Consequences of Vatican II
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Amazonia Synod – Part III

‘Behold Your New Mother’

Marcos Munhoz, Brazil
One of the ignored consequences of the Amazon Synod is that REPAM (Rede Eclesial Pan-Amazônica – Pan-Amazonian Church Network) is offering Catholic groups a triduum (three days of prayers) to be sung as if it were the Divine Office. Originally these prayers were for the success of the Synod, which ended yesterday, but there are signs that allow me to surmise that these prayers will continue as one of the fruits of the Synod.

hummes francis pachamama

Francis and Card. Hummes before the nude Pachamama idols in a Vatican Garden ceremony

It is sad to see the Divine Office being replaced by a pantheistic triduum.

I will analyze some of its content.

•     The text of the first part to be sung reads: “Everything is inter-connected, as if we all were one. Everything is inter-connected in this Common House.”

So, according to this text, man is inter-connected with nature, the sun, the moon, the trees, the fruits of the land, the symbols of the area, etc. But our connection with Our Lord, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life (Jn 14:6), is forgotten.

•     Another part affirms: “Jesus offers a life with abundance (cf. Jn 10:10), a life filled with God, a life of salvation, which starts and manifests itself in life (bios). In Amazonia life is reflected in its cultures. It is a life that represents divinity and our relationship with it.”

Which divinity is this and what is the relationship we should have with it? It does not seem that this prayer is referring to Our Lord as God, but rather to another divinity in Amazonia. It seems to be a first indirect reference to Mother Earth, which is considered to be the beginning of everything in this region.

•     One of the prayers asks: “For our communities and leaders: That the Synod places us in communion with all the Amazonian peoples and their beliefs, celebrations, customs; and that it inspire practices of respect, dialogue and responsibility that enrich our way of being and make this territory pastoral, we ask You.”

repam photo

REPAM relased photos of natives engaging in the ‘new prayers’ sanctioned by the Synod

The Church is a Communion of Saints, according to the traditional expression that we find in the formulae of the Creed from the 4th century on. The common participation in the means of salvation, especially the Holy Eucharist, is the root of the invisible communion of those who have achieved it (the saints). This communion implies a spiritual solidarity among the members of the Church as members of the same Body and leads to their effective union in charity, thus forming “only one heart and one soul.” (Act 4:32) This communion leads also to a union of prayer, inspired by the same Spirit, the Holy Spirit “who penetrates and unites the entire Church.” (St. Thomas Aquinas, De Veritate, q. 29, a. 4 c.)

In no way this communion is meant to unite Catholics who have the true Faith with the beliefs, celebrations and customs of pagan peoples, as the new prayer affirms. Therefore, there is a flagrant contradiction beteen this prayer and Catholic doctrine.

•     Another prayers reads: “The table will be only one, Mother Earth will be the altar. Nature (Mother Nature) will miraculously provide for our daily needs.”

We have seen in the Synod ceremonies that the principal symbol was a pregnant naked woman, carved in wood. This deity was seen in ceremonies at the Vatican Garden, then in the Vatican Basilica after the inaugural Mass of the Synod, as well as in the “procession” that followed that went to the Synod Hall. There it remained enthroned in a small canoe during many sessions of the Synod. This idol was called Pachamama (Mother Earth) by Pope Francis and Yacy (Mother Nature) by others.

The prayer above affirms that Mother Earth with Nature will provide for our daily needs.

On the contrary, the Catholic Church teaches us to pray to the Most Holy Mary, Mother of God, who as Queen of Heaven and Earth is the Mediatrix of all the spiritual and material goods and benefits we receive. Thus the Hymn in the Office of the Immaculate Conception sings:

“Hail, O Virgin Mother, My Lady,
Morning Star and Queen of Heaven,
You are full of grace; hail, pure light,
Take care of the world and all its creatures.
The Lord destined You to be His Mother,
Along everything He created in the oceans, the earth and heavens,
He preserved your Conception
From the stain we received from Adam.”

pachamana traspontina

The idol Pachmama enthroned in the Carmelite Church Santa Maria in Traspontina in Rome; replacing the devotion to Our Lady Star of the Sea

star of the sea
•     At the end of all the prayers, the people say: “Amen, Axé, Awiri.”

These words have different meanings. Amen in the Catholic tradition means: “So be it.”

However, Axé is a word used in the candomblé (Brazilian voodoo) that refers to the sacred force of each of the orixás (devils that incarnate different forces). Responding with this word is tantamount to saying: “The force of the orixás be with you.”

The word Awiri refers to the pipe-smoking ceremony of the pajé (shaman or witchdoctor). According to Indian beliefs, the smoke of that pipe would bring good and curing energies to others. So, when the Indians say Awiri, it is equivalent to affirming: “I wish that you receive the good and healing energies of the smoke.”

•     The ceremony ends with the aspersion of water perfumed with herbs, different from the Catholic practice established by the Church for the faithful to use Holy Water to make the Sign of the Cross at the entrance and exit of the Church.

•     In the final blessing the prayer says: “God of life, You who connect us with all beings of the universe, give us the grace of harmony and fraternal experience in our Common House… and the desire for a full life for all peoples and for the forest. Amen, Axé, Awiri!”

It is clear in this text that God is not considered as distinct from the universe, but both are one integrated reality. In other words, God is immanent in the universe, which is Pantheism.

The conclusion is that we are facing Pantheism installed inside the Catholic Church, and the cult offered to the statue of Mother Earth or Mother Nature during the Synod and in the ceremonies that preceded it can only be idolatry. Otherwise, the words have lost their meanings.

How far removed indeed we are from those times when that multitude of Aztecs converted in Mexico after one of them – the Indian Juan Diego – received the vision of Our Lady of Guadalupe! They all abandoned their Paganism and adopted the Catholic Faith and Christian Civilization.

The Progressivist Church, which is the Conciliar Church, ignores the role of the Mother of God, the Queen of Earth and Heaven, and adopts another mother, Mother Earth. It is from this new mother that its members expect love, assistance and miracles.

It is as if this Vatican II Church were telling us Catholics: “Behold your new mother: Mother Earth.”

Posted October 28, 2019

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