Manners, Customs, Clothing

Medieval and Renaissance Dresses

catholic How to De-Modernize My Life?
TIA gives advice on marriage & the home

catholic Can Catholics Dance?
There are strict limits to what is legitimate

catholic Tattoos Always Open the Door of the Soul to the Devil
Satanism: behind every tattoo – be it a rose or a dragon

catholic Keeping Warm in the Winter
Examples of ladies' winterwear that is lovely & warm

catholic What Is Wholesome Recreation for Exhausted Catholics?
TIA responds with examples of how to refresh oneself in lesure time

catholicIs Modesty in Dress for Women Relative?
The same moral principles apply to all ages

catholic Wrestling for Catholic Men and Boys?
It needs a new mode of dress & a patron saint

catholicBicycles for Women?
It became a tool to achieve liberation for early feminists

catholic What Is the Church's Stance on Mixed Swimming?
St. Cyprian of Carthage lays out the principles

catholic Shaved Hairstyles for Women: A Rejection of the Natural Order
A move toward transgenderism & transhumanism

catholic Are Shorts ever Appropriate for Men?
TIA presents a brief history of shorts for men & answers 'No'

catholic Establishing a Spirit of Order, Prayer & Duty in a Catholic Home
Practical advice for a father of a family

catholic Striving for Order & Decorum at Mealtime
Serving meals well in the context of a family

catholic What Should Men Wear for Farm Work & Hard Labor?
Dress with dignity to respect yourself as a manual laborer

catholic The Design of the Family & Life in Society - 3
Affection must be combined with admiration

catholic Our First Duties to Society Are Our Duties to Our Parents - 2
The Martins & Mama Margharita: sound home life that formed saints

catholic A Thank You to the Urbanity Manual - 1
Sound formation and stable homelife given by the Martins and Mama Margharita

catholic The Catholic Approach to Hiking

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   Hiking in the Middle Ages
                  “So nature excites them in their hearts”

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   Hiking: Romanticism & Wanderlust
                  A response to the Industrial Revolution & Enlightenment

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   Dressing with Dignity on Excursions
                  Countering and combatting the egalitarian trend in dress spirit

catholic Company-Keeping without the Intention of Marriage Is Wrong
Dating for fun goes against good tradition & Church teaching

catholic Should Lay Celibates Have Short Hair?
Single women can be detached from the world & have long hair

catholic Is Ms. a Feminist Term?
Yes, let us avoid the feminist-inspired term

catholic Are Bare Legs for Women Revolutionary?
The entrenched trend is immodest, casual and inelegant

catholic A Diamond Won by the Law of Hospitality
The Koh-I-Noor and the turban swap

catholic For Introductions, Who Takes the First Step, Man or Woman?
Follow the old rules & avoid the egalitarian dating game

catholic The Needless Mania to Make Everything Equal
The masculinization of women infiltrated the equestrian world

catholic The Divorce of the Cup & Saucer - Abandoning the Saucer - Part 1
A modern revolutionary trend in tableware to abandon the saucer

catholic The Saucer in France & England - Abandoning the Saucer - Part 2
The good custom started in China, and was refined in France

catholic Polish TFP Conforming to the Revolution
Its magazine cover photo sends a relativist message

catholic Under Angel Wings: Protection at the Beach
An instructive episode from the life of Cecy Cony

catholic Intimacy & Distinction in the Austrian Imperial Family Life
A balanced and dignified familiarity represented in a painting

catholic The History of the Tie

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   Fashion, the Necktie & the Revolution
                  Origin, progress & devolution of the tie in men's clothing

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   The Necktie: Symbol & Uniform of the Counter-Revolution
                  Hierarchy & sacrality vs. egalitarianism & vulgarity

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   Answering Objections to the Use of the Necktie
                  Vanity, comfort, elitism – excuses for the modern egalitarian spirit

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 4 -   Liberalism & Other Thoughts on the Necktie
                  Counter-revolutionary in church & revolutionary everywhere else?

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 5 -   World Leaders Moving to Abolish the Necktie
                  After 150 years, a change is in motion

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 6 -   Disappearance of the Necktie at Weddings & Galas
                  Suits and even tuxedos sans neckties...

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 7 -   Disappearance of the Necktie at Horse Races & Performances
                  Elegant occasions become infected by the casual virus

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 8 -   Disappearance of the Necktie in the University & Church
                  Hatred for inequalities marks the entire Forum

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 9 -   Disappearance of the Necktie in Public & Professional Life
                  Contrast how men dressed past & present at work, travel, dining

catholic Dolan Socializes, Vatican Choir Sings at Blasphemous Met Gala
Celebrities make a mockery of Catholic prelates & symbols

catholic Masculinity & Extravagance in the Modern Female Profile
Women with the air of girls vs. youth with the gravity of women

catholic ‘Bye, I Love You’
Trivializing important and meaningful words...

catholic The Habit and the Monk
A man's clothing should reflect his profession & state of life

catholicAre Culottes Revolutionary?
Their unusual history and how & why they were adopted by women

catholic Returning to Old Ways of Staying Warm
An experiment leads a couple to medieval dress for winter warmth

catholicClothing for Men & Clothing for Children
The casual dress of the modern 'big boy'

catholicClothing, the Mirror of an Epoch
Men's attire reflects the values of the whole society

catholic What about Krampus Night?
The revived Alpine Christmas custom takes a pagan Satanic turn

catholicThe Problematic Hospital Gown
Yes, there are alternatives for the scanty standard gown

catholicCatholic Imagery in Today’s Fashions
The impact of modern fashion on the Catholic Faith

catholicTargeting Our Teens - Part 1
Moral vs. amoral fashions

catholicTargeting Our Teens - Part 2
The price paid for permissiveness

catholicWhat about Short Hair for Women?
When the trend started and what its revolutionary purpose is

catholicThe Tired Argument against Aristocracy
School uniforms promote healthy diversity and individuality

catholicWhat Happened to the Titles Mr. and Mrs.?
The counter-revolutionary duty to retain titles of respect & courtesy

catholicMexican Customs & Manners in the U.S.
Following good protocol makes family life serene and Catholic

catholic Command versus Influence
How tennis shoes are being imposed on society

catholic A Courtesy Born of Charity
A whole doctrine of nobility of soul expressed in the The Surrender of Breda

catholic Modesty in Dress at Church
A 'gentle reminder' to the congregation with guidelines from Card. Sbaretti

catholicThe Resurgence of the Curtsy
How to curtsy gracefully and when to do so

catholic‘Everything Is Reflected in the Eyes’
Analyzing the gazes of Dom Guéranger and St. Philip Neri

catholicWho Is the Tyrant?
Catholics who supposedly set puritannical standards of dress

catholicNo to Rodeo Girls, Yes to Escaramuza
A charming mix of skillful riding and feminine grace

catholicImmodest Trends in Maternity Wear
The duty to oppose the shameless new fashions

catholicSunday in Austria, Russia and the United States
Excerpt from The Story of the Trapp Family Singers

catholicWhy Not a Handkerchief?
Please ignore Sebelius' order to sneeze into your sleeve

catholicRefinement and Sanctity
Good treatment and excellent manners come from Catholic virtue

catholicQuestions on Bridal Wear
Countering modern trends in wedding gowns

catholicPlease Say Children, Not Kids
Don't make concessions to revolutionary slang

catholicThe Debutante Ball in Laredo
The charm and prestige of tradition at the Martha Washington Ball

catholicBlasphemy against the Most Holy Virgin Mary
In the Spring 2007 fashion collection by Gaultier

catholicThe Importance of the Greeting
The proper greeting when meeting friends in the street or workplace

catholicWhy Do Only Women Have to Dress Well?
A man's clothing should reflect his profession and dignity

catholicDressing Well: Vanity or Virtue?
A false virtue can lead us to dirtiness and barbarism

catholicTradition, Stagnation and Progress
What is the value of the customs received from our ancestors?

catholicThe Imitation of Christ Collection: A Subversive Message in Fashion
The new collection promotes a communist way of dressing

catholicWhy Are These Girls Screaming?
The hysteria for rock stars is now found in papal audiences

catholicEating Alone
You should eat with civility, and not like a hippy

catholicManners Make Life Easier
Understand the meaning of manners and have a more bearable life

catholicIs Being Frank Always Advisable?
"Saying the truth" alienates friends and relatives more than you imagine

catholicCourtesy: An Essential Element of the Catholic Home
On courtesy and etiquette for children and adults

catholicQuestions and Answers on Fashion in Women's Clothing
What is the Catholic position regarding the "evolving" fashions?

catholicLanguage is the Dress of Thought
George Washington and good manners

catholicStyles Reflect the Moral Profiles of Peoples and Epochs
St. Terese of Lisieux and the blue jeans

catholicA Black-out on Black Clothing
Why is black dominating in fashion?

catholicGood Customs Fit with Good Principles
Be consistent - let your ideas translate into customs

catholicFast Food Is Protestant
An erroneous individualism influences the dinner ambience

catholicHow to Address Priests and Religious: Titles and Signs of Respect
Know the proper protocol of the Church

catholicSt. Pius X on Priestly Dignity and Propriety
The propriety of priests, Bishops and Popes before and after Vatican II

catholicChristendom or Tribalism
The Young Church 2000 in Los Angeles

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