Women and Men in Society

Women & men in society

catholic Balancing Work for Men & Women in the Home
The feminine man and masculine woman - how did it happen?

catholic Vulgarity & Distinction in the Political Life of the West
A growing tendency to please the masses & forget the dignity of office

catholicA Brief Guide for Wedding Receptions - Part 1
Setting the proper tone of sacrality

catholicA Brief Guide for Wedding Receptions - Part 2
Catholic norms for music, dancing and toasting

catholicExcellence of the Catholic Gentleman & Lady
A state of life born from constant sacrifice

catholicThe Mass Production of Zombies
The result of the violence and immorality on the web

catholicThe Twilight of Refinement
Reflections of a father on a decaying culture

catholicThe Disappearance of Men
The father's role diminished in the home & ridiculed by television

catholicSkating Champions Yesterday and Today
Timeless fashion and style replaced by gross immodesty

catholicThe Four Temperaments: Part 1
Good qualities and defects of the sanguine and melancholic temperaments

catholicThe Four Temperaments: Part 2
Understanding the choleric and plegmatic temperaments

catholicThe Home-or-Career Dilemma for a Mother
Church and Papal teaching on the role of the mother in the family

catholicToday’s Irresponsible Fathers
The disastrous syndrome of fathers without authority

catholicWomen in Sports: Natural and Unnatural Challenges to Purity
It also spells an end to the delicacy and decorum proper to women

catholicMore Important than a Football Victory
Common sense tell us aggressive sports are not for girls

catholicThe Role of Authority in the Family
Treating your son like an equal may be "in," but your authority suffers

catholicHepburn and Mephistopheles
Her legacy: feminism, bad character and immorality tauted as good

catholicMothers or Pre-Schools?
Children need maternal affection and care that institutions can't provide

catholicWomen in the Middle Ages
Strong women who never lost their femininity or Catholic spirit

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