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Msgr. Jouin Decries the ‘Mute Hounds’
in the Church Militant

One of the great counter-revolutionary pens of the early 20th century was held by the great Prelate, Msgr. Ernest Jouin (1844-1932). A fearless son of the Church, he not only studied but exposed Masonry and occultism in his famous International Revue of Secret Societies.

 Both modernist Hierarchs and civil authorities tried to silence Msgr. Jouin many times, but in vain. He continued to expose the well-concealed evil of secret society, subversive of Catholic morality and of the laws of God. With equal vigor he railed against the sinful silence and indifference of the Catholic clergy who refused to lead the fight against the Revolution in the Church and society.

In a speech in 1930, Msgr. Jouin affirmed that there was a definitive struggle taking place between the Papacy and Freemasonry – the two most active powers in the world – that would determine the path of History: Either the restoration of Christian Civilization - or Barbarism and decadent Paganism. In that same speech he presented the condemnations of Freemasonry and the Secret Forces made by the Popes from Clement XII (1730-1740) to Pius XI, who was the Pope at that time.

In view of the Vatican II Popes who have embraced the principles of Freemasonry and the New World Order, naturally speaking, the Revolution seems close to attaining the victory over the Church. The following example of Msgr. Jouin’s fight is very timely.

Msgr. Ernest Jouin

Ever since 1738 [as we have seen] all the Sovereign Pontiffs have denounced, stigmatized and condemned the enemy of the State which, according to Pope Leo XIII, already during the past century, possessed a power almost equivalent to "Sovereignty" and which, today, calls itself the Super-State.

Ever since 1738 all the Sovereign Pontiffs denounced, stigmatized and condemned the enemy of the Church, the Counter-Church, whose proclaimed aim is to: "Decatholicize the world." It seeks to rebuild on the ashes of the Christian Civilization the pagan barbarism, and to build on the ruins of the Papacy the world domination of Israel. Furthermore, as a sign of its victory, it wants to erect over the overthrown throne of Jesus Christ the very throne of Satan.

Ever since 1738 all the Sovereign Pontiffs denounced, stigmatized and condemned what has hitherto become the world evolution of Judeo-Masonry which, now, on earth, admits that it has but one adversary, namely, the Catholic Church, whose agony it is now witnessing.

However, the Popes equally deplore the indifference of those Catholics who fail to see their silent tears and fail to heed their heart-rending appeals; they constitute a race of people indifferent, asleep and afraid, a pack of Mute Hounds, of whom Pope Clement XIII, said: "If we allow ourselves to be shaken by the audacity of evil-doers, then the Episcopal strength has come to an end; the sublime and divine authority of the Church no longer exists; it is then useless to look upon ourselves as Christians if we have sunk so low as to tremble before the threats of the snares of the evil-doers."

Being anxious to be neither indifferent nor asleep, nor again a Mute Hound in the Church Militant, but to be on the contrary, even though from afar, linked to the dogs of the Lord, the "Dominicani" of whom in the 13th century spoke Jeanne d'Aza, mother of St. Dominic, at the time of the Church struggle against the Albigenses; in order also not to be counted among the cowards who flee from the battlefield and whom, when in 1870 the Germans invaded France St. Bernadette said: "I fear only the bad Christians," for such reasons I founded the Revue Internationale des Societes Secretes. I, today also want to thank all the companions who in this struggle, both in work and in prayer have allied themselves with my humble but persevering efforts.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Msgr. Ernest Jouin, Papacy and Freemasonry,
Speech on December 8, 1930
Posted on August 27, 2022

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