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The Eco-Messianism of the Vatican Synod

Patricio Padilla, Ecuador
It is common for progressivists and socialists who are strident against the “capitalist oppression of the poor” to go on a pilgrimage to socialist-governed countries and return home painting a paradise that is only in their minds. For example, they visit Cuba and praise the communist regime there. They pretend that there is no misery in that country, where the inhabitants of the Island Prison live as pariahs. They don’t see or mention the poor or the prisoners, or have any concern for Cuban immigrants who escaped authentic oppression and persecution.

Francis in Cuba

Francis in Cuba walks under an icon of Che Guevara – no words for the prisoners or refugees –

Even Pope Francis, who is constantly asking support for Muslim immigrants/refugees coming to Europe, when he visited Cuba did not have a single word in favor of the many Cuban refugees – most of them Catholics – who were obliged to flee Cuba because of the communist persecution they suffered. It is a dishonest mirage artificially manufactured to foster the Revolution and Communism and to attack Capitalism. The poor are just a pretext to advance this agenda.

To the same end, the Vatican is building an ecological wall of green information around the immensely rich Amazon rainforest. The thunderous publicity, masterfully articulated and universally disseminated with media marketing strategies, is everywhere today, from parish pulpits to Facebook and ad hoc sites.

It is a veritable tsunami that does not allow analysis or thought,. “Save the Amazon” is a slogan that dominates everything and allows no dissent.

Before the Synod even starts, the proponents of this myth are already exhibiting their trophies, are trumpeting to the world that this will be the most transcendent leap the Church has ever taken. From this perspective, the Incarnation of the Word has no meaning.

In the past the poor were used, under the pretense that they wanted to help them out of their misery. This never succeeded, and everything indicates that they never really wanted it. It is not necessary to be a prophet to predict the sermons at the next Mass: “You have to take from the rich to give to the poor.”

Witch blesses Pope Francis

An Indian witch ‘blesses’ Francis at the Vatican:
A Church with Amazonian face... – El

Suddenly, in a seemingly spontaneous way, the discourse has changed: It is no longer the poverty of the cities that the priests are talking about. Now it is the “evangelical poverty” of the Indians in the jungle that has become the goal. The poor of the cities and countryside have disappeared to bring to the spotlight the poor of the jungle.

We no longer have to rescue anyone from the poverty that allegedly comes from Capitalism, because we have moved beyond the aims of Communism, which is the distribution of wealth. Now clergymen are showing their true intentions without raising their communist fists, because now the ideal toward which they are heading is a tribal misery.

Tribalism is the model. We are invited to go on a “pilgrimage” naked in the jungle, occasionally roasting a rat to eat and enjoying some beetles for dessert, living communally, without being subjected to alienating patriarchal structures. This is the goal of the revolutionary agents or, rather, of the “Catholic missionaries” of the XXI century.

In this maneuver, there is not much consistency. To be a coherent revolution, it should be led by poor religious, leading a poor people; but really, who is the poor here? The organizers of this new phase of the Revolution have vast resources at hand, showed by their manipulation the whole Conciliar Church, the entire media and, of course, organizations like the U.N.

Why not use these resources to help extinguish the fires in Brazil, for example, which until days ago were a driving concern of the international media?

Tribalism and Ecology appear as components of a new messianic era for the Church and for the world.

Posted October 4, 2019

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