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It Is Impossible to Have Error in
Sacred Scripture

Today we have a Pope who is partisan of the method of "historical interpretation of the Scriptures." This method pretends that almost everything written in the Sacred Books is not objective because it was conditioned by historical circumstances. The sacred authors supposedly expressed truths valid only for their times. Hence, the interpretation given to those texts by the Church for almost 2,000 years was not accurate as well. All the truths that come from the Bible should be reinterpreted according to the patterns of modern history, archeology and the natural sciences.
To give our readers means to defend themselves against the imposition of these errors coming from such a high authority, we reproduce below a text by Pope Leo XIII affirming that no mistake whatsoever can be attributed to the inspired Books.


All the books which the Church received as sacred and canonical were written wholly and entirely, in all their parts, at the dictation of the Holy Ghost. It is impossible, therefore, that any error can co-exist with divine inspiration. For not only is divine inspiration per se incompatible with error, but also it excludes and rejects error absolutely and necessarily because it is impossible that God Himself, the Supreme Truth, can utter that which is not truth. ...

Hence, because the Holy Ghost employed men as His instruments to write the Sacred Books, we cannot say that it was these inspired men who eventually fell into error without saying that the primary author [God] also erred. For, by supernatural power, He moved and impelled them to write. He Himself assisted them during the writing in such a way that everything which He ordered them to write, they rightly understood, faithfully willed to write down, and finally, aptly expressed in words with infallible truth. Otherwise, it could not be said that God was the Author of the entire Scripture.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Encyclical Providentissimus Deus, nn. 82, 84

Posted August 27, 2011
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