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For the Good of City & State
Homosexuals Must Be Punished

In the wake of the sinful Supreme Court ruling on June 26, 2015 approving same-sex “marriage,” we continue to present laws and writings by Saints and statesmen of the past against the sins against nature that cry to Heaven for vengeance.

Today, we transcribe two laws of Emperor Justinian, the inspirer of the Codex Juris Civilis, which is the model for the legislation of almost all civilized nations.

Emperor Justinian

* Law of December 30, 533:

“In cases of penal suits, public prosecution will be guided by various statutes, including the Lex Julia de adulteris ... which punishes with death not only those who violate the marriages of others, but also those who commit acts of vile concupiscence with other men.” (1)

* Law of the year 538:

“Whereas certain men, overcome by diabolical incitement to practice among themselves the most unworthy lewdness and acts against nature, we exhort them to be fearful of God and the coming judgment, and to abstain from such illicit and diabolical practices so that the just wrath of God may not fall upon them on account of these heathen acts, with the result that cities perish with all their inhabitants. For Sacred Scriptures teach us that similar impious acts caused the annihilation of cities with all their inhabitants ...

“And since such sins are the cause of famine, earthquakes and plagues, we warn men to abstain from these acts so as not to lose their souls. But if, after this warning of ours, it should be discovered that someone persists in such iniquity, he will render himself unworthy of God’s mercy, and further will be subjected to the punishment established by law.

“Thus, we order the most illustrious Prefect of the Capital to arrest those who persist in the aforesaid illicit and impious acts ... and to inflict upon them the most severe punishments, so that the city and the State do not end by suffering on account of such iniquitous acts.” (2)

(1. Justinian, Codex Iuris Civilis, IV, xviii, 4;   2. Justinian, Codex Justiniani, nov. 77, nov. 141.
apud Atila S. Guimaraes, Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia, TIA, 2004, pp. 27-28 )



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 11, 2015