Homosexuality and the Clergy
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How Catholic Bishops Accepted Sodomy

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

Several years ago a law was passed in California decriminalizing sodomy, with help from the Catholic Hierarchy. From San Diego News Notes:
"From Bishop John Cummins’ own mouth came the startling revelation that the California Bishops ‘worked behind the scenes’ to pass the ‘consenting adults’ California Bill known as AB489 in 1975. He shared this information at a small gathering coordinated by Fr. Schexnayder's homosexual outreach ministry at Our Lady of Lourdes parish on June 5. What AB489 did was to legalize ‘adulterous cohabitation, oral sex, and sodomy between consenting adults,’ according to an article in The Wanderer (6/23/99), authored by Mike Arata who lives in the Oakland Diocese. Bishop Cummins went to Sacramento in 1971 to lead the California Conference of Bishops at the State capital until he was appointed as Ordinary of Oakland in 1977" (1).
With this welcoming of sodomy by the California Prelate, the following story should not be surprising. This event took place in the Oakland Diocese, where the same Bishop and six priests concelebrated a homosexual-lesbian Mass.
"It wasn’t just the piano player, dressed in a skintight, black, see-through body shirt, iridescent sparkling beads, gold earring, white Levis, and a broad-brimmed Panama hat, pounding out the cocktail music; and it wasn't just the specially designed rainbow banners; and it wasn't just the gay ‘security troops’ marching around the church with their cellular phones and walkie-talkies; and it wasn't just the homosexual and lesbian couples walking hand in hand, with their children in tow; and it wasn't just the aging Dignity aficionados in their too-small Dignity T-shirts: but all combined to create a ‘queer atmosphere’ that signifies Amchurch's evolution into a façade for the homosexual movement" (2).
Fr Rich Danyluk declares his homosexuality

Fr. Rich Danyluk declared his homosexuality during a Mass
It is interesting that during the Arian heresy, the divine tradition committed to the infallible Church was proclaimed and maintained far more by the faithful than by the Episcopate. The Progressivist heresy, however, has saturated the laity as well as the Episcopate. Consider this example reported in 2006:
"Last September, Fr. Rich Danyluk announced from the pulpit that he is a homosexual. It happened at St. Joseph Basilica in Alameda in the San Francisco Bay Area ... He recounted this story: ‘About two years ago his [Fr. Rich's] aunt was dying ... He arrived at her deathbed. He sat next to her and she started to cry, finally telling the priest, her nephew, she was gay.

“ ‘I'm so afraid I'm going to Hell,’ the priest remembered her saying. ‘That's not how God works,’ he replied. Apparently, the aunt wanted to repent. No repentance needed, said Fr. Rich ...

“ In his homily [Fr. Rich] said: ‘This good news is for everybody or it is for nobody.’ The Gospel has to be for his aunt, too. For all lesbians and gays, the priest said with conviction.’ Then Fr. Rich announced that he is ‘gay.’ ... The basilica erupted in applause, and pew by pew the parishioners stood. Their priest was a homosexual and they greeted the news with a standing ovation" (3).
Bishop John Cummins

Bishop John Cummins: Tolerance for all types of homosexual sins
There is something in the insidious character of Progressivism that is reminiscent of evolution. At some point in the past, scientists could agree that inorganic matter could not change into living bacteria, and bacteria into people. A juncture came, some of them falsely asserted, when it was decided that if the element of time were added, the equation could happen, and did happen. So, adding the factor of time, the principle that only life could produce life could change. With time, non-life produced life. What is missing in this sodden philosophy is that either chemicals can come together to give life, or they can't. Time is simply not a factor.

When the New Church bought into the homosexual movement, something like this happened. All the scriptural accounts about the infamous nature of sodomy are true. But for the Second Vatican Council and its sequel with toleration for the heresies of non-Catholics and for sin, Sacred Scripture was seen to be not inspired by God. So, those condemnations were either forgotten or considered only as applicable to the times when the books were written. The consequence is the explicit or tacit acceptance of sodomy by the Hierarchy, priests, religious and laity. That is, they nurtured a criminal act (4).

The sexual abuse by priests in the United States, and the cover-ups perpetrated by other priests and the Bishops are well-known today. In effect, along with other progressivist acts, they caused the New Church to become a criminal institution. The Gavin Group of Boston, made up of mostly retired FBI Special Agents, was hired as watch-dog auditors of the nations Dioceses (5). That the Catholic Church had to be watched by cops to stop the crime of sodomizing youngsters is an abomination so ugly that words of shame seem useless. How will all this end?

Perhaps the answer can be gleaned in an interesting story told about the power of Our Lady:
"There’s a scene in the early days of the apparition of Lourdes, when it became known that Bernadette was talking to the Lady. The local peasants – she was a peasant too – used to gather behind her when she was talking to the Lady, standing in the grotto. They couldn’t see the apparition. They could only hear Bernadette’s talking. One day, the peasants were all there and she was talking to Our Lady. Apparently, Our Lady was smiling. Suddenly, in one of the other caves close by, a wild animal started growling. It was a very strange growling, a rumbling, threatening growl as if a wild animal inside the cave was about to come out and rend them from limb to limb. The people heard this growling. And Bernadette later said that Our Lady didn't say a word. All Our Lady did was move her head, look at the cave, and the growling stopped suddenly. That's power!" (6)
Our Lady's power can give the victory over the Revolution in the Church. Maybe she is waiting for just a few more persons to come to the Counter-Revolution. Let us ask Our Lady of Lourdes to cast her eyes on the growling animal of Progressivism, silence it, and heal those of her children who have been wounded from its attack.
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2. The Wanderer, "Oakland Bishop's Gay Mass Strange in More Ways Than One," , July 23, 1998, p. 7.
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6. Malachi Martin, Catholicism Overturned, Toronto: Triumph Communications, 2003, p. 35.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 3, 2007

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