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TIA’s Fourth Biennial Event - 2023

The Latter Day Apostles &
the Victory of Our Lady

           Address by Dr. Marian T. Horvat - May 7, 2023
After listening to Mr. Atila’s talk, some of you may be wondering if the horrendous concepts he presented about Transhumanism could really be true. They are so outlandish and absurd that it sounds like science fiction, not reality.

Yes, they are true. Once the Devil was able to infiltrate the Church with false Doctrine and bad Morals – which is what has happened in Vatican Council II – and once we had progressivist Helmsmen steering the Ship, not just Catholics but the whole world lost its compass and has gone adrift: As the Catholic Church goes, so goes the world.

our lady crush serpent

She will smash the serpent & hurl him into the eternal abyss

Thus, as this Era in History comes to an end, as we reach the end of the tunnel of the Chastisement, we should not be surprised to see the Devil racing forward in a last attempt to destroy man - made in the image and likeness of God and saved by the Blood of Christ - and try to “re-create him” in order to subject this new monstrous creation and world to himself.

It is his dream, but one that he will never achieve, for he – and we - know that the future victory belongs to Our Lady.

She told us so herself at Fatima. She also said that if the world did not convert and if Russia were not consecrated to her Immaculate Heart, God would send a Great Chastisement. But after that great punishment from Heaven, her Immaculate Heart will triumph.

She was even more specific in Quito – already in the 1600s – when, under the title of Our Lady of Good Success, she told Mother Mariana: “At the very moment when the evil will appear triumphant and when the authority abuses its power, this will mark the arrival of my hour, when I, in a marvelous way, will dethrone the proud and accursed Satan, trampling him under my feet and fettering him in the infernal abyss.”

But how far will God allow the Devil to go before this marvelous intervention, an intervention that will be “unexpected and surpassing all human imagination,” as foreseen by Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser. In his commentary on the Apocalypse, he called this period of History to come the Age of Consolation, but it would only begin after the long Age of Affliction when society is shaken by chaos and revolutions and the Church herself infested with heresies and impiety.

The age of the giants

But let us look to the past to see if there was ever anything similar to what we are facing now. I believe that there was.

Ven. Anne-Catherine Emmerich had many visions of the ancient Race of Giants that inhabited the earth before the Flood.

Devils with women

In the mountain the devils had relations with beautiful women

Who were these Giants? They were descendents of Cain, men who were seduced by some of the Fallen Angels who did not fall into the center of the earth like the others, but settled on a high, solitary mountain. That mountain was completely submerged during the Deluge and became the Black Sea.

These Devils on that Mountain could act upon men to the degree men moved away from God. As the descendents of Cain became ever more corrupt and sensual, they drew closer to that mountain, and these fallen angels possessed many of their women. Their children were very handsome with many gifts and abilities, but they made themselves instruments of the evil spirit, who gave them hidden knowledge and powers.

Thus, a perverse race was born on this mountain and sought to bring Seth’s descendents also into this world of vice, sing force and seduction and artifices of the Devil.

Now then, there are some very interesting points about this Race of Giants. They did amazing things that Anne Catherine Emmerich had never seen, they had ways they had devised to drag huge rocks to the top of the mountain to build their towers, they could climb straight up walls and trees – like possessed people do with the help of the Devil.

devils possess women

From the union of these devils & Cain’s descendents came the race of Giants

This race did not live in normal dwellings, but in great stone round towers of mica-like stone that covered deep caverns where their orgies took place. On the tops of these towers they had tubes – different from the telescopes of her times – and in these tubes they could see people and hear what they were saying at far distances.

They could see where the other peoples were and so they would go there, destroy everything take them over, and instill their own lawlessness and vice. She saw that they sacrificed children by burying them alive – it seems the Devil always demands this from his subjects, as we see with abortion today.

When man had become completely corrupt and debased from this influence and mixing with the descendents of Cain and the Devils, that was when God announced the Flood to Noah, who had to endure terrible torments and the scorn of this people while he was building the Ark.

When God destroyed this mountain during the Deluge, submerging it in the great waters, those Fallen Angels that had inhabited it were dispersed in the air. They are the Devils of the Air that the Church teaches us causes infestations and temptations of man. Only at the Last Judgment will they be cast into Hell.

devils of the air

Was the WWW inspired by the devils of the Air?

It really does appear that something like our modern computer and television – a tube where you can see and hear far away things and persons – existed at the time of Noah, and that it was a tool the Devil gave man to conquer more people for his kingdom.

If these devils on that Mountain were dispersed in the air after the Flood, perhaps this could explain the air waves of the WWW (World Wide Web) that connect people today. It seems highly plausible to me, since technology is the tool that the Devil is using to try to create his new race of men today. He is trying to convince man today to even upload their very consciousness to a computer, tempting him that this will give him enhanced powers, a higher intelligences and immortality – that is, he will become transhuman.

It would be by an artifice of the Devil to make people lose faith in the existence of God.

Transhumanism & its proponents

Now then, Mr. Atila described many of the terms of this final plan of the Devil to merge man with machine and achieve Transhumanism. Let me put a little flesh on that outline with some real people who are already speaking out boldly about what, even ten years ago, would have seemed preposterous projects for the future.

future virtual reality

Most of us are oblivious to the advances & plans of the Computer-Tech Revolution

One reason these supposed scientists, experts, CEOs and so on are so bold is because the majority of people simply have no concept of what AI, avatars, algorythmns and holograms actually are or what kind of threat this Technological Revolution poses to humanity.

Today, even some of these experts in the techno-industry are starting to wake up and issue stark warnings to stop Artificial Intelligence development. They are frightened to realize that AI could eliminate humanity when it supposedly becomes more intelligent than us.

But the rest of the world is simply oblivious to the problem. We all know people who got the supposed Covid ‘vaccines’ simply because they were told by the authorities that it was the safe thing to do. Many are waking up now and regretting their blind obedience.

So then, the first thing is to realize that this Satanic plot to alter mankind and eliminate a good part of us is real, the next step is to resist the authorities who are imposing this plan, even at the risk of loss of our jobs, status or our lives.

One could note that the same resistance is necessary that most of us in this room have been making against the many heresies and blasphemies allowed and even supported by Church authorities – all the way to the Pope - since Vatican II. Because, ultimately, this battle in the spiritual sphere and the temporal sphere is linked.

Who is promoting Transhumanism?

 They are big names who lead super-funded global initiatives.

Klaus Scwaub

Schwab as high-priest of an occult sect decrees:
‘You cannot stop it’

There is, for example, Klaus Schwab, owner and chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Klaus Schwab can look like a normal businessman in a tie and suit. But at times he dons a strange grey vestment with a silver stole decorated with Masonic symbols and looks like a high priest of the futuristic world he is trying to create.

At a 2018 World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab boasted that within 10 years people of the world will be wearing brain implants so that the globalist WEF can measure their brain waves and read their thoughts. “You cannot stop it,” Schwab states boldly and publicly.

He and other WEF members have openly expressed their desire to wipe out 94% of the world’s population. His best seller book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” lays out the plan for the technological revolution that wants to fuse the physical, biological and digital worlds, which “even challenges ideas about what it means to be human.” That is, it is a demonic plan to fuse man and machine.


‘The problem is what to do with all these useless people?’

Yuval Noah Harari is one of the most frightening of these new transhumanist gurus. He is a lead advisor to Klaus Schwab, and cannot be praised enough by the likes of Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

He says things like this in his presentations: “Just as mass industrialization created the ‘working class,’ the Artificial Intelligence Revolution will create a new ‘unworking class.’ 99 percent of human qualities and abilities are simple redundant for the performance of most modern jobs.” The conclusion, robots will replace people and do better work.

This sardonic homosexual continues with his cold inhuman face: “The problem is what to do with all these useless people? How to find some sense of meaning in life when they are basically meaningless, worthless.” His solution: “My best guess at present is a combination of drugs and computer games.”

Harari believes that once the human mind is reduced to algorithms and data, then this grand database will direct your life better than you can: “We humans should get used to the idea that we are no longer mysterious souls. We are now hackable animals … The idea that humans have this soul, or this spirit, or they have free will … that's over.”

These are a few of the powerful minions of the Devil announcing his reign.

dmitri Russia 20245

Russian Dmitry Itskov announces the plan for humans to achieve immortality by 2045

Then we have Russia 2045 announcing “a New Era for Humanity

In February of 2012 the first Global Future 2045 Congress was held in Moscow headed by Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov – a young redhead with a glazed occult gaze. He is organizing the best scientists of the Artifical Intelligence world – today there are 55,000 members - and is funded by billions from international donors. His aim is to transfer a human's personality to an artificial robot body by the year 2045.

The human brain uploaded to a robot body connected to a giant master computer. The ultimate goal, he boasts, is immortality for man, a new Era of Humanity.

You can see the Devil is racing forward with breakneck speed.

Surprisingly, the Russian Ministry of Education and Science has announced its support of the Initiative, as has the Dalai Lama, and many other world leaders. Instead of condemning Artificial Intelligence and publicized plans like this, Pope Francis praises AI and technology as “immensely beneficial and a path to peace and integral human development.” In effect, what these futurists seek is godhood. An era where the human will and natural world are enslaved by the hands of a select few, who are in turn slaves of the Devil. The reign of the Devil.

Would man willingly hand over his consciousness to a computer?

Some of you may be wondering if we have really reached this point: Would man willingly hand over his consciousness to a computer?

virtual reality

Many youth long to escape
the problems & sufferings that abound today

I actually believe there are many persons who would hand over their consciousness right now to achieve this pretended immortality. Why? They are depressed, anxious, unhappy, tired of work, leisure, life in general. They want to be relieved of anxiety, to not face sickness, and certainly not death – all consequences of original sin.

Because Man has rejected God and lost the one true Catholic Faith – as Our Lady of Good Success told Mother Mariana, “The light of Faith would be extinguished in man “– they are left with a sense of hopelessness and despair.

How many young people today – who rely on medications and psychologists to deal with their anxieties, personality disorders and despair – have lost the will to act or even live? The Devil would have little problem rounding up these youth into his Immortality Bus heading for his Transhumanist Corral of the future.

How many older persons – who have lost the faith or never had it – harbor one great fear, which is death. Because they do not have hope in an eternal life in Heaven, many would agree, I believe, to exchange their humanity for an eternal life without troubles in that hovering WWW computer consciousness planned by the Devil for the New World Order.

The Chastisement

I noted at beginning of this talk that centuries ago when enough men had merged with the the Devils and had almost completely debased himself with immoral and corrupt behavior, God sent the Flood.

noah ark

Noah warned the people for 100 years as he built the ark

For 100 years the people laughed at Noah, who was building the Ark and predicting the Chastisement. As time passed, they taunted him boldly and disdainfully: “Where is your chastisement?” He remained faithful to the message he received from God and continued to prepare for that great chastisement.

As Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira has noted, the fact that it took a long time to come did not mean that it would not come; rather, it meant that it would be an enormous chastisement. Today, we find ourselves in a similar situation. There have been warnings of a great chastisement that would eliminate whole nations from not just mystics and prophets, but from the Queen of Heaven herself – at Fatima and Quito.

Many of us here have been waiting and praying for it for decades and have heard the same taunts, “Where is your chastisement?” We should respond as Noah did. He saw the world deserved and needed a chastisement, that God had dictated it, and he did not doubt that it would come.

destruction church

Our Lady asked us to fight against
the destruction of the Holy Church

Like him, we should be faithful to Our Lady’s warnings and prepare for the great punishment she predicted. In a certain way, this transhumanist movement confirms the prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Good Success: The very horrendousness of the Reign that the Devil wants to install is proof that there will be a Great Chastisement to punish man’s great audacity and revolt against God.

Our Lady did not ask us to build an ark. She asked us to pray the Rosary and do penance, to amend our lives, She asked us to fight the Revolution in the Church and society – here I think of the vision of 1634 of Our Lady of Good Success to Mother Mariana when the tabernacle light in the Church went out.

Our Lady told her five reasons for it and one was specifically because of the laxity and negligence of Catholics “who will indifferently stand by and witness the Church being oppressed, virtue being persecuted and triumph of evil, without piously employing their riches for the destruction of the evil and the restoration of the faith.”

Please note, she did not say we should be building Novus Ordo churches or promoting half-good conservative causes. No, we should be fighting for the destruction of the evil in the Church and the complete restoration of the Catholic Faith.

Where to situate ourselves in this battle?

As all Catholics know, the real action of History is the one fight between Our Lord: One party is Our Lady and the Angels and the other party includes the Devil with all his agents of dissolution. If transhumanism is the extreme pole of evil, the extreme pole of good is to be entirely Catholic.


The grand battle between the forces of good against the forces of evil is in motion

Even if we were only a handful of persons, we should listen to the voice of Our Lady and enter the fight for Holy Mother Church and Christian Civilization. We must give proof of our fidelity before the revolutionary establishment will fall and Our Lady will intervene in that marvelous way she predicted to establish her Reign.

If Catholics – even a small number – would become serious, intransigent and militant against the errors of the bad Doctrine and Morals, as well as fight and counter the bad customs and vulgarity they have generated. This would attract Our Lady to enter History to end the age of the Revolution, to stop Transhumanism in its tracks, and open the Era of her Reign. We – as Catholics – have a role to play in this fight.

Latter Times & End Times, two different epochs

in Scriptures Prophet Zacharias calls this great Chastisement the Judgment of Nations and states that only one-third of the people will remain. Then, there will be a great victory, when the evil will be destroyed, and the good will triumph and rebuild the Church and Christian Civilization.


Could we see Elias & Enoch & fight alongside them?

It will be the end of an era – the time of Revolution – and beginning of the Reign of Mary, a long period of peace. Only after that long era of Unity and Peace will the final apostasy take place – and it will be the worst apostasy because it will be an offense against Our Lady’s Reign. That will be the End Times and the Second Coming of Our Lord Who will judge the world and close human history on this earth. Then will be the end of the world.

A stunning line from Mr. Atila’s speech two years ago caught my attention. He proposed that we could well be in the time of the Antichrist, and thus have “the privilege and the honor to know Elias and Enoch, who would come to fight the Antichrist and lead us in the fight of the Counter-Revolution.” He added that he believed “other Saints and multitudes of Angels will also come from Heaven to help us in this Great Battle against evil.”

These provoking lines made me think: Could we indeed see Elias? Will we witness the conversion of the Jews and Muslims and possibly be among the faithful who remain on the earth after the Chastisement, led by Saints from Heaven, united in the One True Faith and giving glory to God.

I began to research the subject and came across two very interesting books that substantiate this thesis. The first is The Triumph of God’s Kingdom in the Millennium and End Times, written by Rev. Joseph Iannuzzi (OJ).

In it he quotes numerous Church Fathers and Doctors, among them St. Justin Martyr, Eusebius, St. Iraeneus, Lactantius, St. Augustine, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Robert Bellarmine, as well as others, who interpret Scriptures on the Last Times in exactly this way.

For example, St. Justin Martyr teaches that it was his mater St. John the Apostle who foretold that a great and sudden judgment would fall upon the evil and destroy them in the latter days, not end times. After that Judgment of Nations, the faithful followers of Christ would dwell in a New Jerusalem for 1000 years – which is always interpreted as a very long period of time, not an exact number of years. Then, after this period would come the Second Coming of Christ and the Final Judgment at the End of the World.

St. Iraeneus (3rd century) in his work Against Heresies (Adversus Heareses) confirms the belief that before the end of the world, Christ will establish His Kingdom on earth, where He will reign NOT IN THE FLESH but in the spirit through the just who will rule upon rising from the dead. “Then Creation,” he says, “reborn and freed from bondage, will yield an abundance of food of all kinds from the heaven’s dew and the fertility of the earth.”

It is interesting that he and many others say specifically that just souls will rise from the dead to help establish this new era of Christ’s Kingdom on earth, the Kingdom we call the Reign of Mary.

In the Divine Institutes and many other places, this prophecy is repeated: “But then when He shall have destroyed unrighteousness and executed His great judgment, he will recall to life the righteous souls who will be engaged among men for a thousand years and shall rule them with a most just command.”

dead rise after resurrection

The souls of the Fathers in Limbo took on flesh & walked the streets of Jerusalem after the Crucifixion

This was great discovery for me and made sense. How else can the Reign of Mary be established since we lack today on this earth the leaders or Prelates capable of leading mankind? In that marvelous intervention of Heaven, will we see the souls of the dead take on flesh and appear among us?

It has happened before, as Ven. Mary of Agreda relates in The City of God: After Christ’s resurrection, many of the souls of Fathers and Prophets who had been waiting in Limbo took on flesh returned to earth to walk the streets of Jerusalem and convert the Jews to the Church founded by Jesus Christ. Since God did this once in the first era of Christianity, he can certainly do it again to establish His predicted Reign in the last era of History.

Among other Church Fathers, Lactantius (3rd century) states that at the end of the 6,000 years of the world’s existence, there will arise the great rebellion of the Lawless One, the Antichrist, which Scriptures calls the spirit of rebellion against God. However, at the end of these 6,000 years, all wickedness must be abolished from the earth and righteousness will reign for a thousand years.

Following Apostolic Tradition, St. Augustine notes the significance of these numbers. God made the works of His Hands in six days and on the seventh day he rested on it and sanctified it. So also, His religion and truth must labor during these first 6,000 years, while wickedness prevails and rules, and the Church must fight heresies and schisms.

judgment of nations

Scriptures tells us that God will make a great Judgment of Nations where only one-third of man will remain

judgment of naitons
But then, just as God rested on the seventh day and blessed His work, so “the prince of devils shall be bound with chains and imprisoned, and righteousness will reign for 1,000 years. And there will be tranquility and rest from the labors which the world has so long endured.”

This is not to say that original sin will cease to exist. It will remain. That is why, after that era – the Reign of Mary – the godless one will arise once more for one final and terrible battle, followed by the Final Judgment.

I will not quote all the other Fathers and Doctors. I simply note that, based on these doctrines, one can conclude that at the approximate end of these 6,000 years there will be what the Fathers call a “Seventh Day Sabbath,” in which God will rest with his elect for a long period of peace.

Now then, the Douay Rheims version of the Bible’s chronology puts the Creation of Adam and Eve in the year 4,000 BC, which makes the world 6,000 years old . Amazingly, this would place us at the end of that 6,000 years of wickedness which closes with a great punishment – and at the beginning of the new millennium of the social reign of Christ in society, the Reign of Mary.

I will only briefly mention the second work The Apocalypse of St. John by Fr. E. Sylvester Berry written in 1921 and reprinted in 2016.


The Church Fathers foresaw a ‘Seventh Day Sabbath,’ a long period of peace before the end of the world

Based on Church Fathers and many French theologians of the past, Fr. Berry notes that the timeline on End Times is often mistaken. Commenting on the Apocalypse, he notes that it will be at the end of the Latter Times that the Antichrist will be defeated, the infernal dragon will be chained, the Gentile nations will return to the Church and the Jews will enter her fold. Then will come the long and last era of peace and unity so often foretold in Holy Scriptures. Then shall the words of Christ be fulfilled: There will be one fold and one shepherd.

After many centuries, symbolized by the 1,000 years, Satan will be unchained again for a short time to make war on the Church & persecute the faithful. This will be the End Times & the Second Coming of Christ & the Final Judgment.

Two facts are clear: One is that none of these teachings of the early Fathers and Saints has ever been condemned. So, we can legitimately propose, as Mr. Atila did at our last Event, that we could indeed see ourselves fighting alongside Elias and Enoch in a grand fight that will end one era and begin the Reign of Mary.

The second fact is that this era of Peace is not Christ’s reign in the flesh, but His universal reign through men on earth. It has nothing to do with the errors of Millenarialism or Chiliasm or Montanism , which have all been condemned by Holy Mother Church as heresies. The Church has consistently taken an inexorable stance against these false notions.

Two Prophets of the Reign of Mary

The Church Fathers did not give a name to this long period of peace and unity of faith. That was reserved for two other Prophets who foretold the end of the Revolution and beginning of the Reign of Mary, that is, the Social Reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ through and in Mary.


St. Louis preached a last era when Christ will reign in Mary & through Mary - the Reign of Mary

The first is St. Louis de Montfort, who, at the very beginning of his great work True Devotion to Mary, he affirms:” It was through the Most Holy Virgin Mary that Jesus Christ desired to come into the world; again, it is through her that He desires to reign in the world at the end.”

Already in the 1700s St. Louis de Montfort calls on God to send the great chastisement to purify sinful men. Then, he makes a fiery plea for God to send the “Apostles of the Latter Days,” souls totally dedicated to Our Lady and enflamed with the fire of the Holy Ghost. To establish the Reign of Mary, he prophesied,

“The Almighty God and His holy Mother will raise up great Saints who will surpass in holiness the other saints as much as the cedars of Lebanon tower above little shrubs.”

How will this be possible? It is because they will be slaves of Our Lady, and she will reign - fully and completely - in their hearts.

plinio correa

From age 22, Prof. Plinio predicted the coming crisis in the Church & society

The second prophet of the Reign of Mary I would like to propose is Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira. In 1931, at age 22, Prof. Plinio already foresaw that the Church and Christian Civilization would enter a Passion. He foresaw the progressivist crisis that would ravage the Church.

He predicted the great Chastisement that will purify man, and he encouraged his followers with the promise of Our Lady that this seemingly impossible battle will end with the triumph of her Immaculate Heart.

The deluge of fire of charity of the Holy Ghost that St. Louis said must come, he also predicted and called the Grand Return – a great return of graces to mankind that would restore their innocence and give the faithful the courage to bear the chastisement and build the Reign of Mary.


Yes, God punished man when he saw the Race of Giants who tried to be other gods with their tricks and technology. Yes, God will raise again His Hand of Justice and it seems it will be soon, as man again tries to be gods and become “transhuman.”

But I believe this will not happen. Although the enemy rushes forward on its timeline to destroy God’s Creation and the holy Bride of Christ, the Catholic Church, he will not succeed. The victory will belong to Our Lady. The Lord will arise and His enemies will be vanquished.

Yes, there will be another great chastisement. But then, like Noah from the Ark, from within the sacred bosom of the immortal and always pure Catholic Church, men will emerge – led by others who will come from Heaven - who will found tomorrow’s civilization, the Reign of Mary.

Let us ask Our Lady to be among their number.

*    *    *

reign of mary

Posted May 12, 2023


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