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Theology of History
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The Judgment of Nations - VIII

Ven. Holzhauser: An Unexpected Intervention
Surpassing All Human Imagination

Margaret C. Galitzin
A compelling argument favoring the prophecies of Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser is his description of the Age of Affliction, (see last article) which he identifies as beginning with the Protestant Revolution and continuing until the Great Chastisement. As he notes: "A part we have seen, but more is to come." (1)


Symbol of the Republic in the
Place de la Republique

During this long Revolution, Ven. Holzhauser foretells heresy inside the Church and the complete corruption of society. There will be the upset of monarchies and establishment of republics that, in turn, will be shaken by chaos and revolutions. At the end of this Age of Affliction, all will be desolate with war, the bishops and priests lax and unfaithful, heresy rife inside the Church, monarchies destroyed and subjects oppressed by corrupted republics, riches extirpated and miserablism everywhere.

All this, as we have witnessed, has come to pass. We are seeing now the auto-destruction of the Church as a consequence of Vatican II, and the ruin of society as a consequence of the Communist and Cultural Revolutions.

Age of Consolation

But, at the very moment when all seems lost, God will intervene in an unexpected way. Ven. Holzhauser states: “When everything has been ruined by war; when Catholics are hard pressed by traitorous co-religionists and heretics, then the Hand of Almighty God will work a marvelous change, something apparently impossible according to human understanding." (2)

This remarkable change will augur the start of "the Sixth Period of the Church – the Status Consolationis [Age of Consolation], which will begin with the Holy Pope and Powerful Emperor and terminate with the birth of Antichrist (Apoc. 3:7-10).

"This will be an age of solace, wherein God will console His Church after the many mortifications and afflictions she had endured in the Fifth Period, for all nations will be brought to the unity of the True Catholic Faith." (3)

A great leader sent by God

This era will be ushered in a by a layman, a great Monarch or Leader: “There will be a great and holy Pope, and a powerful Leader, who will come to earth as the envoy of God to put an end to disorder. ...


A Great Monarch will end the Revolution & usher in the Age of Consolation

"He will root up every Republic. He will submit all things to his authority and will show great zeal for the true Church of Christ. All heresies will be banished into Hell. The empire of the Mohamedans will be overthrown to its foundation, and his dominion will extend from East to West.

"All nations will come and will worship the Lord in the one true Catholic Faith. Many righteous men will flourish, and many learned men will arise. Men will love justice and righteousness, and peace will dwell on the whole earth. For the Omnipotent will bind Satan for many years, until the advent of the one who is to come – the son of perdition [the Antichrist]." (4)

Of great interest is Ven. Holzhauser's prediction of a new Council, which we surmise will have the task of undoing the destruction worked by Vatican II and unmaking the false saints named by the conciliar Popes, who will have to be officially condemned by the Holy Pope to come:

"No one will be able to pervert the word of God since during the Sixth Period. There will be an Ecumenical Council that will be the greatest of all Councils. By the grace of God, by the power of the great Monarch, by the authority of the holy Pontiff and by union of all the most devout princes, Atheism and every heresy will be banished from the earth. The Council will define the true sense of Holy Scripture and this will be beloved and accepted by everyone.” (5)

A mighty Monarch & an enlightened Pope

In another prophecy in his Commentary on Chapter X of the Apocalypse, Ven. Holzhauser points again to "the mighty Monarch and an enlightened Pope."


The holy Pope will call the greatest of Church Councils

The mighty Angel who comes down from Heaven (Apoc 10: 1-7) with his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the earth is "the lofty description of that mighty Monarch sent by God. He is a mighty Angel, for no one can resist him, the envoy of God. He will come down from Heaven ...

"The rainbow about his head denotes that he will bring peace to the whole earth. The solar luster of his brow signifies the splendor of his glory, his honor, his holiness, his talents, so that all princes will follow his example. The fiery pillars symbolize the vast extent of his power and fire of his religious zeal ...

"The spread of the Church over all countries will take place by the instrumentality of this strong Monarch, and before the destruction of the world, Christianity will be preached to all the nations of the earth, as foretold in Mt 24:4, Is 2:2, Mich 4:2." (6)

This godly and powerful Leader will be assisted by a holy and divinely enlightened Pope. Ven. Holzhauser says: "And another Angel came out of the Temple, crying with a loud voice to him that sat upon the cloud, 'Thrust in thy sickle and reap, because the hour is come to reap for the harvest of the earth is ripe' (Apoc 14:15)

"This Angel of the Lord," he explains, "is that great and holy Pope who, moved by God, will cry out of the sanctuary of the Church to that mighty Monarch to root out the tares of wickedness, for the harvest is over-ripe; the measure of sins and abominations is overflowing.


The Angel who will reap the earth
will be an enlightened & holy Pope

"Instructed by a divine revelation, the holy Pope will, by communicating the same, stir up the hearts of princes to a common war, and God will touch the hearts of the warriors so that, animated with one spirit, they will all adhere to the mighty Monarch." (7)

In another of his visions, Ven. Holzhauser saw two mighty thrones that overshadowed the whole earth, where on sat the mighty Monarch and the Holy Pope, the supreme representatives of the spiritual and temporal powers. (8)

As in the Middle Ages, the balance of powers will be restored, with the Pontiff ruling supreme over the spiritual sphere, and the Monarch over the temporal sphere. It will be the restoration of Christian Civilization.

This Sixth Period, or the Age of Solace, coincides perfectly with that long period of peace which Scriptures announce will come after a great Chastisement from Heaven, when Muslims will be defeated and Jews will be converted.

Ven. Holzhauser affirms that the Jews will indeed be converted at the start of this period, after the great Chastisement: “The Sixth Epoch of the World, which commences with the emancipation of the people of Israel and the restoration of the Temple and of the city of Jerusalem, will endure until the [Second] Coming of Jesus Christ…

Thus is this Age to come the complete and glorious triumph of Christ in His Church and in society. It is the restoration of Christian Civilization predicted by St. Louis de Montfort as the Reign of Mary, a time of flourishing of the Church such as never has been known in History. In True Devotion to Mary, St. Louis stated that, to establish this period, “the Almighty God and His Holy Mother are to raise up great saints who will surpass in holiness most other saints as much as the cedars of Lebanon tower above little shrubs.” (9)

Age of Desolation

Only at the end of this long period of peace will come the Seventh Epoch, the Age of Desolation, which will be the fall of the Reign of Mary and the coming of the Antichrist. This terrible apostasy will lead to the Last Judgment and the end of the World.

second coming

The Second Coming & Last Judgment will take place only after a long period of peace

Ven. Holzhauser writes that in this age the apostasy from the Faith will be general, and then will time come unto its end. To this period corresponds the seventh day of Creation, when God concluded His work and celebrated the Sabbath. So will God close the work of spiritual Creation with His Second Coming and the Final Judgment.

What will cause the fall of the Reign of Mary? Ven. Holzhauser points to a lack of vigilance and general lukewarmness, the same vices that brought an end to Fourth Age, the Middle Ages:

"The evils of this age will be lukewarmness in Faith – coldness of love – perturbation of public order - folly on the part of pastors and rulers, who will be like unto autumn trees without fruit – wandering stars and rainless clouds." (10)

Ven. Holzhauser placed the battle of Enoch and Elias, and their subsequent deaths and resurrection in this last period. After his triumph, the Antichrist will attempt a mock ascension from Mount Olivet but will be precipitated to the earth and swallowed up alive into Hell.

After the death of Antichrist, the German seer affirms, the time will be short. The agonies of the dying world will come to an end with the blast of the Archangel's trumpet.



Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser

According to Ven Holzhauser, then, today we are living through the end of the Fifth Age of the world, which is the Latter Times. It is not yet the End Times, which be the Seventh Age of the world.

The Fifth Age that will end in a great Chastisement will give way to the Sixth Age, which will be the greatest and most glorious triumph of the Church in all its History. It will be a long period, the thousand years foretold in Scriptures when due glory will be given to Christ on earth as well as in Heaven.

At the end of this period will come the Great Apostasy, the Seventh Age, which will see the rise of the Antichrist, the greatest persecution of all Church History and the End Times, that is, the end of the world as we know it, to be replaced by “new heavens and a new earth” (2 Pet. 3:13).

It seems of interest for the English speaking world to know the fate of England in the predictions of Ven. Holzhauser, who had a burning desire to see the conversion of that country that was once the Dowry of Mary.

Therefore, in the next article, I will look at the destiny of England in the Latter Times.

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