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The Mass Production of Zombies

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

The pollution of violent / macabre video games and online pornography are psychological moral poisons to today's manhood. They apparently are made to foster manhood, but actually, by hypertrophying it, they atrophy it.

When I was young, I heard about parents who would catch their son smoking on the sly and tell him, “Well, if you want to smoke, sit here and smoke this entire package (20 cigarettes) in front of me.” This would make the boy nauseated and he would never smoke again. Something similar is being applied by the controllers of the entertainment industry and worldwide web regarding violence and pornography. They are producing an indifferent man.

It is leading in our days to the disappearance of men, as Dario McDarby noted sometime ago, in an article posted on this site.

The Revolution changes the 60s' man

Let us see how the technological revolution is affecting young men of our days, changing, so to speak, their very make-up.

German youth at Catholic Days 1954

German youth at Catholic Days in 1954
As an example of revolutionary tactics, two pictures show us how the Revolution influences man. (2)

In the first picture we see German Catholic students who participated in Katholikentag (Catholic Days) of 1954. Dr. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira describes their manly demeanor:

“The faces here express the habit of concentration and study, created by a profoundly serious intellectual formation that begins in primary school. They have a physical vigor resulting from the training of the body, contained within just limits and without the exaggeration of the sports-mania so common to our times. Their frames have a bearing that excludes every kind of softness and makes us see in these young men not only future intellectuals, but also men disposed for action and combat."'

Elvis Presley

A new model of man, irrational & unrestrained
The second picture of the young Elvis Presley, juxtaposed, portrays what can be termed the exact opposite. Prof. Plinio describes this transformation:

"Everything about the bearing, gestures and physiognomy of this young man indicates the total unleashing of the sensibility so as to bring the will entirely in subjection to it...

“He presents nothing more than a vibration of nerves, of nerves that are sick and overexcited and that vibrate without any reason, without a point of departure and without any objective other than the perverse pleasure of vibrating. In its turn, this frenzy generates continually greater vibrations... In short, if a drunk were to sing and dance, he would do it in an agonizing way like this."

The hypertrophy of emotions led to an atrophy of the use of reason, the principal characteristic of man. In the second photo, the singer still look male, notwithstanding his overtly sensual and vulgar attitude.

Let us see now what is the new stage of hypertrophy of sensibility and observe its consequences.

Endangered manhood

I recently came across an article titled "Endangered Dudes," with the subtitle "Whoa, man, social scientists warn that guys are doomed..."(3)

Its thesis turns on the research of a Stanford University psychologist's study that suggests that “guys” may be doomed by their addiction to X-box video games and X-rated video games. One of the more startling conclusion in Philip Zimbardo's The Demise of Guys: “Video games and online pornography could kill you.”

video porn addict

The porn addict craves solitude
The young man addicted to these excitations craves solitude, the harmful solitude of imbalance and sin.  These vices are corrupting and eventually destroying countless male young men.

The victim craves solitude to play his video games and watch porno films. He wants no social activity. His inexorable need is to be alone with his machine. Elaine Brady, a certified sex addiction therapist in San Jose, California, put it this way:

"Every generation thinks kids are going to hell in a hand basket. The big difference here is these kids' brains are being rewired. These compulsive behaviors and poor impulse control do lifelong damage that is not easily going to be repaired." (4)

Author Zimbardo concurs that this damage is being done. He refers to the same "rewiring," and points to a study reporting boys four to five times more likely than girls to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and 30 % more likely to drop out of high school and college. One reason is that young men are now spending a large percentage of every day in a digital world. He notes, “They are playing video games, watching porn, doing YouTube, texting, watching sports – and most of it alone." (5)

This video games and porn addiction is producing a generation of completely abulic, apathetic, zombiefied males, youths who are unwilling – and often unable – to enter into real-life relationships, school and employment.

young men playing video games

Violent video games hypertrophy emotions, later they create indifference
Another study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that "regular porn users are more likely to report depression and poor physical health than non-users are. ... The reason is that porn may start a cycle of isolation." (6)

Similarly, video games addicts are often desensitized to reality and real-life inter-actions with others.

Thus, the hypertrophy of emotions – either the violent / macabre ones caused by video-games or the immoral ones incited by pornography – are generating the destruction of the emotions themselves. These addicted youth are reaching a psychological stage of indifference to every exterior thing and to everything that demands effort and discipline. In short, this final hypertrophy promoted by the Revolution is quickly eroding the male identity.

Looking at the pictures above of the computer-charged youth of our days, we see how different they are from the upright, disciplined masculine figures at the 1954 Catholic Days, men formed to confront the world, not retire in a make-believe world of sex and violence.
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2. Was Youth Made for Heroism or Pleasure,” Catolicismo, No. 72, December 1956
3 Contra Costa Times, July 18, 2012, See also http://www.mercurynews.com/top-stories/ci_21098810/endangered-dudes
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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 10, 2012

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