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Don’t Give Your Vital Organs - Part II

Well Prepared Propaganda to Get Organs
from the Victims’ Families

Randy Engel

Although organs can be taken from living persons of all ages, the most desirable candidates for vital organ transplantation are young adults between the ages of 16 and 30, simply because they generally have the healthiest organs. Teenagers are especially prone to risk-taking behaviors, and the organ donor industry has acknowledged this fact by targeting them as potential organ donors using special programs in high schools and State auto license bureaus to encourage young people to "give the gift of life" without providing them with informed consent on the true nature of organ transplantation.

A healthy beating heart or other vital organ brings an average of $24,000 and the body of a 'brain dead' donor, an average of $70,000. In a single year, recipients of vital organs or their insurance companies will pay out over $3 billion to the organ donor industry. It should be noted that in addition to major organs, there is a large international market and black market for other spare body parts provided by hospitals, funeral parlors, morgues and crematoriums. A single body can provide several hundred people with organs, tissues, corneas, ligaments, etc. One thing, however, is clear. Donor families do not receive any monetary benefit from their ‘gift of life.’

The role of the designated requester

The federal government has been deeply involved in promoting organ donation and there are currently at least 63 donor agencies that have been approved by the federal government to procure vital organs for transplantation. These donor agencies have in turn spawned a huge bureaucratic network that drives the organ donor industry. Among the key players in this bureaucracy is the "designated requester."

An advertisement for organ donation

A propaganda appealing to sentimentalism induces people to volunteer to be killed before their death
In 1998, the federal government passed a provision mandating that physicians, nurses, chaplains and other health care workers may not speak to a family of a potential organ donor without first obtaining approval from the Regional Organ Retrieval System. If the potential for transplantation exists, a trained "designated requester" visits with the family of the patient first, including families that adamantly oppose organ donation.

Studies have shown that these professional ‘designated requesters’ have a high success rate for obtaining permission for organ donations from grieving family members. This is because they are trained to ‘sell’ the concept of organ donation, using emotionally-laden phrases such as ‘giving the gift of life,’ ‘your loved one's heart will live on in someone else,’ and other similar platitudes, all empty of true meaning.

According to Bernice Jones of the Life Guardian Foundation:
The script delivered to the ‘donor's’ family has been well orchestrated and rehearsed. ...The ‘request,’... has been painstakingly developed through a process in which actors/actresses have been employed to simulate the shock, grief and despair of the patient's loved ones! ...

Understand, in the midst of a sudden and tragic accident when the patient's loved ones are severely stressed and traumatized, [they] are approached and the ‘request’ is made! Under no other circumstance is it deemed an ‘appropriate time’ for a patient's loved one to be forced to make a decision under such duress! ...

Under the sterile, polished and gleaming exterior of the ‘gift of life’ is an ugly, horrifying truth!

Without the ‘knowledge and consent’" of the patient or the patient's family members and loved ones, the ICU has been transformed into a keeper of organs! The ‘patient,’ having committed no crime, is condemned to death! The ICU ward is, in effect, death row as the ‘organ donor’ undergoes hours, sometimes days, of torturous treatment utilized as a container of "spare parts!" ... until such time a convenient death has been orchestrated and designated! (1)
Mrs. Jones can speak with authority because her young son, Brandon, had suffered an accidental gunshot wound to the head and was declared ‘brain dead’ upon arrival at the hospital, and because he had signed on as an organ donor on his driver's license, was immediately prepared for the removal of his organs which was accomplished some 19 to 20 hours later. (2) At this point, Brandon Jones was truly dead.

Do you carry an organ donor opt-out card?

No human being should have to face the ignominious death that Brandon Jones experienced, and the ongoing living hell the Jones family was forced to endure once the official hospital records revealed the truth - that Brandon was truly alive and not dead after the accident, and in fact, had fought to live, up to the very time he was dissected on the operating table.

a box checked NO

Be sure you have an opt-out card
As more and more Americans learn the truth about evil of vital organ transplantation and the number of ‘voluntary’ donors declines, it is likely that State legislatures will be pressured into implementing ‘presumed consent’ legislation that will make organ transplantation mandatory unless the individual has declared his opposition to organ transplantation by carrying an opt-out card. (3)

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Every American, especially young adults, needs to carry an opt-out card signed by two witnesses in their wallet or purse .... And as the familiar ad says .... Don't leave home without it. Your life or that of your loved one may depend upon it.

1. The text of Bernice Jones' statement in defense of Randy Engel's criticism of vital organ transplantation is available here or from the author at rrvte61@comcast.net.
2. "Bernice's Story : In the Presence of Evil" at http://lifeguardianfoundation.org/
3. Opt-out medical directive cards are available for $2.00 each from the U.S.C.L., Box 315, Export, PA 15632. Please indicate which format, Catholic or Protestant, you would like.
Randy Engel is Director of U.S. Coalition for Life
This article was first published in
Catholic Family News and in Renew America

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 6, 2010

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