Homosexuality and the Clergy
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Levada: ‘Homosexuality Is Different from Pedophilia’ - Refutation

Randy Engel
On Monday, February 25, 2013, at St. Patrick's Seminary in Menlo Park, California, Card. William Levada gave a media conference at which he defended the presence of retired Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony at the upcoming papal conclave in Rome. Readers of The Rite of Sodomy will recall that St. Patrick's Seminary was where the now deceased homosexual predator Bishop Joseph Ferrario used to bring his young prey David Figueroa for homosexual liaisons.

Cardinal Levada addressing the seminarians and staff of St. Patrick's seminary

Card. Levada delivers his speech to seminarians and staff at St. Patrick's Seminary

seminarians and staff at St. Patricks seminary

So it appears a bit hypocritical that Card. Levada would use the same location as an occasion to defend the Homosexual Revolution, clerical and secular, by claiming that there is a sharp divide between homosexual men and "pedophile priests."

According to Levada, "By nature homosexuality is a not a predatory activity, it is a sexual activity that the Catholic Church does not condone." By contrast, he states "pedophile priests are violating the sanctity and purity of young people."

Liar, liar, pants on fire, Card. Levada.

How is it possible that the former Archbishop of San Francisco, the Sodom of the Pacific, and the former Prefect for the Congregation for the Faith which routinely deals with clerical sex abuse cases against minors and vulnerable adults can argue that homo sex is not predatory sex?

I understand that the nature of homo sex can be analyzed from many different perspectives including "unnatural sex," "neurotic sex," "pseudo sex," "masochistic sex," "depersonalized sex," "exploitive sex," and "profane sex." But for now, let's examine homo sex as "predatory sex."

The Homosexual Revolution recruits like the Army. Individual homosexuals proselytize and seduce new recruits. For the homosexual, every male is a potential homosexual, either overt, latent or suppressed.

In the words of psychiatrist Dr. Samuel Nigro, "homosexuals colonize and recruit as if by 'binary fission' both in and out of the workplace to produce a state of 'homo-toxicity.'" At the collective level, he says, "Homosexuals infiltrate and metastasize, taking over any and every group possible by a compounding of their cognitive defects."

So much for Lie #1.

As for Levada's statement that seeks to separate homosexual priests from "pedophile" priests, let's get our language straight, shall we.

For 2000 years the Catholic Church has always referred to homosexual acts by an adult male against an adolescent boy or young man as pederasty, derived from the Greek paiderastes, literally, a lover of boys. Why does Levada fail to use this traditional term? Why does he refer to "pedophile" priests instead of pederast priests?

Cardinal Mahony at a conclave in Rome

Card. Mahony in Rome waiting his turn to greet the Pope at his resignation meeting with Cardinals 

Is he fearful that the Catholic laity will draw the obvious connection between the "gay clerical mafia" in the Church and the increase in pederastic crimes by clergy and religious?

Is he ignorant of the fact that pederasty has been the most enduring and universal form of homosexuality in the recorded history of mankind?

Has he ever asked himself why the Homosexual Revolution consistently lobbies for lower and lower age-of-consent laws or their removal altogether?

So much for Lie #2 that seeks to divorce adult homosexuality from pederastic crimes.

I could go on and explain in clinical detail the different etiology between pedophilia and pederasty and so forth, but that would be gilding the lily for the purposes of this commentary.

Instead, I find myself asking, "Why does Card. Levada feel an obligation at a public press conference to defend the Homosexual Revolution from its well-documented connection to the crime of pederasty?" It seems to me that if he cannot bring himself to face the truth about sodomites and sodomy, then he should do faithful Catholics everywhere a big favor. He should enjoy his retirement years out of the media spotlight and keep his mouth shut on the subject of homosexuality.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 13, 2013

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