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The Scourge of Sexual Propaganda
against Marriage
In the wake of the adaptation of the Conciliar Church to the Modern World, the sexual revolution has reached extremes in Catholic ambiences that no one could have imagined some years ago. Indeed, we have seen all types of immoralities and anti-natural practices encouraged in the marriage life under the pretext that they are allowed by the Theology of the Body of John Paul II.

Today TIA starts to post a series of Church teachings that radically condemn such perverse propaganda. They intend to refresh among Catholics the respect for the sanctity of marriage and give them the arguments to put to rest those anti-natural practices.

The text below by Pope Pius XII is specifically turned toward condemning books and articles on sexual initiation that assume the name Catholic. The principles that he lays out, however, are straightforwardly applicable to the anti-natural practices that are being spread everywhere
Pius XII

There is another field in which this formation of public opinion, and its rectification, imposes itself with tragic urgency. In this field public opinion has found itself perverted by a propaganda that we do not hesitate to call evil, even if it comes at times from Catholic sources and aims to act over Catholics – even when those who promote it do not seem aware that they are deluded by the spirit of evil.

We want to speak here of writings, books and articles regarding sexual initiation, which often attain enormous success today in bookstores and flood the entire world, invading childhood, submerging the new generation, and disturbing engaged couples and the newly married youth. …

We become aghast before the intolerable effrontery of such literature: And while paganism itself seemed to halt in respect before the secret of conjugal intimacy, [this literature] wants to oblige us to see this mystery violated and to have its vision – sensual and degraded – offered as a meal to the great public and even to the youth.

Truthfully one could ask if there is a sufficiently marked boundary between this initiation, which calls itself Catholic, and the erotic and obscene press with its illustrations, which has the deliberated purpose to corrupt or shamelessly exploit, by vile interest, the lowest instincts of fallen nature.

That is not all. This propaganda also threatens Catholics with a double scourge, not to use stronger expression.

First, it exaggerates beyond measure the importance and significance of the sexual element in life. We admit that, from the strictly theoretical point of view, these authors still keep within the limits of Catholic morals. But it no less true that their way of exposing the sexual life is such that it acquires in the mind and practical judgment of the average reader the meaning and the value of an end in itself. Such a way of presentation leads him to lose sight of the true primordial end of marriage, which is the procreation and the formation of the offspring, and the grave duty of the spouses vis-à-vis this end, which the writings we mentioned leave too much in the shadows.

Second, this literature, if it deserves such a title, seems to take into no account the general experience of yesterday, today and always – since it is based upon nature itself – which attests that in moral formation neither initiation nor instruction presents any advantage – on the contrary, it is gravely unhealthy and harmful – if it is not strongly united with a constant discipline, a vigorous mastery of self and, above all, the use of the supernatural forces of prayer and the Sacraments. All Catholic educators worthy of the name and their mission are fully aware of the preponderant role of the supernatural forces in a man's sanctification, be he youth or adult, single or married.

But in these writings, hardly a word is breathed about these things, if the whole matter is not passed over in absolute silence. The very principles so wisely brought to light by our predecessor Pius XI in the Encyclical Divini illius Magistri regarding sexual education and related topics, are – a sad sign of the times! – dismissed with a sleight of hand and a smile: Pius XI, it is said, wrote these things 20 years ago for his own times. Since then we have come a long way!

Fathers of family present here: there are many other Christian fathers of family like you around the world in other countries who have the same sentiments. Join forces with them – under the direction of your Bishops, it is understood. Call all the Catholic women and mothers to lend their strong support in order to combat together, without fear or human respect, and break and stop these campaigns, no matter under what name or protection they are masked and authorized.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Allocution by Pope Pius XII on September 18, 1951
to a group of French Fathers of Families in Castelgandolfo
Posted on January 7, 2023

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