Consequences of Vatican II
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The Novus Ordo Mass Broke
the Identity of the Church

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

The Catholic Church teaches that "the Last Supper was a true sacrifice" (1). The prophecy of Malachi confirms this because, as stated by the Dictionary of Dogmatic Theology:

"It predicts a sacrifice whose characteristics of holiness and universality are verified only in the Mass, and by Tradition which, by its liturgical praxis and open testimonies of the Fathers, assures us of the will of Christ to institute a real and proper sacrifice to endure to the end of the world (I Cor. 11: 26) (2).

The Tridentine Mass

Quo Primum established unity in liturgy with the Tridentine Mass, above. The Novus Ordo opened the door to endless diversity and abuses. Below, first row left, a Salesian Mass in the US; right, an outdoor Jesuit Mass in Wales. Second row left, Offertory in the Ivory Coast; right, a university Mass at Exeter, England

Abuses of the Novus Ordo Mass 1  Abuse of the Novus Ordo Mass 2

Abuse of the Novus Ordo Mass 3  Abuse of the Novus Ordo Mass 4
"With the Bull Quo primum, Pope St. Pius V used his authority, both legislative and magisterial, to codify the Tridentine Mass "to endure to the end of the world." His enactment took place because this codification of the Mass was perfect, and also because he saw that it was the only answer for Catholic "unity and purity of faith, worship, doctrine and morals"(3), after the revolts of Luther and Henry VIII. Note well the above words that the "characteristics of holiness and universality of the sacrifice are verified only in the Mass, and by Tradition."

In his “reform” of the Mass, Archbishop Annibale Bugnini attempted against the Tridentine Mass as being the "only" legitimate form of Mass in the Latin Rite. He had the chance to knock out both "the Mass," and "Tradition." A great victory for those enemies whom St. Pius V wanted to avoid! Behold Bugnini's words that the Novus Ordo is "a major conquest of the Catholic Church" (4).

It is hard to resist the hypothesis that Paul VI sought to un-codify the Mass because in its absence, without its "sacrifice," and without "Tradition," Satan's smoke could come in through the windows.

St. Vincent de Paul, who lived in the times of the enforcement of the Quo primum, observed how in France the unification of the ceremonies was necessary. Actually, in his work Conversations, he testified "to the ugliness and diversity of Mass ceremonies, and to once having seen eight priests saying Mass in eight different ways." (5) Bugnini's liturgical phantasmagoria can be performed in countless ways as a "licit" liturgy, not to mention the illicit ones.

On the countless forms of Masses allowed by the Litugical Reform of Paul VI, Fr. Bryan Hougton correctly observes:

"If every licit combination of four canons, back and front, silent and audible, sung and said, Latin and vernacular in part or whole, High, concelebrated and Low, with and without lay participation in varying degrees, and so on, if all these were taken into account, there would be some 250 rites which, multiplied by an odd thousand languages and dialects, would give a quarter of a million licit forms of Mass... The fact is that Christian prayer is a supernatural act directed by the supernatural gift of faith. It is not a process of natural reasoning. By reducing the supreme prayer of the Mass to the human activity of intellectual understanding, there is a grave danger of teaching the faithful how not to pray"(6).

I think that the proposition that the Novus Ordo is evil can be demonstrated. Let me do it deductively and inductively.

The deductive syllogism applies Aristotle’s law of identity (7). It follows:
  • The Tridentine Mass causes unity.

  • The Novus Ordo Mass causes excessive diversity.

  • Now then, unity is a mark of the identity of the Church.

  • Therefore, the Tridentine Mass is according to the identity of the Church, while the Novus Ordo is destructive of her identity.

Turning to an inductive argument, one can verify experimentally that the application of the New Mass caused the Church to lose her historical identity and become increasingly similar to heresies that she had combated before.

According to words attributed to Pope Ratzinger regarding the Third Secret of Fatima, it "warns there will be an evil council," and warns "against making changes in the liturgy"(8). Yet the alleged release of the secret in 2000 mentions nothing about an evil council or changes in the liturgy.

The Tridentine Mass was locked up de facto since 1970. In July 2007 Benedict XVI’s motu proprio released the Tridentine Mass in certain conditions. Yet the evil Novus Ordo remains as the major form of worship in the Conciliar Church. The motu proprio appears to be strategic in nature, because it had the effect of covering up the Pope’s Letter to the Chinese Catholics released on June 30, 2007 (9). Our Lord warned us about "false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves" (Matt. 7: 15). Could this refer to the continued silence about the Third Secret, and the plan of the motu proprio that would seem to decontaminate the letter to Chinese Catholics?
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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 10, 2007

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