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Ireland, the Isle of Murderers

Phillip Mericle
On Friday, May 25, 2018, the people of Ireland voted to remove their laws against abortion. Prior to this, the 8th amendment to the Irish Constitution guaranteed that the life of an unborn child was just as valuable as the life of the mother. This outcome will effectively legalize abortion on demand, leaving Malta the only country in Europe to have full prohibition anti-abortion laws. The America's are little better; El Salvador and Nicaragua are the only countries still banning abortion under any circumstance.

pro abortion voters waving and screaming in Dublin

Pro-abortion voters celebrating
in Dublin after the vote

This tragedy, this act of sheer undiluted barbarism, is indicative of the ignorance, the depravity and the abject moral bankruptcy of modern society, as well as a delirious refusal to come to grips with reality.

To that third of Irish voters who resisted making abortion legal, you have my deepest praise. To the rest of Ireland, you have my condemnation.

Contradictory moves

The Irish campaign was led by leftist ideology with its socialist activists, including feminists and even LGBT propagandists.

The “Repeal” movement tirelessly proclaimed, using the health excuse, that a woman needs protection from the complications of bad pregnancies. A sophomoric argument, since worldwide the number of abortions for health reasons or other so-called “hard cases” is proportionally miniscule. In the United States alone over 95% of abortions are performed for social or professional conveniences and not for reasons of health. To Ireland's east, in Great Britain, the “stringent” abortion laws are so easily circumvented that less than 1% of abortions are performed to save the life of the mother.

For fetuses with disabilities the statistics are even more appalling: There are countries where nearly 100% of fetuses testing positive for Down Syndrome are aborted, even if there are only some days before their natural birth.

A shrine to Savita Halappanavar

A shrine to Savita made to exploit emotions
& favor abortion

The liberal left constantly demands “rights” in the name of “equality,” “acceptance” and “tolerance,” yet it refuses to accept the most basic right of all: the right of a child to be alive. Why is it that the left universally rejects those who are truly the most disadvantaged group in society – the unborn children – denying them even the title of person?

In Ireland the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar, who died from a septic miscarriage complications, was exploited to fuel the discontent of feminist ideologues. Halappanavar, however, died from doctor malpractice; her treatment would have been legal under existing Irish medical protocol. Even Catholic moral law permits extraordinary procedures in such a rare case as hers, yet this fact was consistently neglected and distorted by the left, which was determined to use her tragic death as a pretense to pass laws that will allow for the slaughter of untold thousands.

The left presents one death as a tragedy, but the death of one million unborn children is for them just a statistic.

Existence necessitates responsibility

Existence entails responsibility; it is impossible to exist and have no effect on the world around us. As such, all actions bear consequences, and these consequences are spiritual, moral and biological.

Irish homosexual sodomites protesting in favor of Abortion against pro-lifers

Irish sodomites siding with the pro-abortion forces
face off pro-lifers

Children are the natural and foreseeable consequence of intimacy between the sexes. It is, indeed, the biological function of intimacy to produce offspring. Yet, here we live in an era where women, in their frantic hysteria to avoid responsibility for their actions, deny to their children-to-be their most fundamental human right of all: the right to life itself.

“Accidental pregnancy” is an absurdity. Pregnancy results from actions whose specific biological function is reproduction. Pregnancies are not accidental; they are unwanted, but not wanting another person is no grounds to justify a child's murder.

A crime that cries to Heaven

In the interviews given on the referendum, shame frequently was mentioned. Women felt shame for procuring abortions. They feel shame if they are promiscuous, shame for unwanted pregnancies and shame for ending those pregnancies by abortions. This referendum has been heralded as a signal that Irish women are casting off their shame and liberating themselves from the chains of guilt.

But, I ask those women: From whence did your shame derive? Was the reason for shame legitimate or not? Why do you feel shame if what you were doing was correct, and if it was not correct, why do you demand the right to do such things now?

They toy with the power to create life; then they demand the right to terminate the life of the child that results from their actions. The media and the world applaud them for it, but who speaks out for those who die because of it?


Such a shameful act made by nearly two-thirds of the Irish voters seems to call for a"J'accuse!" duly made below:

I accuse Pope Francis for saying NOTHING against the abolition of anti-abortion laws in Ireland;

Pope Francis smiles and urges prayers for Africa the Sunday after Ireland's fall

I accuse the Bishops for not making any effective action to save the anti-abortion laws;

I accuse the Association of Catholic Priests (ACP) for their impuissant statement and those weak priests who did NOT use their pulpits to fight feticide;

I accuse the politicians of Ireland for abandoning the defense of human life and leaving the “No” campaign without a mote of political representation;

I accuse women: the women who are so desperate in their delirious hysteria to escape reproach that they are ready to make the “choice” to pretend they are not murdering the defenseless unborn children of their own wombs.

I accuse men; men who, also in their eagerness to escape responsibility, have become so ethically bankrupt that they stand by and encourage the world around them to slip into a blood-drenched insanity. If you think you are exempt before God and man from this guilt because feminists claim child murder is a “Women’s issue,” then you are woefully mistaken.

An end to Catholic Ireland

A statue of St. Patrick with his back to the setting sun

Ireland turned its back to St. Patrick

All the hysterical emotions, fallacious arguments and horrific rationalization that the human mind can conjure do not escape one fundamental question: Do we have the right to exterminate an innocent human life or not?

It is appalling that after two millennia of refining theology and philosophy, our society once again has to ask this fundamental question. It is even more horrific that society answers “yes.”

Ireland was a country once hailed as the Isle of Saints. Now, it is joining the rest of the pagan world in becoming a land of child murdering womanizers and sluts.

In conclusion, I remind the Irish “Yes” voters to contemplate your contradiction: You have the “choice” to make a fatal decision about your unborn’s lives because your parents did not make that choice about yours.

Truth remains truth no matter how many reject it.

History is ashamed of you. St. Patrick must be ashamed of Ireland.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 1, 2018

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