2
St. Louis de Montfort: God wishes to reveal His masterpiece

catholic Who Will Be These Apostles of the Latter Days? - 3
St. Louis de Montfort describes those who will usher in the Reign of Mary

catholic ‘I Have Many Friends of My Table, But Few of My Cross’
St. Louis de Montfort on the Royal Road of the Cross

catholic Only Catholics Have the Holy Spirit
St. Augustine: Death awaits those who leave the Church

catholic ‘Every Revealed Truth, without Exception, Must be Accepted’
Leo XIII reaffirms the Catholic position against heresies

catholic Judas, the Instigator of the Betrayal
He convinced the Pharisees to carry out the Deicide

catholic The ‘Repentance’ of Judas
Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich describes the despair & suicide of the Traitor

catholic The Duty Imposed on Women: Submission to Man
Dom Gueranger points out the consequences of original sin

catholic The Scourge of Sexual Propaganda against Marriage - 1
Pius XII warns against erotic & obscene practices

catholic Books & Media against Marriage Are Emissaries of the Devil -2
Pius XI attacks those who undermine chaste wedlock

catholic Cohabitation before Marriage Is a Hateful Abomination - 3
Pius XI firmly upholds the Magisterium of the Church

catholic Contraception in Marriage Is a Criminal Abuse, Intrinsically Vicious - 4
Pius XI condemns this act that is intrinsically against nature

catholic If a Pastor Connives at Abuses in Marriage He Betrays God’s Trust - 5
Pius XI: 'Priests should in no way approve or ignore these errors'

catholic It is a Turpitude for the Husband to Love His Wife as an Adulteress - 6
The Catechism of Trent condemns the lust in the use of marriage

catholic The Infamous Vice of Impurity in Marriage Causes Horror to Heaven - 7
The Curé of Ars warns couples against entering marriage with impure practices

catholic Turpitudes in Marriage Pave the Way to Hell - 8
St. John Vianney: marital infamies lead to the soul's putrefaction

catholic 'God Created Medicines out of the Earth'
Scriptures tells us the wise man should not abhor natural medicines

catholic She Will Crush His Head & an Era of Peace Will Follow
Msgr. Delassus predicts the triumph of Our Lady

catholic God Wishes to Reveal & Honor Mary in These Latter Times
St. Louis de Montfort stresses her essential role in the battle

catholic Msgr. Jouin against the 'Mute Hounds' of the Church
Catholics have the duty to fight Freemasonry & the Revolutoin

catholic The Greatest Strength of the Evil Lies in the Weakness of the Good
Pope Pius X warns the real enemies are in the Church

catholic God Will Reward Those Who Show Zeal for His Glory
St. Ignatius of Loyola  responds to a pious critic

catholic Our Lord on Bad Priests
Already in the 17th century He complains about the suffering they cause Him

catholic Priests Cause the Perdition of Laity
By imitating the world, the clergy loses its respect

catholic After the Mass, No Greater Devotion than the Rosary
St. Louis de Montfort: Let us turn to the Rosary in our needs

catholic We Should Show Restraint in Our Laughter & Smiles
St. Clement of Alexandria: Don't be a foolish men

catholic Our Lord on Priests in Hell
He warns about the heavy responsibility that weighs over the clergy

catholic We Must Pray & Fight for the Victory
Msgr. Henri DeLassus insists on zealous action of laymen & priests

catholic True Children of the Church Must Oppose Those Who Teach Error
D. Guéranger: 'When the Shepherd becomes a wolf, he must be resisted'

catholic Bad Priests Are the Worst Punishment God Sends to People
St. Anthony Maria Claret: It is when God's wrath reaches its climax

catholic By Rebelling against His Obligations, a Pope Falls into Schism
Card. Journet: a Pope cannot break the unity of direction in the Church

catholic By Subverting Traditional Ceremonies, a Pope Falls into Schism 
Fr. Francisco Suarez, SJ: Two ways a Pope becomes schismatic

catholicBy Departing from the Traditional Worship a Pope Falls into Schism
Card. John of Torquemada on the Schismatic Pope

catholicThe Knight: A Vocation on par with the Monk
St. Bridget of Sweden: Our Lord praises the high virtues of chivalry

catholic Against Nazism & Similar Systems
Pius XI condemned abuses of civil authories we experience in the covid epidemic

catholic Continence Is the Great Lever of Human Society
Dom Prosper Gueranger: Necessary to restore marriage to its highest level

catholic Absolute Confidence in the Holy Virgin, Who Destroys all Heresies
Pope Pius IX: Invoke Our Lady in every difficulty

catholic Liberal Catholicism Leads to State Persecution of Religion
Fr. Sarda y Salvany: The road is open to an odious tyranny

catholic Celibacy Is a Life of Greater Perfection
Fr. Tilmann Pesch gives advice on celibacy, discernment & marriage

catholic Rising and Going to Bed
St. de la Salle: It is a matter of decorum to rise at a set time

catholic Decorum in Dressing & Undressing
St. de la Salle: The good Catholic always maintains a sense of modesty

catholic The Fear of Hell Saves Souls
Fr. Faber: Thousands of Saints wouldn't be in Heaven if it were not for Hell

catholic Decorum in Discussing, Interrupting & Responding
St. de la Salle: Be good custodians over your tongues

catholic Faults against Decorum Regarding Charity Owed to Your Neighbor
St. de la Salle: Insults and mockery are grave offenses

catholic Faults against Decorum Committed through Talk
St. de La Salle: Avoid inconsiderate, thoughtless or useless words

catholic Decorum & Civility Are Virtues that Refer to God
St. John Baptist de La Salle: Conduct should be wise & well-regulated

catholic The Church Praises Perfect Chastity for the Laity
Pius XII: Strengthen your hold resolution and be faithful to it

catholicCardinal of Lima Condemns Modern Dances as Immoral
No absolution for penitents who won't stop dancing the mambo

catholic Priests Belong to the Learning Church
Parente, Piolanti & Garofalo: A common error made today

catholic The Value of Solitude
St. Alphonsus de Ligouri: 'The Lord is not in the earthquake' (3 Kg 19:11)

catholic Virginity Relies on the Devotion to Our Lady
Pius XII: Turn to Mary to preserve and increase the virtue of chastity

catholic Virginity Develops a Man’s Personality Much More than Marriage
Pius XII refutes the notion that the married man is more balanced

catholic The Masses Are the Main Enemy of True Democracy
Pius XII: Distinction between the people and the masses

catholic Virginity Confers to the Soul the Noblest & Highest Moral Dignity
Pius XII refutes the lie that chastity causes psychological problems

catholic Modesty and Clothing
Arch. Meyer: Make a firm resistance to the immodest styles and customs

catholic The Virtue of Modesty
Arch. Meyer: Modesty is the guardian of chastity

catholic On the Virtue of Chastity
Arch. Albert Meyer teaches on the need for decency & modesty

catholic Virginity Frees from the Divided Heart that Comes with Marriage
Pius XII presents virginity as a liberation

catholic Virginity Is Embraced for the Kingdom of Heaven
Pius XII sets out the Catholic reasons one should embrace virginity

catholic One Who Is Silent before Error Is Repulsive to God
Leo XIII exhorts us to fight errors in doctrine

catholic Private Verdicts on Marriage Must Be Avoided
Pius XI warns Catholics against moral private interpretations

catholic The Faithful Are Permitted & Commanded to Resist Bad Doctrine
Fr. Felix Sarda y Salvany reminds the laity of their duty to be vigilant

catholic The Family Sanctuary Cannot Be Profaned by the Television
Pius XII warns parents to be vigilant about what their children view

catholic Fashion Should Oppose the Bad Customs of an Epoch
Pius XII denounces insidious sophisms used to justify immodesty

catholic The Dangers of Fashion Should Not Be Underestimated
How to understand the language of dressing - Pius XII

catholic Fashion Must Never Be an Occasion of Sin
Pius XII: The body must be respected as a temple of the Holy Spirit

catholic Dress Must Stress Moral Beauty
Pius XII: stable fashions should reflect Catholic culture

catholicWhy Must Dress Protect Chastity?
Pope Pius XII teaches the first principles on the virtue of modesty

catholicSports Should Not Encourage Sensuality
Pope Pius XII reminds us not to overesteem the body

catholicCouncil of Trent: Sermons Must Be Brief
Instructions for preachers - be brief and clear

catholic How to Achieve Brevity in Sermons
Msgr. H.T. Henry: Remove irrelevancies & condense language

catholicLonger Sermons Are Useless
Bishop Dupanloup: Preach it in half an hour

catholicThe Sermons of Our Lord Were Short
St. Francis instructs his sons to follow the example of Christ

catholicWhat a Layman Thinks of Long Sermons
Msgr. H.T. Henry asks for input from a man in the pews

catholicDon’t Weary the People with Long Sermons
Fr. James McGinnes: Say what you have to say briefly & forcibly

catholic Sermons Must Be Brief & Simple
Fr. Thomas O'Donnell comments on the Council of Trent

catholic ‘Long Sermons Are Intolerable’
Bishop Camus records the words of his mentor St. Francis de Sales

catholicSocialism Attacks Natural & Just Inequalities
Leo XIII denounces socialist lies on inequality & private property

catholicSocialism, a Sect that Aims to Overthrow Civil Society
Leo XIII exposes the ultimate aim of socialists of every brand

catholicSocialists Want to Destroy the Base of Society
Leo XIII warns against the goals of Socialism & Communism

catholicTradition Is Complementary to Progress
Pius XII: Authentic tradition signifies a continous march forward

catholicPrivate Property Is the Salary in Another Form
Leo XIII: A man has the natural right to own purchased goods

catholicProperty Should Not Be Overtaxed
Leo XIII: The State lacks the right to overburden property owners

catholicCapitalism Is Not Vicious by Nature
Pius XI: It is certainly not to be condemned in itself

catholicCapitalism Stimulates Progress
Pius XII: It can only be condemned in its abuses, not in itself

catholicThe People Have No Right to Invade Private Property
Leo XIII: No pretext of equality justifies harming the land of another

catholicThe Poor Who Fight the Rich Acts against Justice & Charity
Benedict XV: A hierarchy of classes is necessary in a well-constituted society

catholicGive to the Poor Only Your Superfluous
Leo XIII sets out the obligations of Catholic charity

catholicThe Church Repudiates Collective Property
Leo XIII: collective property is wrong & causes untold miseries

catholicIt Is Not True that Workers Must Co-Own an Enterprise
Pius XII corrects a wrong application of justice

catholicYes, It Is Legitimate to Profit in Business
Pius XI defends a man's right to prosper

catholicOne Can Sin against Modesty by Negligence in Dress
A man is obliged to dress according to his state of life

catholicSt. Pius V Demands Punishment of Homosexual Clergy
He condemns the 'execrable libidinous vice against nature'

catholic‘The Sodomite Will Suffer Eternal Condemnation’
Strong words of St. Peter Damian on the vice against nature

catholic‘This Vice Causes Death of Bodies & Destruction of Souls’
St. Peter Damian instructs on the terrible effects of the sin of sodomy

catholicVices against Nature Are against the Creator
St. Thomas: sodomy degrades man lower than animals

catholic‘This Is the Worst Sin that Exists’
St. Bernardine of Siena lists consequences of the sin of sodomy

catholicAll Sodomites Died When Our Lord Was Born
St. Bonaventure describes the prodigy Heaven made at Christ's birth

catholicCouncil of Ancyra Condemns Sodomy & Bestiality
The early Church prescribes penances for these sins

catholicBut the Worst of All Passions Is the Lust between Men
St. John Chrysostom: Acts of sodomy are unpardonable offenses

catholicFor the Good of City & State, Homosexuals Must Be Punished
Emperor Justinian issues severe laws punishing sodomites

catholic Nations Are Accountable to God for the Sin of Sodomy
St. Augustine condemns the sin against nature

catholic Pius XII: Yes to Large Families; No to Birth Control
Severe condemnation of birth control & encouragement of large families

catholic Large Families, a Treasure of the Church
Pius XII has the highest praise for families with many children

catholic The Principle of Attraction among Evil Boys
St. John Bosco warns us how quickly ‘bad attracts bad’

catholic Pope St. Pius X Condemns Pope Francis
The errors of the Sillon are the same promoted by Bergoglio

catholic Beware, O Sinner, for Who Promises You a Tomorrow?
St. Alphonsus concludes his sermon on the danger of testing divine mercy

catholic When the Measure of Guilt Is Filled, God Chastises the Sinner
St. Alphonsus on the limits of God's mercy

catholic The Fatal Danger of Abusing God’s Mercy
St. Alphonsus warns that God only pardons a fixed number of sins

catholic The College Must Obey the Pope on Faith, Government & Discipline
Pius IX puts to rest the pretensions of collegiality

catholic The Council Takes Its Authority from the Pope, Not Vice-versa
Eugene IV condemns today's implicit conciliarism

catholic The Church Was a Monarchy since Her Foundation
St. Pius X: The constitution of the Church is monarchical

catholic Who Says the Pope Does Not Have the Fullness of Power Is Anathema
Pius IX teaches against collegiality

catholic It Is Heretical to Say the Pope Is Just the Church's Delegate
Pius VI: The Pope is not just the Bishop of Rome

catholic The Catholic Church Is Not a Republic
Pius VI teaches against the errors of collegiality

catholic Catholic Women Must Abominate Any Sign of Impurity
Pius XII counsels the clergy to speak more on the dangers of immodesty

catholic Woman’s Immodest Dress Is a Poison & Causes Scandal
Benedict XV speaks against the indecent clothing trends

catholic Against Women’s Indecent Clothing
Benedict XV deplored the immodest clothing women were starting to wear

catholic St. Francis Calls for Richness for the Blessed Sacrament
The objects for the Holy Eucharist should be made of precious material

catholic The Obligation & Right of Parents to Form Their Children
Pope Pius XI: The primary duty belongs to parents, not the State

catholic Charity Does Not Justify Compromise
St. Pius X: Our Lord showed no tolerance toward error

catholic Benedict XIV's Reasons for Condemning Freemasonry
He confirms the condemnation as irrevocable & applicable to all times

catholic Let No Man Join the Masonic Sect if He Values His Eternal Salvation
Leo XIII harshly condemns Freemasonry

catholic Leo XIII Describes & Condemns Freemasonry
Its goals, methods & artifices against Our Lord and His Church

catholic There Is No Church of Christ outside of the Catholic Church
Boniface VIII against Ecumenism and the conciliar "Church of Christ"

catholic Whoever Does Not Profess Catholic Faith Will Perish Eternally
Gregory XVI against Ecumenism & Religious Indifferentism

catholic If Any Religion Saves, Christ & Belial Are Alike
Pius IX against Ecumenism & Religious Indifferentism

catholic Only the Catholic Church Has True Faith
Pius IX emphasizes the separation of false religions

catholicNo Unity Is Possible unless Heretics Return to the Catholic Church
Leo XIII: Those separated from the Catholic Church are dead members

catholic Pius XI Refutes Vatican II’s 'Sinning Church'
The true Catholic Church can never be contaminated

catholicPius XI Refutes John Paul II’s Ut Unum Sint
Catholics cannot take part in inter-confessional assemblies

catholicOne Who Enters into Ecumenism Abandons True Religion
Pius XI sternly condemns the early interfaith endeavors

catholicCatholic Inflexibility Is Catholic Charity
Fr. Sarda y Salvany refutes liberal notions of intolerance

catholicComparing Marriage & Virginity
St. Jerome's letter defends the Church's position on virginity

catholicWhere There Is No Hatred of Heresy, There Is No Holiness
Fr. Frederick Faber warns against sentimental softness toward heretics

catholicSentimental Piety Is Self-Idolatry
Fr. Sarda y Salvany: It is a degeneration of asceticism and mysticism

catholicNo One Can Interpret the Scripture against Tradition
From a decree of the Council of Trent

catholicThe ‘Historical Method’ Is Modernist
St. Pius X strongly condemns those who adopt it

catholicIt Is Impossible to Have Error in Sacred Scripture
Leo XIII clearly opposes the historical method of interpreting Scripture

catholicHistoricism Is Not Catholic
Pius XII defines this philosophical system and condemns it

catholicPraying the Rosary during Mass Is Good
A traditionally approved way to assist at Mass

catholicFormula of Excommunication – Roman Pontifical
Take this test to check your tolerance for today's ecumenical climate

catholicHow to Address Protestants & Schismatics
Pius IX invites them to abandon their errors & heresies

catholicCatholics Should Not Collaborate with Non-Catholics
St. Piux X condemns inter-confessionalism as an error of Modernism

catholicFamous Theologians Concur: The Faithful Must Resist Bad Shepherds
The sound teaching of Fr. Suarez, Fr. Cornelius a Lapide, Dom Guéranger

catholicTo Resist a Pope Is Not to Judge Him
St. Robert Bellarmine: The correct position to take in face of a bad Pope

catholicIt Is Licit to Resist a Pope Who Publicly Destroys the Church
Fr. Francisco de Vitoria confirms the resistance position

catholicCatholics Must Resist an Unfaithful Pope
St. Thomas teaches when the faithful should admonish Prelates

catholicWomen’s Dress & Gestures Induce Men to Sin
St. John Chrysostom accuses them of murdering the souls of others

catholicThe Sin of Being Silent
Vincent of Beauvais warns about the duty to speak out against error

catholicAn Act of Charity: To Wage War on Heretics and Infidels
St. Vincent de Paul's crusades against England and the Turks

catholicWe Should Attack & Discredit the Agent of Error
Fr. Salvani: Let the sword first strike the person, then the error he defends

catholicMeditation on Hell
St. Robert Bellarmine: All sins will be punished with horrendous torments

catholicWhen Mercy Is a Danger…
St. Alphonsus de Liguori: the Devil promises mercy to induce us to sin

catholicBe Ye Irate, and Sin Not
When should we become irate? St. Bernard and St. Robert Bellarmine answer

catholicThe Pope Cannot Accept Modern Civilization
Pius IX: The Church does not extend her hand to evils and poisonous errors

catholicToo Much Compassion Can Be an Excessive Cruelty
St. Catherine of Siena counsels the Pope less indulgence and a stronger hand

catholicCondemnation of Opponents to the Papal States
Pius IX explains the need for them & excommunicates those who usurped them

catholicSex Education Classes Are Forbidden
Pius XI: Do not deal with this topic in public, but prudently in private

catholicSaints Condemn Dances & Balls
The Cardinal of Seville on the dangers of dancing - Part II

catholicScriptures, Councils & Church Fathers Condemn Dances & Balls
The Cardinal of Seville on the dangers of dancing - Part I

catholicPrivate Property, a Fundamental Human Right
Pius XII: The Church defends the rights of property and inheritance

catholicThe Advantages of Wealth for the Catholic Cause
Fr. Cornelius a Lapide teaches that the wise use of wealth is very good

catholicBad Books Should Be Forbidden
Pope Gregory XVI: the Index of Forbidden Books is indispensable

catholicCursed Be Those Who Divert a Virgin from Her Chastity
The severe condemnation of the Pontifical Romano

catholicNeither Charity nor ‘Martyrdom’ Can Win Salvation for Non-Catholics
Pope Eugene IV against the heresy of universal salvation

catholicThe Wife’s Crucial Role in the Home
Pope Pius XII to newlyweds: The mother is the sun of the family

catholicDon’t Call Protestants Evangelicals
St. Ignatius of Loyola gives norms to St. Peter Canisius

catholicThe Power of the Family over Our Actions
St. Francis de Sales explains how we are influenced by past generations

catholicTo Seek a False Unity Is to Work against the Faith
St. Hilary of Poitiers warns us not to trust wolves in sheep's clothing

catholicSociety Becomes Corrupted When Women Wear Masculine Clothes
Cardinal Siri: the grave dangers caused for women, marriages and children

catholicYoung Women Should Not Leave Their Family Homes
Pius XII: the dangers of modern life for women, marriage & society

catholicUniversal Suffrage Is 'Madness'
Pope Pius IX warns against leaving the great decisions of a nation to the masses

catholicReligious Liberty, a 'Monstrous Right'
Pope Pius VI's severe opposition to this principle of the French Revolution

catholicMoral Do’s & Don’ts for the Man of Commerce
St. Bernardine of Siena gives Ten Commandments for businessmen

catholicThe Ignorant Will Perish in His Ignorance
St. Vincent de Paul: Catholics must learn the truth to fight the errors of their times

catholicTo Die or Kill for Christ Is Not Criminal, but Glorious
St. Bernard's letter addressed to the Templars - In Praise of the New Knighthood

catholicDecadent Flocks Are the Result of Corrupt Pastors
Pope Pius IX gives guidelines to Bishops for the formation of good priests

catholicThe Dignity of Women Lies in Moral and Physical Purity
Pope Pius XII counsels girls to practice exemplary purity in customs and dress

catholicThe True Friends of the People Are Traditionalists
St. Pius X: Catholics should look to the Church's past to resolve today's problems

catholicGod the Father Wanted to Give Jesus Christ Nobility of Blood
St. Peter Julian Eymard: Our Lord desired to unite in Himself all grandeurs

catholicThe Church’s Rigor against Heresies
The Fourth Lateran Council imposes severe punishments on heretics

catholicTo Deny any Point of the Catholic Faith Is to Deny it Completely
Fr. Manoel Bernardes teaches why the Faith must be fully accepted

catholic Inequalities Are the Base & Bond of Society
St. John Chrysostom shows that inequality is desired by Divine Providence

catholicTo Abuse God’s Mercy Is Worse than Despair
St. Alphonsus of Liguori: God's mercy has a limit, then He exercises His justice

catholicCondemnation of Communion under Two Species
St. Pius V: it is better to suffer martyrdom than accept this practice of heretics

catholicPerpetual Condemnation of Masonry
Clement XII orders Catholics to stay clear of Masonry and similar associations

catholicLiberty of Conscience: A 'Delirium'
Pope Gregory XVI condemns ecumenism and religious liberty

catholicIt Can Be Wrong to Turn the Other Cheek
Fr. Victor Cathrein: at times it is necessary that the aggressor be punished

catholicIt is Advisable to Terrify Sinners
St. Alphonsus of Liguori establishes a powerful ceremony to convert sinners

catholicWhen Is It Licit To Curse Someone?
St. Thomas Aquinas teaches when it is appropriate and even a good thing

catholicThe Duty to Dress according to One’s State
St. Francis de Sales gives criteria for Catholics on how to dress

catholicThe Will of God regarding Social Classes
St. Hildegard on how social equality corrupts customs and fosters hatred

catholicHow to Address Heretics
St. Cyril of Alexandria speaks very strongly against those who deny Christ

catholicTwo Catholic Curses
St. Louis de Montfort curses two families for despising God and His Church

catholicTo Be Hated by the Impious Is the Glory of the Catholic Press
St. Pius X praises the Jesuits for raising the hatred of the impious

catholicThe Holy Family Belonged to a Royal House
St Bernardine of Siena shows how Jesus Christ willed to be born of royal stock

catholicIt Is Easier To Sin by False Prudence than by Excessive Zeal
Fr. Cornelius a Lapide points out how to conquer our laxity and human respect

catholicHow to Distinguish the True Faith from Heresy
St. Vincent Lerins: Compare the new doctrine with the old, and cling to Tradition

catholicThe Happiness of Waging a Holy War
St. Therese of the Child Jesus longs to fight against heretics and infidels

catholicHow To Deal with a Heretic
St. Bernard warns a Bishop not to assist Arnold of Brescia in his evil work

catholicChrist Did Not Bring Peace, but the Sword
Fr. Fillion comments on the strong words of Our Lord

catholicCatholic Intransigence Is Tantamount to Catholic Charity
Fr. Sarda y Salvany: It is charity to our neighbor, the common good, and God

catholicVirginity Is Higher than Matrimony
St. John Chrysostom compares the virgin man to the Angels

catholicWhen Silence & Complacence Are Sins
St. Gertrude on the duty to correct the faults of others

catholicA Catholic Must Have No Relations with Heretics
St. Thomas Aquinas gives reasons why modern ecumenism is wrong

catholicThe Mystical Body of the Devil
St. Thomas teaches us how to consider the ensemble of impious men

catholicWhen Liberty Becomes an Evil
Pope Leo XIII sets the limits for a true liberty

catholicPius XI against the International Third Position
Catholics cannot accept even a partial Socialism

catholicGod Chastises the Good When They Do Not Fight against Evil
St Bernard: To arms! Avenge the wrongs against God and His Holy Church

catholicA Religious Order Can Wage War
St. Thomas: The military function is fitting for monks

catholicPopes Justify the Death Penalty
The Church Magisterium has consistently defended capital punishment

catholicSt. Augustine and St. Thomas in Favor of the Death Penalty
For the health of the social body, the putrid member must be cut off

catholicSt. Thomas against Distributism
Giving families equal properties destroys the Natural Order

catholicHomosexuals Cause Nausea to Our Lord and Are Despised by the Devil
Our Lord speaking to St. Catherine of Siena

catholicHomosexual Priests Must Be Deprived of Their Dignity and Put to Death
Teaching of Pope St. Pius V on this despicable sin

catholicOne Should Speak Freely against Heretics and Schismatics
Teaching of St. Francis de Sales against false ecumenism

catholicOne Sins by Not Becoming Duly Irate
Teaching of St. John Chrysostom and St. Thomas Aquinas on the need for ire

catholicThe Popes Must Be Militant Guardians of the Flock
Excerpt from the Apostolic Letter Quo graviora by Pope Leo XII

catholicEcumenism Is Synonymous with Religious Indifferentism
Excerpt from the Encyclical Singulari quidem by Pope Pius IX

catholic Co-Education Is a Condemned Method of Teaching
Excerpt from the Encyclical Divini Illius Magistri by Pope Pius XI

catholic Four Ways to Discern a Man's Soul by His Appearance
Quotes from many Saints and theologians

catholic The Eyes Are the Mirror of the Soul
Cornelius a Lapide on Ecclesiasticus

catholicThe Face Reveals the Heart of the Man
Excerpts from Scriptures

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