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Targeting Our Teens - I

Moral vs. Amoral Fashions

James Ward
On a recent talk show two women guests got into a heated discussion on the rightness and wrongness of women’s fashions in public. The selection of the guests turned out to be a major stumbling block in presenting any objective arguments as to the pros and cons of the impact scantily clad mature and young women are having on the morals of our present day society, and, most importantly, where this slippery slope of immodesty is leading us.

modern Mom and teen

A modern mother, at left, transmits bad customs and fashions to her daughter

One of the women came across as a person who had definitive moral values for what in her mind defined modesty. The other woman presented herself unabashedly as an amoral person with no religious standards or constraints for how she decided to appear in public. Her exact quote was: “There is nothing wrong with a woman dressing provocatively, and if I had a daughter it wouldn’t bother me how she dressed!”

By using the word provocative, this woman revealed herself to be without scruples regarding the aggressive way women present themselves in public. Her comments were typical of sexually permissive individuals who are raising an amoral generation of children spoon fed on trash TV, violent video games and pornographic smut.

Under the circumstances, there was no way that the discussion between two women of such diverse cultural standards of morality could arrive at any common ground for assent. The topic of current fashions, however, needs to be discussed among Catholics since they are indicative of the perverse direction our young teenagers are being led by a secular society that wallows in impurity.

Targeting our teens

What took place between those women was an accurate reflection of what my wife and I experienced in preparing high school children for the Sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Confirmation. The manner in which the girls were dressed in coming to class and their overall blasé attitude towards modesty was appalling.


Both the girl and her sponsor are immodestly dressed for Confirmation

After a quick assessment, we realized that these young people had little knowledge of the basic prayers and teachings of the Catholic Church. In truth, for most of them, there already was the acceptance and actual participation in various forms of sexual activity. Accepting homosexuality and same sex "marriage" was nothing more than a natural progression emanating from their own permissive attitude towards sexual activity.

What set the tone for their careless attitude towards proper deportment was the poor example of their own mothers, grandmothers and female teachers who continue to disregard the basics of Catholic Morals and modesty and who flaunt their femininity by wearing the latest in revealing fashions. Unfortunately, this is the reality of what exists today in our permissive society.

All these girls follow the models they see in movies and the television, and each of them has constructed an ideal where she will one day broadcast her feminine charms for large audiences. This implicit ideal promoted by the Revolution and accepted without any intelligent counter-attack from the members of the Conciliar Church is so devastating that it has reached the point that it now holds primacy over Catholic morality and the usual way of dressing and behaving of a dignified woman.

Even with women actively involved in parish administration and ministry, there is an unbelievable proliferation of blatant disrespect in the way they dress, especially for Holy Mass and various Church functions. They think nothing of dressing in tight pants, low-cut or tight fitting blouses that are not unlike the unblushing exhibitionism of a street walker.


Feminine and dignified dresses for mother and daughter

What sadness! The pearls of femininity reserved for a loving husband, wantonly displayed to all strangers. This self-adulation of the female body is a pernicious form of narcissism. It is an in-your-face brazen offense to Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother who on many occasions expressed their sorrow for the modern day customs and fashions. They are especially outraged when immoral fashions are worn before the Blessed Sacrament.

Independent of these grave consequences, self-adulation of the human body is an act of idolatry: A grievous sin against the First Commandment of God.

There is a difference in dressing to look dignified and dressing to raise sexual desires. All women know the difference! So why do some women come to Church in sex-appeal dresses? I don’t know the complete answer, but I am inclined to think it has to do with the revolutionary “liberation” of woman preached by feminism, which has metastasized into a disregard of religious morals and a willful adhesion to sexual license.

With certainty, the fashions of today manifest a disintegration of Christian decency to the gutter level of pagan promiscuity. In some cases it may be ignorance, especially among young girls newly arriving at the age of feminine maturity.

But what about the mothers who themselves wear sex-appeal clothing? Young girls will always emulate the example of their mothers. Dressing immodestly promotes lust not only in men, but also induces other women to imitate such fashions. The flaunting of one’s feminine charms is nothing more than a wanton expression of impurity that no woman calling herself a Catholic has a right to have.

But, where is all this sexual permissiveness leading us, and how far has it already taken us?

I will answer this question in an article to come.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 3, 2014

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